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Out Of State Movers Dallas

Posted in December 12, 2022

Are you searching for the best out-of-state movers in Dallas? We can help you out. There are many reasons why choosing out-of-state movers in Dallas is a great idea, and in this blog post, we’ll tell you all about it.

Dallas movers will cost you about $25-$60 per hour. However, the cost varies on several factors. That includes weight and mileage, time of the year, and the moving company you hire.

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out of state movers dallas

One of the best things about Dallas is that it’s one of the most beautiful places in the world. The beaches are stunning, the sunsets are incredible, and there’s always something to do. You’ll never get bored living in Dallas!

How Much Will My Cross-Country Move Cost Me?

Dallas movers charge on an hourly basis. They will charge approximately $25-$60 per hour. The moving cost depends on various factors. However, if you want to know the average moving cost, we can help you. Here is a table where you can find the average moving cost.

Distance1 Bedroom2-3 Bedroom4-5 Bedroom
<50 Miles$580-$1,010$1755-$3085
250 Miles$1190-$2960$2960-$4500$4550-$5990
1000 Miles+$1420-$3035$3145-$5930$6300-$10000
2500 Miles+$1925-$4270$4235-$8500$9550-$14200

Factors That May Increase Your Moving Cost

Local Movers Vs Interstate Movers

Long-distance moving companies charge based on mileage weight, and other factors. Local moving companies charge a flat rate hourly. We have outlined the factors that go into cost calculation below. All of this is to ensure that you have a stress-free moving experience.

Move Size

For a Dallas long-distance move, your furniture will be weighed by the moving crew. This is an important part of the moving process. The more furniture you have, the higher your moving cost. There are usually flat rate prices per pound of furniture. However, this depends on the Dallas movers themselves.

The larger your move size, the higher your cost. This means that moving from a one-bedroom apartment will always cost less than a two-bedroom apartment.


The mileage matters when you are moving across state lines. Long-distance moves are usually much longer than local ones. If you move a long way, your moving cost will increase. Your cost will be less if you are moving to nearby cities. If your new house is quite far away, your cost will be higher.

This means that moving between Dallas Tx and San Antonio, TX, will cost differently than moving between Texas and New York City.

Quantity Of Services

We have discussed all the details about the extremely professional and great quality services that the movers can provide to you. You are going to be satisfied customers by the end of your move. However, there is something to consider.

Top-notch moving services do cost quite a bit of money. This is something to keep in mind when booking movers for your upcoming long-distance move. There are two things to consider here. First is the fact that the more services you need, the higher your cost.

The second thing to note is that moving services have a range of prices. For instance, if you need a full-service move, of course, your move will be quite expensive. But there are price variations within moving services as well. If you opt for a full-packing service, your cost will be higher than a partial-packing one.

Date And Time Of The Move

The closing date will affect your costs. Summer is the most popular time to be moving. Any moving company will tell you that they get busy during summer. Great communication is of utmost importance, as important as great service.

Long-distance movers hike their prices up during summertime. This is because of the high demand during that time. In addition, most schools are off during July for summer break. This is also true for universities.

There are also national holidays. Hence, it’s always easier to put your move date during summer because of how convenient long-distance relocation is during that time. However, the best decision is not to move during the summer.

If you move during spring or fall, your moving cost will be much lower. This is because the demand is lower during those seasons compared to the summer. Place your moving day during a different season for a stress-free moving experience!

Other than peak season, weekends, and holidays, you can move easily at a cheaper rate. Get free quotes from us if you want to save some money on your move.

Getting Free Estimates

It’s of utmost importance to budget properly before committing to out-of-state movers in Dallas. There are a couple of different ways by which you can get free price estimates without any obligations.

The first is calling your mover up directly. The best long-distance movers based in Dallas often have their phone numbers listed on their websites. If you call them directly, they can let you know all about their price listings. This first phone call may be daunting. So we understand if you don’t necessarily want to call them up.

Another thing you can do is look into long-distance movers online. There are communities surrounding long-distance moves. For your long-distance move, you should look into specific people who have moved the same route you are moving. Many online groups talk about Dallas movers and their experiences with those movers.

If you join one of these groups, you will be able to get price estimates as well as reviews. Speaking of reviews, you should look into online reviews for these long-distance movers as well. We understand if you may not trust all of them, but there are some great authentic reviews out there.

The most efficient way to get a no-obligation quote is by getting free moving quotes online. If you are in the market for that, moving quote texas can help you get complete satisfaction. All you have to do is fill out our form. After that, you will get price estimates from the best long-distance movers in the Dallas area. This entire experience will stop your move from being an incredibly stressful move.

The Top Cross-Country Movers In Dallas

To save you precious time and to stop you from having a stressful time, we have compiled a list of the movers known to have the best interstate moves. There are plenty of moving details that will determine which specific mover is correct for you.

Long-distance movers in Dallas encompass a range of different prices. Many movers can do a fantastic job with moving, but it may be quite expensive.

Not to mention, many don’t provide a no-obligation estimate. Many may be quite expensive but lack quality service.

On the other hand, many cross-country movers may provide all the long-distance moving services except for the ones you specifically require.

As a result of this, when planning a cross-country move, you need to commit to the mover who is right for you.

According to previous data, these movers showed the best quality moving services, the quickest response time, and the friendliest office staff.

We have listed some of these movers below. Please note that the list below is not an exhaustive list by any means.

It will only take you a while. After filling in this form, Our team will send you the information about the best movers. This will help you compare prices between the movers in the state so that you can get the best moving crew for yourself!

Name Rating US DOT ICC MC Get Free Quote
American Van Lines 5 614506 294798 Get Free Moving Quote
Safeway Moving 5 2793934 932305 Get Free Moving Quote
North American Van Lines 5 3464872 107012 Get Free Moving Quote
Phoenix Van Lines 4.9 346472 1132206 Get Free Moving Quote
Allied Van Lines 4.8 076235 15735 Get Free Moving Quote

Finding The Right Out Of State Movers Dallas

There are some facts to consider before a long-distance move. We have outlined some expectations you should have from your moving company. This ensures you don’t fall for just any salesperson and opt for the wrong moving company.

Things To Check When Hiring Out Of State Movers Dallas

Moving long distances is a tall order. Hence, we are going to try our best to make the experience as stress-free as possible for you.

Hidden Fees

Many unreliable movers have hidden fees. Many individuals have complained they didn’t know about this until the crew arrived and told them about those hidden prices. This is why it’s important to have constant contact with your moving company. Your core values must align!

The mover you are choosing needs to tell you off the bat if there are any such hidden obligations. This will help you avoid any such problems on your moving day.


The best movers in the state are mandated to have a couple of numbers on display on their website. This is true for all San Antonio, Fort Worth, Dallas, etc movers. The numbers are ICCMC, USDOT, and Texas MC. Not all of these numbers need to be there. However, at least one of them needs to be on the website. Otherwise, your mover may be untrustworthy.

Customer Service

Reliable out-of-state movers in Dallas have really good customer service. Look, the truth is, the moving company you choose is going to work with you for months. Hence, you must pick the mover with the best customer service.

If you call them up and you don’t find them very friendly, please look for another mover. It’s of utmost importance to get along well with the out-of-state movers in Dallas you are working with. Otherwise, your long-distance move will be very difficult. Therefore, their response time needs to be short as well.

Why Should You Hire Out Of State Movers Dallas?

The great advantage of hiring a moving company is the long-distance moving services they provide. In addition, your moving company will offer you a myriad of services that you can avail of. Starting from a fantastic moving package to a reliable storage unit to moving all your household furniture, there is nothing that movers can’t do.

Packing Services

You can choose either a full or partial packing service. It’s quite difficult to pack all of your furniture without any help. This is why your moving company can help you. They will also have special packing material.

Packing your furniture properly is of utmost importance during long-distance relocation. Whether you are moving from North Dallas or Central Dallas, your moving day needs to be as smooth as possible.

You can get two types of packing help: full or partial. Your moving company will pack all of your furniture if you opt for the former. Movers like Black Tie Moving are known to help out with these things.

If you opt for the latter, you will need to pack some of your furniture yourself. The others will be done for you as part of the moving package by your mover.

Storage Solutions

Don’t have a garage? Or Have a garage that’s too small? You don’t need to worry. Your moving company can provide you with storage solutions as well.

storage out of state movers dallas

Many out-of-state movers in Dallas will lend you a storage unit. On your move date, they will drive this unit to your new home. Whether you are moving up in North Dallas or down south, the movers have no issue with driving your furniture.

Rental Services

This is useful if you don’t have a car. You can get rental services from companies, for instance. In addition, you can hire moving trucks from these companies. They will drive all your belongings to your new home.

Heavy Lifting

Packing your belongings is difficult, for sure. But have you ever tried moving your furniture? Loading it into a vehicle and unloading it is also quite a difficult task. Many clients injure themselves while trying to do the heavy lifting.

This is why it’s best to leave this for the movers as well. Movers can load and unload all your belongings into your vehicle for you.

Vehicle Shipping Services

What if you own a car, but you aren’t driving that to your new home? Well, then, you must opt for a vehicle shipping service. There are plenty of movers that offer this service for you.

This particular service requires some paperwork. This is because the make, model, and registration number of your car are important for the movers to note. Other than that, you have nothing to worry about.

Just leave your vehicle to the movers! It will be in your new home, maybe even faster than you!

Heavy Appliance Moving

Ever tried to uninstall and reinstall your washing machine? We assure you, it’s a tedious task. Thankfully movers have a solution for you as well. If you opt for a heavy appliance moving service, you can leave all of your heavy appliances to the movers.

They will uninstall your washing machine, dishwasher, or any other appliance you have. Then, they will load those onto their truck (or your vehicle). Then they will drive them to your new home.

The best part? They will also reinstall them! Many movers also teach clients how to install these heavy appliances. This helps to ease the burden on your shoulders.

Other Moving Needs

There are many other moving-related issues you may have. You may need to move a single piece of furniture, for instance.

If you have a very expensive piece of furniture, you may want to take special care of it. Do you happen to have a pool table? Or maybe you have a large musical instrument like a grand piano that needs extra care.

Or maybe you have expensive pieces of art. There is also furniture that is more fragile than others. For instance, glass vases. All of these fragile items need extra care.

If you have such furniture pieces, you may be worried. This is because long-distance moving companies also move single pieces of furniture across large distances. You don’t have to worry about those special items of yours. 

Preparing For Your Long-Distance Move

There are many things to note before moving a long distance. The first is research. You have to go in deep when you start the research process. There are some facts to check before your move. These are:


You should look into things like insurance. If you have a car, look into car insurance. If you are buying a house, look into home insurance. None of these are mandatory, but they will help you in the long run.

Health insurance is also of utmost importance. Getting health insurance in North Dallas, or the Dallas area in general, is quite easy. The government has made it very accessible to get health insurance services. Hence, you need not worry. However, if you are moving from a different state, it’s best to research this before making a move.

Living Costs

Another thing to look into is living costs. If you are moving from a different city like Fort Worth, the price difference won’t be that much. However, if you are moving from a different state, you may be shocked by how different the prices are. You should look into rent and real estate costs.


Another useful thing to research would be your neighborhood. You should make friends with your neighbors and get to know the community. No state does Southern Hospitality better than Texas! There are subtle differences between neighborhoods in Dallas. North Dallas may be slightly different from central Dallas.


You should ideally have a job before making the move. Otherwise, making a long-distance move is not worth it. Finding an ideal job after making a move is much more difficult. Hence, make sure you have work. Texas has a wide job market according to Better Business Bureau.

Transportation Services

Look into transportation services. If you don’t have a car, you will need to know public transport routes.

Why Move To Dallas

There are many good things about Dallas. The first thing is that there are some incredible educational institutions here. If you are going to college, Dallas is a fantastic city to go to.

Additionally, the economy here is booming. This means there is a high chance for you to get a lucrative job opportunity here. The average salary for Dallas citizens is quite high! Hence, fresh graduates are incentivized to move here.

There are additional benefits. You will never be bored here. There are many outdoor activities available in Dallas. Not to mention, the food scene is fantastic. There will always be festivals for you to attend. Dallas will never bore you!


We know that long-distance moves are incredibly difficult. That’s why you should avail yourself of every possible resource to make sure your cross-country move is perfect. We can help you with that.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution to anyone’s moving-related issues. However, the closest thing that comes to a one-size-fits-all solution is hiring a long-distance moving company. They can provide you with all the services that will make your move that much easier.

If you are looking for the best out-of-state movers in Dallas, feel free to fill in our form. We have the best movers who can make your move much easier. They will give you top-notch services. Their response time is also quite short! Also, don’t forget to fill out the form if you are looking for a free moving quote!

We hope your long-distance move goes smoothly.


Q: Who are some of the most reliable Dallas long-distance movers?

A: Black Tie Moving, All My Sons, Firefighting’s Finest, etc.

Q: How much will the best Dallas long-distance professionals cost me?

A: Depends on a lot of factors. For a free quote feel free to fill in our form for more details! 

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