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Flat Rate Moving Companies | The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Flat Rate Movers

Flat rate moving companies

Moving costs are a crucial factor in moving. People become confused by the quotes offered to them. There are many hidden charges added when the final price is given. Flat rate moving companies are known for providing a fixed price. This reduces the stress of adjusting the costs. Especially, flat rate moving is the best option for a long-distance move. If the process feels like a hassle, let our moving specialist get you started.

Moving to a new place is exciting, challenging as well as overwhelming. Of course, you can move your belongings by yourself. But getting professional help from a moving company would make the process easier. Moving companies are professionals who help to move your stuff. Some people prefer to move by themselves as relocators are pretty expensive.

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What Does A Flat Rate Moving Company Mean?

Flat-rate moving companies are top-rated nowadays. As the name suggests, a flat rate mover offers you a flat rate price to move your stuff. When a company provides you with a fixed quote to move your belongings to a new place, they are known as flat-rate relocators. If you live in Addison Tx you can hire flat-rate movers in Addison Tx more easily.

Flat rate movers give you a clear idea about your moving price without any twist. You can get the exact cost by providing some relevant information. Most people prefer this system due to its transparency. You can prepare a budget based on the quote you get from the mover

A flat rate moving is a bit pricey compared to hourly rate moving. You can hire an hourly rate mover as they are cost-efficient. But, hourly rate relocators are suitable for local moves or small loads. The hourly rate could be inconvenient and expensive for long-distance or larger loads. 

How Does Flat Rate Service Work?

Flat-rate moving works just like the other moving options. The trademark of a flat rate is that it gives you a fixed price. This price will remain unchanged throughout the relocation process unless you add any new moving service. 

The whole process of moving starts with a free quote from the moving company’s website. You need to provide certain information regarding your move to get a quote. These details usually include the time, weight, size, and distance of your moving. Flat-rate relocators require more specific information compared to hourly rates. Based on the information provided, the relocators will calculate the costs. Then, they will offer you a binding quote. After that, you can sign a contract with them if they meet your requirements. 

Some relocators send moving specialists to an in-home inspection to ensure quote accuracy. First, they prepare an inventory of your belongings. This way, there will be less chance of missing out on anything. Then, they provide you with the total cost. 

There are no hidden fees at a flat rate. After signing the contract, the price won’t change. The price will go up and down in case you bring any changes. There are specific situations where the cost can be altered at a flat rate. Such as if your house has a long elevator or your stuff needs to be carried a long way from the moving truck. 

You can take only labor help or a full service moving. In full-service moving, the price includes packing, loading, unloading, and transporting costs. A full-service moving company also has the best moving services, such as auto transporting and storage services. You can shift speciality items like a piano or get custom crating in full service. As the flat rate is suitable for long-distance moves, getting labor help may not be a great idea. Long-distance moves have many tasks involved in the process. 

Reasons To Choose Flat Rate Moving Company

People usually choose flat-rate relocators to move their household items over distances. This system can give you a better deal. Even though a flat-rate move is expensive, you can save money. For example, moving a large house over long distances could take long hours. So availing of an hourly rate in such a situation would be inconvenient and more expensive. People choose flat rate moving companies when they want to move a large house or they are going to drive distances. When flat rate moving rises in the industry, all-inclusive, it creates one price for everything.

Large Houses

A large house means a lot of items. A large home contains many things. Moving a large house to a new place requires a lot of time. We know moving involves a lot of tasks. It’s not about just moving your stuff. You need to sort out your items, pack your belongings, load them into the car, move them to your new home and then unload and unpack them.

So, when you have a big house, the whole process of moving to a new place may take lots of time. If you select hourly rates, that will cost you a lot. The flat rate pricing model is the most budget-friendly option when you want to move from a large house to a new home.

Long Distance

Flat rate pricing offers a guaranteed price for a long-distance move. Therefore, your costs will remain the same even if you move to a distant place. Usually, costs to move to a new place varies depending on several factors like distance, weight, weather, and some other. 

Flatrate also considers these factors. In this system, the company would offer you an accurate price at the beginning of the relocation process. After that, the price will remain unchanged throughout the process. So, the long-distance won’t affect the price later. For this reason, people prefer flat-rate pricing for a long-distance move.

When you move long-distance, there could be delays due to bad weather, traffic, or other incidents. Delays add more time to the relocation process. The longer the distance, the more time it will take to move. So, the flat rate move suits you best when you cross state lines

Benefits Of Flat Rate Movers

Flat-rate moving has so many advantages. That’s why people tend to prefer this system over hourly rates. While the hourly rate is suitable for a local move, flat fees are the perfect solution for moving items long-distance.

No Hidden Fees

The best advantage of flat rate pricing is it has no hidden charges. The quote remains the same till the end of the relocation process. Some moving companies offer a free quote and add different extra charges. However, some companies claim flat-rate relocation services but demand hidden charges later. The best flat-rate relocators won’t impose any hidden costs on relocation services.

A Proper Budget

You can prepare a proper budget for your move when you know the exact costs. In flat-rate pricing, you get the fixed costs whenever you get the binding quote from the flat-rate mover. So, it would be easier to prepare an accurate budget as you know the flat rate prices. Then, there won’t be any cost confusion later.

No Price Hike

Long-distance moves are pretty expensive. So, if there is any sudden price hike, you would expect to pay a considerable amount. However, with a flat rate, you get upfront moving costs. So, there will be no hike in expenses during the move.

Storage Services

Flat-rate moving companies often offer storage options for long-distance moves. You may need storage services when you are shifting to a distant place crossing the state lines. It takes time to move to a remote location. So, storage allows you to move your stuff without any hassle. Moreover, you can avail long term storage facilities. All these storage costs are included in the flat rate pricing.

A flat-rate company also covers other services such as furniture assembly, providing moving needs, unpacking, packing, and shifting heavy furniture. They also have professionally trained workers for furniture assembly and packing delicate furniture.

On-Time Pickup, Delivery, And Drop-Off Services

As the cost is already set, the relocators won’t waste any of their time. Relocators will gain nothing by wasting their time. If the company delays the process, it will bear the extra money. The customers won’t pay any additional cost. So, if a long-distance mover takes more time to move, it will harm their business. You can expect to get the services within due time.

Drawbacks Of Flat Rate Moving Companies

Even though many people prefer flat rate pricing, it has some drawbacks too. You need to research carefully to handle those issues. These negative impacts could be minimized if taken on time. 

Higher Upfront Costs

Flat-rate movers have higher upfront costs. The guaranteed free quote you get from the website generates the price based on your provided information. They consider many factors upfront, which may change later. The upfront estimation adds to all the moving needs. The positive side is you don’t need to pay any money even if there is an increase in the cost. But as the cost is fixed, you can’t reduce the pay even if there is any decrease in the price. 

Upfront costs could be a blessing or a significant disadvantage as well. Some companies charge really high as they estimate the costs in advance. So, the higher upfront cost is a severe drawback for flat-rate moves.

The Longer Quote Generation Process 

Flat-rate moving companies provide you with an accurate quote. So, they need as many details as possible. They usually require the entire list of your household inventory. This could be a complicated and lengthy process. So, generating a quote may take a long time when you want a free quote. Again, this is a lengthy and detailed procedure. 

Things To Know about Flat-Rate Moving Companies

In flat-rate moving, you get to know the exact costs of your move. This reduces your confusion regarding the price. But, the moving companies which offer flat rate pricing require certain information from you to provide an accurate price quote. Therefore, their quote accuracy largely depends on the details. Such as the size of your house, the distance you are moving, the time of your moving, and other relevant information.

You can get the flat fee after doing an inventory of your belongings and providing the details to your moving company. Required information may vary depending on the relocators. There is some standard information that most relocators require in flat-rate moving:

  • The amount of stuff you want to move
  • The distance you are moving
  • The time of your move
  • Whether there are any flights of stairs
  • Whether there are any specialty items such as pianos or paintings.
  • The insurance coverage you want. You can either select full coverage or partial coverage moving insurance.
  • There could be some other information required. You need to fill in all the details to get an accurate quote.

Best Flat Rate Moving Companies

There are a lot of flat-rate companies available in the market. But not all of them would be suitable for your purpose. It would help if you found the right moving company to have a great deal. Most long-distance relocators offer flat rate prices. The only way to find your best option is to do research. Go through the details of selected relocators before going for the final call. 

Different companies offer flat rates with other names. They may not use the same name but provide a flat fee. 

flat rate moving companies

International Van Lines

International Van Lines is a moving and relocation company that helps individuals and businesses relocate both domestically and internationally. The company has a network of trained professionals who can handle all aspects of the relocation process, from packing and loading to transportation and delivery. International Van Lines also provides a variety of additional services, such as vehicle transportation, storage solutions, and insurance options that can be customized. International Van Lines has the moving experts and resources to make your move stress-free and seamless, whether you’re moving across the country or around the world.

Allied Van Lines

Allied van lines has a long and outstanding experience doing business with clients. This is also a full-service mover providing local, long-distance, and international moving services. For a local move, they offer an hourly rate. But for long distances, they provide a flat fee. This is because they consider the size of your house and the distance as the fundamental cost factors.

American Van Lines

American van lines are considered one of the best flat fee full-service providers. It offers all the services at a flat rate. You can select from a wide range of services. In addition, you can customize your service. 

One of the excellent services AVL has is the moving shuttle. It offers a shuttle service to major cities. So, if your move is within their route, you can avail of this benefit. It will save a lot of your money. 

Safeway Moving

Safeway is known as the most prominent broker nationwide. It is specialized in long-distance moves. It has a great network and is a partner to some market leaders. Safeway Moving has the most reliable quote system. You can also compare the cost with other companies. Their clients have positive feedback regarding service transparency and flat fee.


Moving is a highly stressful job. You need to choose the most appropriate option to have a better experience. Choosing the right company with the right choice can reduce the hassle. You should always go with the cost-efficient process. Flat rate moving companies is appropriate for long-distance and large-scale moving. With our move plan, you will find it very easy and cost-effective. When you move long-distance or to a large house, it may take a long time to finish the whole process. Hourly moving would be expensive in such a scenario as the more extended period will increase the cost. They are the best solution for a local move. So, consider flat rate relocators to have a perfect move.


Q: What does a flat rate mean when moving?

A: In an hourly moving, relocators charge by the hour. If the moving process takes a long time, you have to pay more. A flat rate means a fixed rate. No matter how many days it takes to complete the process. This is the benefit of hiring flat-rate movers.

Q: What are the benefits of moving companies?

A: The benefit of moving companies is you do not have to do anything. They will do everything from packing to loading and unloading. Also, they provide various relocation services. 

Q: When should I use flat rate?

A: If you have time and also want to save some money, you can use a flat rate. A flat rate means a fixed rate. Depending on your stuff, they ask you for a price. They will do everything within a certain price.

Q: Why is flat rate better than hourly?

A: Sometimes, the moving process takes too long to complete. Hourly movers charge based on the duration, but flat-rate movers charge a fixed rate.