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Moving Companies Irving Tx

Posted in December 12, 2022

There are plenty of fantastic moving companies in Irving, Tx. If you’re thinking of relocating, you need to get in touch with such movers. Whether it’s for a local move or a long-distance move, movers based in Irving, Texas, will help make your move as smooth as possible!

We’re going to cover some of the best local and long-distance moving companies based in Irving, TX. We’re also going to look into the services they provide, and how helpful they are. Stay tuned to read about how you can get free instant quotes online!

Moving Companies Irving Tx

Can You Recommend Some Professional Movers For Me?

The moving industry can be tough to navigate! Moving is quite a tough job. This is why it’s always useful to do plenty of research before settling on your relocators.

Another thing to note is that there are many different price points for relocators. The best movers may not always be affordable. The most affordable relocators may not be the very best.

It’s hard to strike a balance between these two things. This is why it’s always useful to have a guide that can help you navigate this confusing industry.

While you’re conducting background checks on a ton of relocators, it’s helpful to have a preliminary list of good, reliable moving companies in Irving, TX. We have compiled a list of the best moving professionals for you below.

Moving companies based in Irving, TX will help make your move completely stress-free! Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of all the best relocators in Texas. This is just a preliminary screening list that will help fast-track your research.

Name Rating US DOT ICC MC Get Free Quote
Allied Van Lines 5 076235 15735 Get Free Moving Quote
Direct Relocation Services LLC 5 3000931 24036 Get Free Moving Quote
International Van Lines 5 2247789 729978 Get Free Moving Quote
United Van Lines 5 614506 294798 Get Free Moving Quote
ATX Movers 5 1938615 1086275 Get Free Moving Quote

Here is some other moving companies who can provide both local and long distance moving services.

College Hunks

They are incredibly affordable. They also have an easy-to-use website and have incredible reviews from past clients. They offer a wide range of help. From packing to hourly labor, apartment relocation, etc, they have it all! Not to mention, they are incredible for junk removal services. 

Firehouse Movers

Firehouse movers are also really affordable. They are very well known for storage help and full-service relocation help. If you need a full-service move, they’re an excellent bet at an affordable price.

Am Moving Company

AM is best known for storage and packing! Their pricing details are also available on their website. They are quite affordable and approachable and have incredibly friendly customer service.

Benefits Of Hiring Expert Movers For Your Local Or Long-Distance Move

Irving, Texas-based relocators can help you with all your moving needs. Quality relocators make your moving experience stress-free.

The most important thing to note is that relocators in Irving, Texas will provide you with a ton of moving services. Moving alone is next to an impossible feat! Please don’t think of DIY-ing your entire move. This will be very unhelpful for you!

Whether your move is an interstate move or a local move, you should get in touch with relocators. Having professionals guide you through the entire process is crucial for a hassle-free move.

Without the help of these services, it’s almost impossible to have a problem-free move! We’ve highlighted some of the services below. You can get one or all of these services. The relocators will tailor this to your particular needs.

Remember, when it comes to moving, there is no one-size-fits-all solution for all clients.

Packing Services

Packing services are the most sought-after services. When moving houses, it’s crucial to pack all your household goods. For commercial moves, relocators provide both packing and unpacking services.

You can get access to two types of packing services from your Texas movers. The first is full-service packing. This is when the relocators will pack all your belongings for you.

The next is a partial packing service. Here, you will pack many of your stuff. The relocators will pack the rest.

This is a very important service. You may not have the correct packing material for all your furniture! Not to mention, different things need different levels of attention.

Some fragile items may require special packing supplies.

If you’re moving between state lines and you see broken furniture pieces because you didn’t pack well, that’s the absolute worst! This is true also for local moves.

Unpacking services are exactly what they sound like. After your big move, all your furniture will be haphazardly spread around the house.

That’s when the Texas-based relocators will show up and unload all your stuff for you.

Moving Companies Irving Tx

Heavy Lifting Services

Large furniture pieces are hard to move. Moving companies in Irving TX provide heavy-lifting help for you too. Even if you’re moving locally, you’ll need help to pick up your furniture.

You can DIY some of this if you have a furniture dolly for instance. You can move some of your stuff on helpful tools.

You can also enlist help from your family and friends! Many individuals together can lift large pieces of furniture.

However, it’s still best to get help from a great team. The relocators will help lift all your furniture for you into your vehicle.

These services are also called loading and unloading services. After you’ve reached your new home, the moving company will also unload all the furniture from the vehicle.

Storage Unit

One consequence of the modern way of living in Texas is that we have too many tall buildings but not enough garage space. If you live in an apartment complex, you may lack garage space. In the DFW area, many buildings don’t have storage spaces.

It’s common for buildings in Irving or San Antonio to not have garage spaces at all!

Even if you have a garage, it may not be big enough to fit all your furniture into. This is why storage units are incredibly important.

For a truly wonderful experience with moving, you should opt for storage services.

You can store all your stuff inside a storage unit at reasonable rates. On the day of your move, the Texas-based relocators will drive your unit to your new home!

Rental Services

Many individuals in Texas, whether they live in Dallas, or Irving, don’t own their cars. Even if you have your car, you may not be using that for moving.

Not all cars have enough space to put all furniture into. If you’re moving between cities, for example, from Irving to Austin, it may be challenging to drive your car there. This is why rental services are gems.

Texas-based relocators will provide you with moving trucks. These true professionals will also drive those trucks with extreme care to your new home! You won’t have to worry about getting fatigued from a long road trip.

Shipping Your Vehicle Out of State

If you’re moving long-distance, you need to remember this. Suppose you’re moving to Austin or Fort Worth. You will need to ship your vehicle to another state if you’re not driving it. This is where a shipping service comes in.

There are ways to ship your car within Texas. Relocators will do a great job in relocating your vehicle across the state easily. You can also move your plants, your pets, etc, through shipping services.

Shipping will require some additional paperwork, so please make sure you look more into this service before you get it!

Moving Heavy Appliances

Your professional moving company will also move your heavy appliances. This is a necessary service. Do you know how to install and uninstall your heavy appliances?

It’s okay if you don’t. Your Texas-based moving company can take care of that for you.

If you need to move your heavy appliances, there is a specific service just for that. Your moving company will also uninstall and reinstall your heavy appliances for you.

Moving Antique

Do you have special, expensive belongings? These belongings require special care while moving. Whether it’s antique paintings, antique furniture, or fragile items, professionals know how to move them all.

Your professional moving companies can move a single piece of furniture across long distances. This is incredibly important. You need to move your fragile furniture carefully.

This is also true for extremely large items. Do you have a large pool table that you wanna move from Irving to Houston or Austin? Do you have a grand piano? All these are specialty items that need special care.

How Much Will The Best Local Movers Cost Me?

Several factors go into cost determination. We have broken down some of the key factors to remember when analyzing moving company costs!

Some amazing relocators are fully insured in the Dallas area. The entire process should be made stress free for you from the initial phone call.

Local Movers vs Long-distance Movers in Irving, TX

The first thing to know is the difference between local and long-distance moves. A local move means you’re moving less than 100 miles from where you’re currently living. These relocators will charge an hourly rate.

Long-distance relocators charge based on a plethora of other factors. The best relocators in Irving tx will provide you with excellent communication, and excellent services without hidden charges.

Long-distance movers may charge based on a lot of things, but professional relocators usually charge primarily based on two things: mileage and cubic weight of the furniture.

movers carrying armchair in truck on urban
movers carrying armchair in truck on urban


The distance between the place you’re moving between matters. Are you moving from Irving to Dallas? Are you moving from Irving to Richland Hills? Or are you moving to El Paso? The longer your distance, the higher your cost.

The mileage is an important factor for your move. If you’re moving to Austin, of course, the distance is much shorter. If you’re moving further away to Austin or San Antonio, the distance is higher.

Texas is a big state. Your moving company will charge a flat rate based on the mileage. The further the distance, the higher the cost!

Cubic Weight Of Furniture

Movers also care about the cubic weight of your furniture. For good communication with your relocators, you should give them a courtesy call. During this call, the professional moving company will ask you about the weight of your stuff.

This is why it’s best to have an estimate before getting in touch with professional relocators! Look into the cubic weight of your items yourself.

The more items you’re moving, the higher your cost. The specific items you’re moving can also hike your costs up. For instance, if you’re moving antiques, your moving experience will be different. Professional out-of-state relocators often charge more for moving fragile items.

This also means that the size of your apartment matters. Especially if it’s an interstate move. If you’re moving to a one-bedroom apartment, your cost will be lower. If you’re moving from a three-bedroom apartment, your cost will be higher.

This is because the larger your apartment, the more stuff you’ll likely be moving. The more stuff you move, the higher your cost!

The Specific Professional You Chose

Moving companies have different flat rates for each of the factors mentioned above. The Firehouse Movers team may have a different flat rate than King Moving Company. Relocators in the Austin area have different price points.

The moving company you choose to work with will affect your prices. Professional moving companies all charge different rates depending on the services they provide. It may also be that there is a variety in the quality of the service.

Number Of Services

Speaking of services, the more services you need, the higher your cost! Texas-based professional moving companies offer a bunch of reliable services. They will all do a tremendous job in helping you move.

All of these relocators are hard-working professionals. They will make moving between state lines seem like a breeze. The number of services you need will play a role in your total cost.

If you need a lot of services from your moving company, your cost will be higher. Better relocators provide better services. The more help you need, the higher your cost.

Don’t let this deter you from getting as many services are you require. Moving is a tough job. Trying to move all alone without help from a professional moving company is a tougher job.

There are also variations within particular services. For instance, if you need a full-packing service from your professional moving company, it’ll cost you more. If you need a partial-packing service, it’ll cost you less.

Even though both of these are part of the same service, there is a range of costs you’ll have to incur. Please keep this in mind when hiring professional moving companies in Irving TX.

Time Of Your Move

The time at which you need relocators will affect your costs. If it’s your first time moving, you may not know this. If it’s your second or third time, you may have figured!

If you’re moving out of Irving, Texas during the summer, your move will cost higher. Professional moving companies hike prices up during the summer. This is because summer is a popular time to move.

Most people have holidays in the summer. Schools and universities are off. Not to mention, there are national holidays like the fourth of July. This means people are looking to move during hotter months. Your move day should be in the weekdays.

If you’ve scheduled your move with your professional affordable Irving moving company during the summer, your cost will be higher. This is because the demand for moving is higher during summer, national holidays, and festivals.

Try not to schedule your move during these times.

Miscellaneous Things

Other things affect how much your move will cost you. For instance, you should always remember to tip your professional moving company.

You should usually tip your company around 15-20%. There are additional things as well. When the crew arrived at your doorstep, most probably the relocators showed and talked about every service they provide in-depth.

Insurance services are a part of the package. This also factors into the cost. The route you’re taking is also a factor. There are many ways to move between Texas cities. If there aren’t many rest houses on the way to your new home, it may cost you more.

How Can I Get A Free Estimate For My Moving Process?

Irving movers have websites where you can look for their estimates. Many Texas-based moving companies in Irving, TX, such as Firehouse movers, King Moving company, etc, have reviews from past clients.

It’s natural to not fully trust these reviews. These Irving relocators are authentic and have completely honest reviews. However, many clients prefer to not look into reviews at all because they think reviews are biased.

If that’s the case with you, you may consider just getting in touch with your friends and family who have also moved to Texas. This way, you can get a free estimate from reliable sources.

Other than that, there are also communities around the best moving company in Texas. You can look into people who have had moving experiences with the Irving relocators you’re trying to hire. That way, you can get authentic reviews from people you know are past clients.

The best way to get a free quote is to get them online. You can get them from here if you just fill out this form! We’ve got a network of the most reliable Irving relocators. We can recommend the best Texas-based moving crews regardless of whether your move is local or interstate!

Just fill in this form, it’ll take you a couple of minutes. After that, you’ll get free, instant, no-obligation quotes! This will help you compare prices between the best Irving movers. You can then make the best possible decision for yourself.

What Should I Look Into Before Hiring A Local Moving Company?

Background checks are essential when hiring moving companies in Irving TX. You should look into reviews of the relocators you are thinking of getting in touch with.

We’ve already covered that there are many different ways of looking at reviews of relocators. Reliable relocators in Irving, Texas have reviews on their website.

You can also enlist help from friends and family. Additionally, you should look into communities of relocators who have used the same moving companies in Irving TX.

We would always recommend having a list of requirements from your professional moving companies. You should look into things like online reviews of these moving companies as well.

Irving relocators have official websites where they list all of their services. You should look into whether those services are compatible with what you’re looking for.

All Irving relocators won’t have the same services. The best movers may not have the services you’re looking for! This is why having a checklist before beginning your research is crucial.

You should always do a preliminary call with your relocators before hiring them. You’ll find the phone numbers of relocators on their websites. It’s always quite easy to contact them.

You must make sure that the relocators have friendly customer service. The first call you make to them will be enough to determine this! If they don’t seem amiable enough, please don’t commit to working with those relocators! You can do better.

Another practical thing to consider is budget. Many relocators in Texas are quite affordable. However, some relocators are also quite expensive. You need to make sure the mover you’re working with is compatible with the budget you have for yourself.

Moving Companies Irving Tx

Things To Do Before Thinking Of Moving To A New House

The first thing to do is research. If you’re moving to a different city, you need to research everything associated with that city. Even if you’re moving within Texas, a different city will entail a completely different life.

Life in Irving may sound the same as life in Austin, in principle. In practice, however, cities operate differently. You need to look into the specifics of the city you’re going to be living in.

House Costs & Rent

You should generally know the living costs of the place you’re relocating to. Rent and buying a house are both expensive. However, there is a spectrum of how expensive they are in different places.

Some cities have much higher rents than others. Dallas, for instance, can sometimes have quite high rent. Some neighborhoods in San Antonio and Austin are more affordable than neighborhoods in Dallas.

This is why it’s incredibly important to know how much you can expect to pay monthly for living wherever you’re living. This is why you should look into housing costs and rent beforehand.

You should also get in touch with a reliable real estate company. They can get you in touch with great deals when it comes to going to a new house. You should ideally have a lease before making the move. Otherwise, it’s really difficult to move to a different city.


You should ideally have a job before thinking of relocation as well! It’s really difficult to land a good job after you’ve just moved. If you haven’t researched job openings, you should. You should confirm your job before going all the way across state lines!

You should also look into commuting if you don’t have a car. We have a dedicated section below that covers public transportation. You should ideally look into how far your house is from your workplace. This way, you can make an approximation of how much this daily commute will cost you.


The good thing about relocating within the same state is that insurance policies are pretty standard throughout. Regardless of where you live in Texas, the process of health insurance, for instance, doesn’t change.

The government has a dedicated website for health insurance. You can look into that if you haven’t already. All you need to do is select the state you’re living in. This means the city is an irrelevant factor.

If you’re relocating out of Texas, however, that’s a different story. If you’re getting into Texas from a different state, it’s still a different story. Then you’ll need some more research to properly understand health insurance policies.

The same is true for other kinds of insurance. Home and car insurance policies are pretty standard within the same state. However, they can vary depending on which insurance company you’ve gotten in touch with.

If you own a car, you should get insurance as soon as possible. When relocating within the same state, you shouldn’t need to get your car registered again. However, if you’re going to a different state, you will need to get your car registered with the DMV.

Your relocators will guide you through this step. You may also need to resit for your driving test. All of these things depend on which state you’re going to because laws are different in different places.

Home insurance isn’t mandatory here. However, some real estate companies may oblige you to get it. This is because they want to ensure you can pay back your mortgage! So please look into which real estate companies you’re hiring and what they require from you.


Look at the laws of Irving, and if it differs largely from the Texas city you’re in. If you’re getting out of Irving, say to Dallas or Fort Worth, look into Dallas or Fort Worth laws. There are different things like gun laws, etc.

Day-To-Day City Life

There are things to research that you never may have considered. Public transportation in Dallas and Irving are quite different. If you don’t own a car, you need to look into that. There are different ways to navigate around the city.

You should also look into daily expenses. There will be differences in how much groceries, etc cost. The prices of everyday necessities differ quite a bit between cities, even if you’re relocating within the same state.

Look into your neighborhood as well. You will need to know things like which utility service providers you should be using. There are different internet packages in different cities. Electricity, water, and gas bills also differ depending on which company you’re getting in touch with.

Look into your utility service providers and internet providers beforehand. In this day and age, having a great internet connection is of utmost importance! You should also look into things like traffic, and weather conditions.

Within the same state, the weather can differ heavily across state lines. Some cities are much drier and hotter than others. Some are more humid.

There is somewhere traffic congestion is super high due to unpredictable floods. It’s best to know all of these things beforehand before you commit to a specific city.


Everyone’s journey when it comes to relocation looks different. That’s why it’s never wise to impose a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone.

However, some things will guarantee a hassle-free move. Hiring the best moving companies in Irving, TX is one such thing! You should also research as much as possible to end up having a stress-free move.

Happy relocating! 



Q: How much do local Irving movers usually cost?

A: A local mover generally charges $20-$50/hour per mover. The more people you hire, the more the cost will be.  

Q: What day is cheapest to hire movers?

A: Moving in spring and winter are the cheapest months to move. Also, Moving on weekdays will help you to find relocators at a cheap rate. 

Q: What is the cheapest way to move my stuff?

A: Renting a container and doing it yourself (DIY) is the cheapest way to move. 

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