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Out Of State Movers In Texas

Moving out of state means a huge work process. Finding out of state movers in Texas is one of the important parts of the moving process when apart from Texas. This process may be a hassle for someone. That is why people hire movers that go out of state. If you are moving or planning to move, this article is for you. In this article, we will go through everything that is needed to hire movers. We will also discuss the costs and the guide to moving out of state easily. 

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Some Best Out Of State Movers In Texas For You

Out Of State Movers Texas

Moving out of state means moving from one state to another. You can call it long-distance moves. Here, we have chosen some best movers for you. They are moving experts and they have professional crews.

U-Pack Moving

U-Pack moving is a renowned moving company in the moving industry. It provides customers with a flexible and affordable way to move out of state. U-Pack offers a range of moving services. That includes long-distance moving and storage solutions. Customers can choose from a variety of moving containers or trailers, depending on their needs. Though it is costly to someone, it gives the best services. 


  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Nationwide availability
  • Extra insurance
  • Discounts on moving
  • Storage rent facilities


  • High price
  • No at-home storage
  • No move under 50 miles



DFW Moving Company

DFW Moving Company is a professional moving company. It provides local, commercial, residential, and long distance moves. They are professional at out of state moves. Other services they provide are packing, storage, unpacking, etc. 


DFW Moving Company has experienced and professional movers. They will take care of your belongings. From the start to now, they have achieved customer satisfaction. 


  • Provide storage rent
  • Out of state moving
  • Senior moving is available
  • Provide virtual consultation


  • No discounts on the move



First Step Moving

First Step Moving is a professional moving company based in Texas. It is known for its experienced and reliable staff. The company’s movers are fully trained and insured. They have experience with a wide range of moves, from small apartments to large homes. First Step Moving is committed to providing personalized moving services. It has a reputation for providing reliable and high-quality moving services.


  • Virtual consultation available
  • Furniture moving and assembly
  • Crating services available


  • Senior moving is not available
  • The price may be high



Los Flores Movers

Los Flores Movers is a professional moving company. They have experience in the moving industry for over a decade. Los Flores movers provide various moving services. That includes packing, crating, and many more. Their professional crews are experts in handling your belongings with care. Los Flores Movers is committed to providing excellent customer service. They work to ensure that each customer’s move is stress-free and efficient. Los Flores Movers also offers flexible scheduling options.


  • Affordable price
  • Better review and ratings
  • Provide senior moving
  • Virtual consultation available


  • No long term storage
  • The military move is not available



Phoenix Express Specialty Moving & Delivery

Phoenix Express Specialty Moving & Delivery is a renowned moving company. It is special in handling and moving unique and valuable items. That includes a piano, pool table, and many more. The company’s staff is trained. They are experienced in handling fragile and delicate items. They are also experts in moving out of state. It has a reputation for providing reliable and high-quality moving services. From packing to unloading, they provide all kinds of services. 


  • Provide full packing service
  • Expert in moving special items
  • Senior moving available
  • Provide out of state move
  • Virtual consultation available


  • The quote process may take a long time
  • No discounts on the move



How To Choose The Best Out Of State Movers In Texas

Choosing the best out of state movers in Texas can be a challenging task. With proper guidelines, you can make it easy. Here are some tips to help you choose the best out of state movers in Texas:

Research Moving Companies

Do some research to identify a list of potential moving companies. You can begin by asking friends and family for recommendations. You can also search online. The better business bureau is a reliable platform for searching for movers. 

Check Reviews And Ratings

Read reviews and ratings from previous customers. You will get an idea of their experiences with the company. Look for feedback on the company’s reliability and quality. 

Verify License And Insurance

Check the license and insurance of the mover you choose. This will protect your stuff from damage or loss. Check FMCS for further information.

Get In-Person Estimates

Ask your moving company to provide an in-person estimate. This will help you get an exact quote. Ask them if there are any hidden costs. 

Consider Services Offered

Consider the range of services offered by each moving company. Different companies are experts in different types of services. Ask about the costs before availing of a service.

Check For Hidden Fees

Be aware of any hidden fees or charges. It may not include in the estimate. Ask your moving company for a breakdown of all the costs. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Out Of State Movers In Texas

Long-distance moving companies charge a flat rate based on weight and mileage. However, we can estimate that, it will cost you around $1500-$6500. This is not an exact cost. Your costs may increase based on the distance and move size. 

Factors That May Increase Your Moving Costs

There are a few factors. These factors can increase your moving costs. We have discussed these services below to help you.

Weight Of The Belongings

Most moving companies charge depending on the weight of your belongings. The more you have to move, the higher your moving costs will be. You can reduce your costs by decluttering items. Also, you can reduce your costs by getting rid of the stuff that you do not need. 

Distance Of The Move

The distance of your move is another major factor in increasing your costs. The farther you have to move, the more expensive it will be. The reason is, moving companies have to pay for the fuel, crews, and others. 

Additional Services

Additional services mean to avail of extra services. These extra services include packing, loading, storage, rental trucks, etc. If you avail of any services, you have to pay extra. That is another factor that can charge you more.

Moving Date And Time

The time of year and the day of the week can also impact the cost of your move. Moving during the peak season will cost you more. Generally, summer is the peak season. Movers get busy during this season. They also get busy during weekends. The reason is, people intend to move during summer and the weekends. This is the time when movers hike their prices. 


We recommend you move during winter and spring. To avoid extra costs, consider moving on weekdays. You can save some money by doing this. 

Some Tips Before Moving From Or To Texas

Moving to or from Texas can be an exciting and stressful experience. There are a few tips when moving from or to Texas. Below are some of the tips:


Plan Ahead

The key to a successful move is planning ahead. Start preparing for your move as early as possible by creating a timeline and checklist. The schedule and checklist should have everything about the moving process. Do not forget to change your address with the post office.


Choose The Right Moving Company

It is important to do your research and find the best movers for you. Select a company with a proven track record of reliability and professionalism. Consider factors such as experience, customer reviews, and licensing and insurance.


Pack Strategically

Packing can be a challenging task, but it doesn’t have to be. Start by creating an inventory of all your belongings. Decide what to keep, sell, donate, or throw away. Use high-quality packing materials and pack strategically. Put heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes.


Label Boxes Clearly

Labeling your boxes clearly can save you time and headaches when it comes time to unpack. Use a color-coded system or write a detailed description of the contents of each box. This will help you find what you need quickly and efficiently.


Notify Utilities And Service Providers

Before moving, be sure to notify your utility companies and service providers of your upcoming move. This includes gas, water, electricity, internet provider, etc. 

Explore Your New Community

Before moving to a new place, you should look around and find your best neighbor. This includes schools, debit cards, and other facilities. Join local groups and clubs to meet new people and get involved in the community.



Moving to a new home can be a major undertaking. It can also be an exciting and fulfilling experience by preparing everything and having a proper mindset. We tried to show you how to choose movers. Also, share with you some tips to follow when moving.  Consider MovingQuoteTexas when you need to move. We have the best out of state movers in Texas. Get help from professionals. Get free moving quotes now!

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