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Moving Stuff to Hawaii

Posted in December 12, 2022

Are you going to be moving stuff to Hawaii? Then you will need to get in touch with a bunch of moving companies. Moving things to Hawaii is very difficult. This is because moving to the mainland in Hawaii would require you to navigate on a ship. Hawaii is a collection of islands, after all.

If you are looking for information on relocators, we can help you with that. We can also let you know how specifically to move all your items. Looking for a cost breakdown? We can give you that too! You should keep reading till the end to see how you can get a free quote right now.

Moving Stuff To Hawaii

How Much Will Moving To Hawaii Cost Me?

The average cost of moving stuff to Hawaii is approximately $1000-$15000. Though it depends on various factors, here is an approximate cost table to help you out.

Distance1 Bedroom2-3 Bedroom4-5 Bedroom
<50 Miles$580-$1,010$1755-$3085
250 Miles$1190-$2960$2960-$4500$4550-$5990
1000 Miles+$1420-$3035$3145-$5930$6300-$10000
2500 Miles+$1925-$4270$4235-$8500$9550-$14200

Factors That May Increase Your Moving Cost

Your total cost will depend on a bunch of different factors. Firstly, are you moving from the East Coast or the West Coast? This is important because distance is a factor. Moving from San Diego to Hawaii will cost different than going from Las Vegas to Hawaii.

The total distance your relocation company has to cover is an important factor in determining your total cost.

Moving Route

If you live in Long Beach, your move may cost less. Since it’s quite close to Hawaii. The specific freight forwarder you are also hiring matters. The size of your shipping storage box in cubic feet is an added cost. For instance, 20ft containers cost less than 40ft. The dimensions may be different for different companies.

If you are moving to Hawaii by ship, it may cost you anywhere between $1000 to $15000—the size of your apartment matters in this case. If you are moving from a one-bedroom apartment, it will be less expensive. Also, if you are moving from a larger house, your move will be more expensive.

The cost can be more depending on the cubic feet dimensions of your storage box. It also depends on where on the big island you are moving to. It depends on the address of your new home. Moving containers can cost upwards of $3000 as well, depending on the weight of the box.

Moving Date And Time

Another factor that is not weight-related is the time of your move. If you are moving during the summer, the company you are working with is going to charge higher. This is because summer is the most popular time to move during. Since there are holidays like the Fourth of July, etc, most people prefer to move then. But, because of the holidays, the demand during summer is so much higher. This is why you should move during a different season.

Additional Services

Other things that can hike your prices are things like the number of services you are choosing to avail of. If you need a full-service move, then your cost is likely to be higher. The type of help you require will also push prices up. For instance, if you need someone to pack all your items, that will cost you more. If you need someone to only pack a couple of your things, that will cost you relatively less. Hence, the quantity and type of help you require will affect how much it costs you. Many movers provide expedited moving services. This will cost you more as they move you faster.

Figuring Out Your Cost

There are several ways to figure out how much your move to Hawaii will cost you. The first is to get in touch with your shipping company directly. The shipping people often have their details on their websites. This is extremely helpful. You can directly call them up and ask them how much their rates are.

Another thing you can do is ask your friends and families who have moved to Hawaii. They have possibly worked with shipping companies as well. You can always ask them about the specific shipping place they worked with. You can also ask about which shipping storage box they should be working with.

The most efficient way to figure out costs is to get free moving quotes online. You can avail of that for free from us! If you are looking for a no-obligation free quote, we can help you with that. Fill in this form to get a no-obligation free quote right now!

Ways To Cut Your Costs When Moving To Hawaii

Thinking of ways to save money during your move? There are a couple of things you can do. The first thing is to reduce the number of moving services you are taking. This makes your move more cost-effective. However, this may not be a perfect solution for everyone. This is because that help is necessary to make your move to HI stress-free.

You can also outsource help to move bulky items. Many people ask their friends and family for help to move these household items. If you think your friends and family can help load and unload your stuff, then that’s one service less for you.

The specific company you hire for your Hawaii move can also help you cut costs. This is because different companies charge differently per cubic foot. This is something we have already covered before. Hence, if you pick a dependable Hawaiian Express that charges less, you can move across the Pacific Ocean stress-free!

You can also cut costs by picking your shipping and delivery times cleverly. We already talked about how moving during the summer to your new address might mean higher costs. Moving to the mainland during spring or fall, however, may make it more cost-efficient.

The specific freight option you choose will also help you save money. Even though door-to-door moving may be time-consuming and expensive, it is the most reliable one. However, moving between ports is also a good option for you. You just need to see which option works best for your particular needs.

Can You Recommend Some Full-Service Moving Companies?

If you are in the market for full-service movers, we have certainly got your back. We have a full list of the most reliable Hawaii moving company picks for you. The list below is not full. If you want a full list of the best movers available, please consider filling in this form. We have a complete list of the best relocators available!

The list below is meant to fast-track your research. Since knowing which mover to trust is a tall order, we have compiled a small list of the relocators for you. However, this is not an exhaustive list.

Name Rating US DOT ICC MC Get Free Quote
Allied Van Lines 5 076235 15735 Get Free Moving Quote
Direct Relocation Services LLC 5 3000931 24036 Get Free Moving Quote
International Van Lines 5 2247789 729978 Get Free Moving Quote
United Van Lines 5 614506 294798 Get Free Moving Quote
ATX Movers 5 1938615 1086275 Get Free Moving Quote

Hiring A Long-Distance Moving Company

You should hire long-distance moving companies because they can offer you a bunch of different services. This is useful for international moves. However, if you’re moving from within the country, don’t be afraid to hire relocators as well. Some of the services are given below: 

Moving Stuff To Hawaii

Packing Services

The most important service that relocators provide is packing. You can opt for full or partial packing services. If you need relocators to pack everything you own, you should go for a full-packing service. If you can pack some things by yourself, opt for the partial one.

Car Shipping

You can also ship your car, your plants, and your pets to Hawaii. There are different ways of doing that. If you want to ship your vehicle separately, you can look into getting a shipping storage box that specifically moves cars. Many people need to move their car separately because you can’t exactly drive your car to your new home.

Regardless of if you live on the East Coast or the center of the country, it’s important to move your car. Companies like Aloha International Moving Services can help you out. For shipping a car to another state, relocators can help you.

Another thing to remember is that when shipping stuff to Hawaii, you can opt for loading and unloading services as well. This is useful because it’s hard to put your belongings in a storage box. Your family and friends can help you with this, though. This can help you save costs a little bit.

Heavy Appliances

If you are moving your heavy appliances, you can opt for heavy appliance moving services as well. If you don’t know how to uninstall and reinstall your washing machines, etc, your relocators can help you with that. Once you’ve moved to the mainland, they will help reinstall your items in your new house as well.

If you have pets, you can also move them to a storage box. Some special movers can help your pets and plants to move across the country. There are also relocators specifically for military families. You can check out sections of military moves for that to know the specifics of relocators who provide those services.

Having said that, however, there is more paperwork involved with moving your pets. You will have to get in touch with a reliable mover who can help you get through all of the regulations. Especially after covid-19, there are stricter regulations in place when it comes to things like moving your pets.

Rental & Storage

When moving to Hawaii, you will need to store your items somehow before the shipment. Some people don’t have garages. Even if you do, it might not be spacious enough. You will need to store your belongings somewhere before loading them onto your shipping container. This is why relocators offer storage services.

Storage units are pretty similar to a shipping carrier or a shipping container. Just put all your items in the unit. On the day of the move, it will be shipped across the country to your destination.

Rental services are less applicable for a Hawaii move. This is because you cannot drive to Hawaii! But if you need someone to drive you to the port, you can get services like that too.

Moving Hazardous Materials

When moving your car to Hawaii, you may need to register that as a hazardous substance. This is because your vehicle contains fuel, which is potentially flammable. That is why there’s some extra paperwork involved with getting your vehicle delivered to your new home. If you want to bring your favorite plants with you, you need to seek permission. You may wonder thinking that “how to transport plants when moving“. There is always a solution to every problem. 

How Do You Move All Your Belongings To Your Final Destination?

There are a couple of different ways to ship household goods to Hawaii. We are going to be listing some of the most common ways below.

Ship & Freight Forwarders

The first way to move all your stuff is through a ship. Since Hawaii is a collection of islands, many Hawaii moving companies tend to move your belongings through a ship. This has its pros. For instance, the transit time for ships is much lower. It’s quite quick. Secondly, freight forwarders tend to handle most of the difficult parts of the move themselves. They are going to take care of the paperwork.

They operate very similarly to actual full-service relocators and can take care of all your items. Your freight forwarder will double as your mover. They also offer features like insurance, full-packing services, and other things like auto-moves, etc. There are some disadvantages to using this as well. For instance, you may find that it’s quite difficult to find reliable relocators. Since the industry is so massive, it’s quite difficult to navigate.

Not to mention, if you end up choosing a company that’s not right for you, it can make your move a complete mess. Hence it’s difficult to pick wisely. Another thing to consider is that your moving boxes might be in shipping containers that are shared with others.

The container size will depend on how much stuff you have and the volume of the container. If your shipping container isn’t full, you may opt to get other peoples’ household items inside your shipping container. This kind of move is called LCL: less than container load. It’s more efficient and also costs less.

If you want a whole moving container for yourself, that’s called an FCL: full container load. Here, all your items will be moved to the big island on their own.

Additional Freight Options

There are a couple of other options you can avail of if you choose to. Other freight options include door-to-door moving, port-to-port moving, and door-to-port moving. There are pros and cons to all of these options.

In door-to-door moving, your relocation company picks all your furniture from your old address. Then they ship it to your new address. This is the most expensive of the three options. This makes sense because mainland moves cost a lot anyway. If you’re shipping household goods directly to your door, it makes sense that this form of shipping costs the most.

In door-to-port moving, you’ll need to remember the arrival port. The relocators will pick up your stuff from your home. However, they’ll send it to the nearest port to your new home. You’ll need to access the port closest to your house to do this. They’ll deliver the things to that specific port.

In port-to-port moving, the company picks the things up from the port nearest to you. Then they ship it to another port nearest to your new house. This is the most affordable freight option.

Moving All Items Through The Moving Container

Moving container transport is a more affordable shipping alternative. If you are using full-service freight, it’s going to cost you a lot more than a container move. If it’s a full-size container, the cost will vary. A container can be around 20ft or 40ft. The cost will, of course, depend on the size.

The pro is that there are multiple sizes available for you to ship your belongings to the mainland. This will depend on the quantity and weight of your household goods. Your shipping company can offer a variety of different sizes. The cubic feet (the volume) can vary depending on the household items you are moving.

A thing to note, though, is that this means you will have to pack everything yourself. Shipping to the Hawaiian islands through a container is an exclusive service. It’s made only to ship your things for your Hawaii move. It doesn’t factor in other services, such as moving and packing. This can be a bit difficult for both long-distance and international moves.

Not to mention, this would mean that you will have to know all the rules and regulations for moving to Hawaii. If you’re moving by the ocean, your company will take care of the paperwork. That’s the job of relocation companies. However, if you’re using a shipping carrier, then you’re just paying for the container transport. The shipping carrier is all that the company will provide. Everything else, you’ll need to do yourself.

Moving By Air

If you didn’t know, you could ship all your things via air. This has the lowest transit time. However, it’s also the most expensive. If you live far away, this may be your best option. You will get everything delivered to the mainland in one or two days. You must also note that some things cannot be carried by this particular option. For instance, you may not be able to deliver hazardous materials like this.

Moving Via Mail

You can get your items delivered via mail as well! This is usually best for smaller items or secondary items. Best to get your primary items delivered quickly via your freight forwarder or shipping container. Everything else that’s miscellaneous can be delivered via mail.

What Are Freight Forwarders?

When moving all your furniture, you need to get in touch with freight forwarders. They are companies that will move your things across the country on behalf of other companies. The company will provide you with shipping help, shipping containers, etc. They will give you access to everything moving-related.

What Is Living In Hawaii Like?

Wanting to know what island life is like? We’re going to be giving you a full breakdown of what life is likely to be like in Hawaii. There are certain magical elements to living in a place near the ocean. You will never have a shortage of outdoor activities to engage in. From swimming to fishing to boating, you will always have something to keep you occupied.

The language, culture, and food scene there are also just brimming with life. It’s like having a vacation forever. Some of the best islands to move to in Hawaii are Maui, Oahu, Kauai, Molokai, etc.

Things To Remember Before Moving Stuff To Hawaii

There are a couple of things to remember before making this big move. The first is to figure out the difference in things like living costs and rent. If you are going to buy a house, then you should look into reliable real estate agencies. If you are renting a place, look into average rent in Hawaii.

You should also look into insurance. The three main kinds of insurance to look into are our home, car, and health insurance. Home insurance isn’t mandated a lot of the time. However, if you are buying a house, your real estate company may mandate you to get home insurance. This is because they want to make sure that you can pay back your mortgage.

If you have a vehicle, you should get car insurance. This is to protect your car from all future damage. You may also need to renew your driving license. You should look into the DMV and work into renewing your driving license.

Other things you should look into are other living costs. Things like groceries and internet bills, etc, may cost more in Hawaii. Also, you should do heavy research on the company you are trying to work with.

There are many different kinds of shipping companies. Many different relocators can help you move to Hawaii. Many companies deliver your pets, plants, and other things to your home. You will need to research which relocator will be the most effective for you.

Also, look into licensed relocators. Relocators may sound legit, but they won’t be. Make sure that the relocator you are thinking of working with is licensed. There are different kinds of licenses that a relocator can have. You should look into their USDOT and ICC MC numbers. 


Hawaii is a wonderful place to move to. You will have to do a lot of research, though. Look into specific relocators that you want to work with. Make sure that you have a moving checklist prepared before moving stuff to Hawaii.

If you are in the market for free quotes, consider filling in our form. Happy moving! 




Q: How do I get my furniture onto the mainland in Hawaii?

A: You will need to hire a shipping company.

Q: How do I get my car shipped to the mainland?

A: You can ship your car inside a container given to you by the relocators!

Q: Can I move my pets inside the container?

A: Moving your pets is possible. You will have to ask your mover for more details.

Q: How much will my move cost?

A: Depends on the company, the size of the container, the moving distance, etc.

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