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Moving Companies That Go Out of State

Posted in December 12, 2022

Are you moving to a different state? If so, you must look into moving companies that go out of state. There are many reasons to get in touch with long-distance movers.

Are you wondering about the kind of services you can get from such movers? Are you looking for free moving quotes to find the best possible movers? Or maybe you need some recommendations to help you navigate this industry better.

Regardless of what you’re looking for, we’ve got it all covered for you. Keep reading to find answers to all your moving-related queries.

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Moving Companies That Go Out of State

Can You Recommend Affordable Moving Companies That Go Out Of State?

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines is one of the best-known moving professionals out there. They can move all your household goods for very affordable prices. Allied Van Lines can also move your stuff internationally! This isn’t common among companies and hence is something that sets them apart.

If you’re thinking of corporate moving, they’re also a very good bet. Not to mention, they also offer online surveys to know about your moving-related needs beforehand. This can help you out tremendously when researching specific movers. Allied Van Lines also has almost a hundred years of experience. Hard to compete with that!

North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines has also been in the game for over 80 years. They’ve accumulated decades of experience as well and are a very good bet for your moving-related needs. They can also offer international moving services and aren’t located in just the US. Additionally, North American Van Lines’ website offers a lot of useful moving tips.

For instance, they have a moving calculator on their website to help you calculate costs. They also have useful tips on packing and moving as a whole. This can be very beneficial if you’re a first-time mover. They can also provide you with a moving checklist. A moving checklist is one of the most crucial things to have before your move.


International Van Lines

International Van Lines was rated the best moving company in the nation in 2022. There are many attributes of International Van Lines that make them an extremely reliable moving company. One of the things that set them apart is that they provide auto-transport services. As their name suggests, International Van Lines can also help you move across the country altogether.

We have mentioned that you will need to get your vehicle shipped when you’re moving long distances. Some car shipping companies can help facilitate this move. Movers who specialize in moving vehicles are known as auto transport companies. International Van Lines is one such company. Therefore, you can easily move your transport with ease!  


JK Moving Services

JK Moving Services is an incredibly affordable moving option for individuals who especially need help with storage services. They have climate-controlled storage-specific services which are perfect for individuals who are moving fragile pieces of furniture. Not to mention, they can also help you with commercial moves for your business. They have more than 500,000 moves under their belt and are growing exponentially.


United Van Lines

United Van Lines have moved over one million clients in the decades that they have been active. They have often been dubbed as the nation’s best mover. They have moving insurance as well. Not to mention, United Van Lines offer comprehensive services. Whether you need packing, unpacking, or storage help, they’ve got you covered. If you need moving tips, they also have comprehensive blogs on their website to help you out.


National Van Lines

National Van Lines have been active for almost 90 years. This means they also have about a century of experience under their belt to help make your move as smooth as possible. They are incredibly affordable, also have moving insurance, and can offer a plethora of services to make the move amazing. They specialize in distance and cross-country moves and also have plenty of options for corporate moving as well.



Reasons Behind Hiring Professional Movers

Moving long distances can be incredibly difficult. There are many things to consider during your long-distance move. If you’re moving for the first time, you may need clarification.

Even if this isn’t your first time moving long-distance, it’s still best to have help. The best long-distance moving companies can help you navigate all challenges that come your way. Generally, professional moving companies will provide you with a range of services when moving out of state. These include the usual ones, such as packing and storage.

You will also need help with things like moving insurance, getting in touch with a moving broker, etc. We’ve outlined a few of the best moving services that full-service moving professionals will provide to you.

Moving Companies That Go Out of State

Packing Services

When you’re moving long-distance, you’ll need to pack all your stuff. You’ll need to pack all of your furniture and ship it across state lines.

This can be more difficult than you realize. You may not have all the necessary packing materials that you will need. There are different materials you’ll need for different kinds of furniture.

On top of that, packing itself is a tough job. If you’re packing a large piece of furniture, you may need help wrapping it properly. On top of that, you may accidentally break fragile items while packing!

Long-distance moves will only survive with packing! The good thing is packing services are widely available.

Distance movers offer a variety of packing services. When you’re hiring interstate relocation companies, you’ll notice that they offer a range of services. The two kinds of services out-of-state moving companies provide are full and partial packing services.

If you opt for a full-packing service, they will pack all of your furniture. This means you won’t have to worry about a single thing. If you opt for a partial-packing service, your long-distance mover will pack selected pieces of furniture. You’ll need to be able to pack the rest yourself!

Moving Supplies

Your moving agency can also provide you with multiple moving supplies. This can be difficult to gather on your own.

As we mentioned earlier, you’ll need a ton of packing supplies for your move. The out of state moving companies can provide these. Additionally, you’ll need an enormous amount of boxes and other supplies.

Specific companies provide these services for you as well. They will provide all of these supplies for you.

Storage Services

Storage is crucial during long distance migration. While you’re packing your stuff, all of the furniture needs to go somewhere, right?

Cross-country shifting companies provide storage services. Full-service movers also provide these services.

Many houses in the country don’t have garages. If you don’t have a garage, this means you’ll need to look for external storage space. Additionally, even if you have a garage, it may not be big enough to store all your furniture. This means you’ll need to opt for storage services anyway.

The cheapest way to get storage would be to just ask friends and family for help! We will cover more on this in the section below. Your moving agency can provide you with storage units. These are portable temporary storage containers.

You’ll keep all of your stuff inside these storage units. On the day of your migration, the out-of-state moving companies will move your storage unit to your new home. Problem solved! Storage units are one of the most sought-after local moving services as well!

Moving Truck Rentals

Out of state moving companies also provide moving trucks. This is important because many individuals don’t have large enough vehicles. Also, only some people need storage units.

This is why trucks are a crucial service to opt for. Your moving agency will provide you with a moving truck according to your specific needs.

The truck will carry all your furniture in it for you. Then, your distance mover will drive a truck rental to your home. They are long-distance carriers!

Consider hiring truck rentals for a quick and easy move.

Additional Services

When you opt for full-service moving, you’ll also see a lot of additional services. Your moving agency can move all your heavy appliances. If you have to move your office, you can avail of equipment relocation services. Some movers provide this service to their customers. 

They can also teach you how to uninstall and reinstall your heavy appliances for you. If you need to move expensive pieces of furniture long-distance, you can also opt for specialty services.

Many companies will provide you with the option of moving a single piece of furniture across long distances. You’ll need to research a lot about the out of state moving companies. You’ll need to consult with your mover to see which services they provide and which are the perfect fit for you.

You should also look at PODS as an option. These are portable on-demand storage containers. They can move pretty much everything across long distances except vehicles.

Vehicle Transportation

In our previous section, we covered some of the essential services you’ll need during your long-distance move. We talked about how many people don’t drive their cars across these distances. So the question is, how would you move your car to your new home?

Moving Container

One of the things to remember is to hire a moving container during your move. You can get in touch with your long-distance moving company to ship your car. You will need to figure out some extra paperwork for this. There will also be documents to sign about vehicle insurance and whatnot. Your moving agency can help you figure this out.

Moving Companies & Vehicle Relocation

Some specific companies only provide vehicular moving services for you. These aren’t full service moving companies . They are shipping companies.

These companies will help ship your car across long distances. You can also move your car to your new home via the ocean. This specific kind of shipping is called freight shipping. They can move your car distances.

How Much Will My Relocation Process Cost Me?

One of the most important considerations when moving cross country is your budget and the type of move. You will need to prepare thoroughly for all expenses. Interstate moves can be unpredictable. Local moves are easier to estimate compared to long-distance moves.

Your average cost of moving will be dependent on many factors. We have outlined many of those factors below. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list!

Local Movers vs Long-Distance Moving Companies

Local migration companies charge a flat rate hourly. This means you can make an estimate easily based on how many hours your move will take.

Distance movers charge based on more factors. Professional movers charge based on the mileage and cubic weight of your furniture. Other factors add to these base costs.

Distance Between Cities

Out-of-state movers charge based on mileage. This means the cities you’re moving between in interstate moves play a role in total costs.

If you’re moving between New York and Los Angeles, your cost will be different. If you’re moving between Houston and Jersey City, your cost will be different. This is an important consideration to make when moving out of state. Look into your total mileage. This will help you make an estimate.

The Size of Your Long-Distance Move

Your move size is also an important consideration during your state to state move. How much furniture you own is a crucial thing to consider. The full-service state moving companies will ask you to measure all your furniture. This will help them have an estimate of how much it’ll cost you.

If you’re moving from a one-bedroom apartment, it’ll cost you less. If you’re moving from a three-bedroom apartment, it will cost you relatively more.

Number of Long-Distance Moving Services

The number of moving services you’ve opted in for is a big consideration. The more moving services you need, the higher your cost.

Please don’t think of compromising your out-of-state move’s quality by reducing moving services just to save money and deduct moving expenses. You should always opt in for as many services as you think you’ll need.

The more moving services you need, the higher your cost. However, there are variations within those moving services as well. Relocation companies have specific prices for specific services.

However, there are differences within the same service as well. For instance, your best out of state movers can offer both partial and full packing services. They can also provide packing materials.

If you’re only opting for a partial packing service with no packing materials, your cost will be less. If you’re opting for a full service move, your cost will be higher.

Commercial relocators have different prices based on your specific needs. Hence, you’ll need to consult with your moving agency to see how many services you need.

Date of Your Long-Distance Move

The moving industry works in mysterious ways. You may have not known this, but out of state moving companies can charge more during specific seasons. So your move day should be on the weekdays or in the winter or spring months.

Moving companies that move state to state charge high during the summer. This is because summer is a popular time to move. When people hire out-of-state movers, when they opt for interstate moving, they’re usually moving with their families.

Most schools are off during summer for vacation. It’s the same with universities. Additionally, there are national holidays as well, where people have off days from work.

Your out-of-state movers will charge higher during those times. This is because demand for distance migration companies rises during these times.

We could suggest hiring a moving agency and moving during the spring or fall. Winter may be a bad time for long-distance moves. This is because navigating through the snow is difficult.

In-Bound vs Out-Bound Moves

Another thing to note is the costs of your cross-country move depending on the inbound and outbound factors.

Inbound move refers to the state you’re moving to. Outbound refers to the state you’re moving out of.

If many people are moving out of state from the state you’re moving out of, that means relocators will be in high demand. This will hike prices up.

It’s the same for inbound moves. If many people are moving into the state you’re moving to, it’ll drive prices up as well. This is information about your cross-country move that isn’t easily available!

How Can I Calculate My Moving Cost for The Entire Process?

There are multiple ways to calculate distance moving costs. The first way is to get in touch with your out-of-state movers directly.

Get In Touch With Your Mover

Once you’re on a phone call with them, they’ll ask you a bunch of questions. This is to be expected when moving between state lines.

Interstate moving is a long and arduous process. Hence, you’ll have to bear with the movers’ questions about your state move and your expectations from your out-of-state movers.

Once you’ve broken down what you need out of your out-of-state move, they can tell you about your moving contract.

Relocation Group

You can also join a migration group. This group is full of people who have experience of moving before. For all your distance moving faq, these are the people with the most information.

They often give you estimates about different cross-country moving companies that are also properly licensed.

Free Moving Quotes

One of the easiest ways to know how much your state move will cost is to get a free instant moving quote. If you’re in the market for these, feel free to fill out our form.

We can get you quotes from many different full-service interstate moving companies. These are licensed distance moving agencies at reasonable prices, which can help make the move completely stress-free.

After getting quotes from us, you can compare prices between state to state moving agencies and make the best decision for yourself.

How To Save Money During Your Move

Wondering how to make the moving process cheaper? We’re here to help you with that.

Reuse Containers And Supplies

If you have some empty containers at your home, don’t be afraid to reuse them. This is the cheapest way possible to get useful containers.

There will be many empty containers lying about your house that you wouldn’t even think of using as moving storage. Think about pieces of styrofoam you have. Or cardboard boxes.

Throw Away Stuff

You won’t need to move all your furniture with you during an interstate move. You can give some away to your friends and family.

You can also give them to specific moving agencies. For instance, junk removal companies will take all the items you’re throwing away.

During interstate moving, you can also give away some stuff for recycling! This is an efficient and environmentally friendly way to get rid of all the extra stuff you don’t need.

Take Help Of Friends And Family

During an interstate move, your loved ones can help more than you think. If you need storage options for your out-of-state move, you can ask them!

You can ask a friend if you can keep your stuff in their garage. You can also ask your friends for free estimates regarding your full service moving agencies.

Other Ways To Save Money

You can also look for other ways to cut costs. If you’re DIY-ing your move, that can help you save costs. There are also multiple companies in the moving industry.

For instance, you don’t always need to hire a full service mover. You can get just rental trucks. You can opt for only storage or shipping services.

You can opt for only packing and moving insurance. There are different combinations of services you can opt for while interstate moving.

There is no right and wrong answer here. Your out-of-state move is just yours to design. Therefore, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for all your moving-related problems. 

How To Make My Moving Process Stress-Free

There are multiple ways of making your moving experience less stressful. If you can take care of a few of these things beforehand, your entire process will be much easier. Let’s take you through some things you can do before your move.

Make A Moving Checklist

Having a moving checklist is crucial. The moving checklist needs to contain all the important stuff you need to sort out before your move.

Everything you need, from documentation to different moving services, to budgeting, etc, all of that will need to be in this moving checklist.

This checklist will work as a guide for you while you get in touch with your moving broker or relocation company and whatnot. Make sure that your companies are listed in the Better Business Bureau!

Moving Companies That Go Out of State

Research On Movers

You need to do extensive research on the movers you’re thinking of hiring. There are many reliable movers. That doesn’t mean all of them will be perfect for you.

It’s important to have movers who will be compatible with you. This means you need movers who have the exact services you need. Additionally, they need to match your budget.

As we mentioned, you should also consider that they’ve got friendly customer service and customer support!

Research On Laws

Different states in the country have different laws. You need to be familiar with the laws of the state you’re moving to.

For instance, gun laws across different states are different. The same goes for education, healthcare, and many other factors.

This isn’t as important if your move is local, of course. This is because laws tend to be the same in a specific state, more or less.

However, when moving to a different state, it’s best to know the specific laws of the state you’re moving to.

Get Documentation

You’ll need specific documents when moving. Make sure you have your income tax form if you’re moving your business as well.

Your relocation company can help you sort out what specific documentation you’ll need. However, be prepared for a lot of paperwork to be involved.

If you’re getting your vehicle shipped, there will be additional paperwork for this.

Housing Costs

This one is crucial. The cost of real estate is an incredibly important consideration to make when moving.

Different states have different average prices when it comes to houses. If you are thinking of buying a house, it’s important to look at average house prices.

Additionally, you should also get in touch with a reliable real estate company. They can help you navigate this process in a much easier way.

If you are thinking of renting, make sure you look into multiple apartment listings. Rent prices can vary massively between states.

However, unlike housing prices, they also vary between cities. They also are different in different neighborhoods.

So make sure you research heavily about these things before selecting a specific apartment. You should have your apartment or your house months before your move.

You will be legally required to show your documents concerning housing once you’ve officially moved states.


Speaking of must-dos, make sure you have a job in the new state. Looking for jobs after you’ve just moved can be incredibly tough.

If you’re moving your business, there’s additional paperwork required there as well.


Insurance is a crucial factor to consider. There are three main kinds of insurance you should be worried about. These are home insurance, vehicle insurance, and health insurance.

Home Insurance

Home insurance isn’t mandatory in most states. However, your real estate company can mandate that you get home insurance.

This makes sense. They want to make sure that you can pay back your mortgage. Often, your realtor will oblige you to get home insurance.

It’s always a good bet to have it. This will protect you against damages if any ever occur.

Car Insurance

It’s always useful to have car insurance in case your vehicle ever gets damaged. You should talk about insurance with your mover as well.

Health Insurance

The government has proposed a website for health insurance already. It’s really easy to get health insurance. All you have to do is go to the website and click the name of your state.


It’s important to research neighborhoods before settling in one. You should look into what specific institutions are accessible nearby.

For instance, look into schools and hospitals in your neighborhood. There are specific neighborhoods for particular stuff.

There are neighborhoods that are fit for retired individuals. There are neighborhoods for sports lovers or university students.

Utility Companies

Look into your utility service providers before you move. You need to figure out electricity, gas, and water costs before you move.

You should also get in touch with your service providers. Look into internet service providers as well.

Daily Living Costs

These may seem unnecessary, but it’s important to have your daily living costs figured out. How much will your fuel costs be?

What is the route you’ll use to travel between work and home? If you’re going to be using public transportation, you also factor that into your budget.

An additional thing to look into would be groceries. The costs of groceries differ between states and cities as well. Best to figure that out as well.

Driving Licenses & DMV

You may need to reset your driving test once you’ve moved states. This may not be necessary, but don’t be surprised if you’re required to do that.

You’ll need to get your car registered with your state’s DMV. You also need to let the DMV of your current state know at least 30 days of your move that you’re going to be moving.

You’ll need some documentation when you’re going to the DMV. Research what those specific documents are before you go. You may need proof of residence and proof of a job.

Get Multiple Moving Estimates

This is crucial. You need to get multiple free quotes before settling on a specific company. Quotes for a single mover will not be sufficient research. This is because you’ll have nothing to compare it with. As a result of that, you should get multiple free estimates. That way, you can easily compare and decide which relocation company works best for you!

Things To Look For Before Hiring Moving Companies Out Of State


You must make sure your mover is reliable and licensed. The Better Business Bureau has a list of reliable interstate moving professionals who can help you with your move.

There are a couple of license numbers you’ll need to look into. USDOT and ICCMC are a given. You can find these on the websites of your full service state movers.

If you’re moving into or out of Texas, you can also look into the Texas-specific license numbers. This is true for many other states as well. Best to do your research about it!


There are many ways of getting unbiased reviews. You can get in touch with friends and family who have moved.

You can also join specific moving groups, as we mentioned. In your relocation group, you’ll find tons of customer reviews about your out-of-state moving companies.

Customer Service

An important thing to remember is that during interstate moving, you’ll be stuck with your mover for a long time.

Hence, it’s important to build a good relationship with them. If you don’t think their customer service is friendly, please look for another option.

The moving industry is massive! Trust us, if a company doesn’t feel right, please look for another. Don’t settle for an out-of-state moving companies you’re not sure about.


As we’ve covered before, there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution to everyone’s moving-related problems. However, the most important thing is to get in touch with moving professionals that help you move out of state.

These companies will provide you with a range of services that’ll help you navigate your move properly. You’ll also need to research a lot about the specifics of your move to know what your requirements will be.

You need to research a lot about these moving professionals. You need to look at their rates and reviews from past clients and get a quote from them.

We hope your research goes well. Best of luck with your move.

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Q: What is the cheapest way to move between states?

A: Do it yourself (DIY) is the cheapest way to move. You will do everything from packing to unpacking on your own.


Q: How do I choose a long distance moving company?

A: One of the easiest ways to choose long distance movers is by watching the reviews and ratings. You can look for it on various websites or the BBB.


Q: What should you not send with movers?

A: Various dangerous elements like gasoline, matches, oxygen bottles, lighter fluid etc cannot be sent with movers. 

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