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Shipping Car To Another State

Shipping Car To Another State

Shipping car to another state is very exciting as you will experience an environment. Thousands of people move across the country throughout the year. People move to another state for work purposes like getting a new job. They also move when they own a new house. Moving to a new place has many challenges as well. The moving process could be especially stressful and overwhelming. You should hire a mover to ship a car to another state if you have one.

Moreover, if you’re moving to another state with your vehicle, there will be much more to do. Most people need to ship a car to their new address. This is because they are comfortable with their vehicles. Also, people have a special bonding with their cars. So, shipping a car to another state is very common.

If you are struggling with moving your vehicle, this writing will give a detailed perspective on shipping your car. Also, you will know the way to transport a vehicle from state to state.

Things To Consider

Shipping your car to other state requires a lot to consider. You need to consider all the factors before shipping. Moving a car is not as difficult as it seems if you prepare yourself beforehand. So, consider all the relevant factors of shipping a car.

Do Your Research

You should do your research before moving your vehicle to another state. The auto transport industry is quite large. Various car transport companies are available in the market to transport your vehicle. You can get information from various sources. It’s better to do your study regarding car transportation. It will give you a clear and detailed idea about the car shipping industry. There are tons of ways of state-to-state car transport. But not all of them are suitable for you. You need to find an auto transport company that meets your requirements.

Prepare A Schedule 

One of the first things you need to do is to prepare a proper schedule for moving your vehicle. You need to fix the shipping timeline regardless of your vehicle’s moving method. Many states don’t have proper public transport. So, you need to get your vehicle as soon as you move to the new state. Preparing a schedule will solve the situation. You can deal with the delays if you prepare yourself.

Moreover, you need to inform the shipping company about the date. Vehicle moving requires a lot of preparation. So, schedule everything whenever you decide to move to another state.

Moving Permission

In some states, vehicle moving requires moving permission from the respective authority. State-to-state vehicle moving regulations vary. Check the state auto transport policy if you want to move your vehicle across state lines. This will save you time, energy, and money. So, check the local Department of Motor Vehicles website if the state requires any moving permission. Then, you can apply online through the DMV website to get permission.

Car Registration 

When you move to a new state, register your car there. You can apply online. The State Department of Motor Vehicles has its website. You will find the registration form on the website. Also, you can see what the other documents you need to submit are. Auto moving companies provide this information to you as well. Other documents, such as car insurance, need to be updated. 

Vehicle Shipping Insurance

Vehicle moving insurance is a significant factor. Confirm whether they have an insurance facility when selecting an auto moving company to move your vehicle. While moving a car, accidents can happen. So, It’s better to ensure financial protection.

Moving Methods

Moving methods vary depending on your requirements. You should select the moving method that is suitable for your car. You can either drive your car or hire a professional to do the job for you. Hiring a professional auto mover will give you a hassle-free shipping experience. On the other hand, many people prefer driving their car to their destination.

Drive It Yourself

People have a special affection for their cars. They try to protect their vehicles at any cost. So, many people consider driving the car themselves while relocating to another state. This is one of the first options that come to people’s minds. This way, you won’t have to depend on any other person. Driving your car to a new place reduces your worries and anxiety about shipping a car. 

Driving your car to another state allows you to enjoy the beautiful scenery. When you want to move your vehicle from one state to another, self-driving seems to be the most secure way to do it. You can indulge in a long road trip enjoying nature. This is one of the most common ways for vehicles to move. 

But there are some disadvantages of this method as well. It takes a lot of time to drive to another state. Driving so long could be hectic even if you take a break on the way. For example, if you want to drive from Dallas to Los Angeles, the distance is almost 1500 to 2000 miles. The distance could be covered by 30/40 hours of non-stop driving. Driving this long without a break is impossible. Therefore, you need to take a break in between. It will take a few days to move your vehicle by driving yourself. 

Driving this long could be physically stressful and emotionally overwhelming. This long hour of driving would also hamper your work. Moreover, you need to unpack your stuff at your new address. So, you need to save some energy for that as well. Considering all these factors, you should decide if you want to drive by yourself. 

Hire A Professional Driver

Driving your car could be exhausting. So, many people select the next available alternative: hiring someone else to drive for them. You can hire a professional driver to move your vehicle. Professional drivers have experience in shipping cars. They offer vehicle moving services in exchange for money. But you should always check the ratings and reviews before hiring someone. 

As professional drivers are experts in auto moving, you can get quality service from them. You can also put some of your stuff in the car to save money. Some people travel with a professional driver to their new address. 

But there is another side to the coin as well. Professional drivers could be costly. You need to pay a good amount to hire a professional driver. Moreover, it is tough to find a trusted professional driver. Therefore, checking the reviews before hiring a professional driver to ship the vehicle is best. 

Some drivers who provide auto transport services may not be professional or trustworthy. So, you better be careful while hiring. This is a big concerning factor. People love and care for their cars. So, you need to find someone who will handle your car with care. 

Hire A Moving Company

There are many moving companies available in the market. When you are hiring a full-service moving company to ship your personal belongings, make sure to ask them about vehicle moving. Most of the top movers have vehicle moving services available. It would be better if you could ship all your belongings and car to the same company. This will reduce your hassle and worries. 

Even if the moving company doesn’t offer auto moving services, they may suggest you a trusted car shipper. They can connect you with an auto shipper. Sometimes these companies are connected, which will allow you some discounts. 

Auto Transport Company

The auto moving company is the cheapest way to transport vehicles across the state lines. They are specialized in vehicle moving services. If you want to move your vehicle hassle-free, then an auto-moving service is the best option for you. They are cost-effective and offer secure vehicle moving.

Auto moving companies are the most reliable and trusted way of shipping a car to another state. An auto transporter offers a variety of moving services. They can provide cheap vehicle moving as they deal with bulk vehicles moving at a time. Bulk shipping reduces their total cost.

An auto transporter provides all sorts of vehicle moving services. They try to cover all the details to move your vehicle securely to another state. They pack the car if necessary and then load it on the trailer with the help of skilled workers. Vehicle moving companies transfer your car even if the weather is rough or the route is difficult. They have experience shipping vehicles across the country within the best possible time possible.

Most vehicle moving companies offer pickup services. They will pick up the car from your present address. The company also have a vehicle moving drop-off service. They drop off cars at the delivery locations. Moreover, they have the option for customization. You can add or request moving services. You can schedule a pickup and drop-off date. Also you can monitor the position of your car while shipping. Auto moving companies are considered the best choice for car relocating to another state.

Shipping Through Train

This may sound weird, but you can transport your vehicles by train. Some train services offer vehicle moving services. But, you must ensure several facts before shipping a car to another state safely by train. First, you need to pack your car properly. Secure the car before loading it on the train to avoid any damage. Cars are heavy, so you need to secure them appropriately while shipping through the train. 

There is another issue regarding auto-moving services using trains. Trains only offer vehicle moving services to some selective routes. So, check out the routes to ensure they cover your destination. 

Shipping Through Airplane

Shipping stuff through air cargo is very popular for long-distance moving. Air cargo is the fastest way to ship personal belongings to another state. But shipping via airplane is quite expensive. It will cost you a few thousand to avail of auto-moving services through airplanes. This is not the cheapest way for an average-income person. Not all people can get the moving service with this amount of money. But, at the same time, this is the safest and fastest vehicle moving option to another state. 

However, the cost may not affect your vehicle shipment via airplane if you have a classic car, an antique car, or an expensive model. In such cases, the car delivery service would be worth the money. Moreover, shipping a car through would be the best solution if you move to a distant area. Also, there are some areas where other auto-moving services may not be suitable. Air cargo is a suitable auto-moving service in those places. But not everyone can afford it. 

Moving Truck

You can hitch your car with a tow dolly or car trailer. Then, you can contact a car rental company to rent a moving truck. But, this is not a very comfortable option for shipping to many people. It has moving challenges. An expert truck driver needs to handle this process. So, if you are unsure about the process or can’t rely on the truck driver, it’s better to avoid this method. 

Shipping Car To Another State

Auto Transport Broker

Finding the right vehicle moving company is the biggest challenge in vehicle moving. You can directly contact the vehicle moving company. However, there is another alternative you can select. You can hire an auto-moving broker. The vehicle moving process involves many steps. You need to select the route and type of transport. Car-moving quotes may also confuse you. Also, there are some risks involved. You may feel clueless regarding the auto moving services. 

Auto transport brokers have expert knowledge in shipping car to another state. They closely observe and monitor the auto shipping industry. In addition, they deal with the different vehicle moving companies. Therefore, vehicle moving brokers have all the detailed information available. 

Brokers also check the reviews and negative feedback of auto moving companies. They know how to handle the negotiation. They deal with the auto mover on behalf of the customers. Auto transport broker know the whole auto-moving process. They know how to decrease delays in shipping. They have the logistics to handle any unavoidable circumstances. 

Moreover, vehicle moving brokers also check the auto moving insurance. Brokers also offer various discounts. You can get a free consultation from the auto moving broker before hiring them. They ship multiple vehicles at the same time, so there are some cost savings features available.  

Brokers will deal with the car shippers on your behalf. First, they will get the carrier quote from the auto moving companies and discuss it with you. Then with your approval, they will negotiate and confirm with the auto mover. 

But there are issues that you need to keep in mind. As you will contact the vehicle moving company through a broker, you may not get all the essential information. There could be an information gap. Also, brokers may misinterpret the issues. 

Car Carrier Type 

You need to select the types of car carriers while shipping to another state. You can select either enclosed shipping or open transport. Both carriers have their pros and cons. While the enclosed carrier is popular for its safety protection, the open carrier is the cheapest way to ship a car across the country.

Enclosed Carrier

The enclosed transport method is expensive. But if you want to protect your car from outside exposure, you should choose this shipping method. An enclosed transport means shipping a car in a closed vehicle moving truck. This will protect the car from any exposure. So, there will be less chance of damage during vehicle moving. Moreover, most of the time, the enclosed carrier has fewer cues as they are costly. So you will get your car delivered on time.

The only disadvantage of enclosed auto transport is the shipping price. Many people won’t be able to avail of this car transport service due to the price hike. But enclosed shipping is the best way to ship your luxury and classic car across state lines.

Open Carrier

Open car transport is among the most widely used car transportation services. Most people choose this car carrier as this is the lowest cost way. They can accommodate multiple vehicles at a time. In addition, most auto-shipping companies use this shipping option. An open vehicle carrier is more available than an enclosed carrier. That’s why they are very popular and widely used. All the cars are secured with the base of the car trailer. This protects the cars from any movement.

Shipping Car To Another State

On the contrary, open carriers expose the cars to the outside. Bad weather or other incidents can easily damage your car during shipment. Moreover, an auto shipper transports multiple vehicles at a time. It usually carries 9/10 cars, slowing the carrier and taking multiple breaks. So, shipping takes a few days in the open carrier, and the chances of delays are also high.

Best Car Shipping Companies

There are many shipping companies available in the market to ship a vehicle. People always tend to select the best option for themselves. Knowing the best vehicle moving companies would give you a clear concept. Even the best company may not be suitable for your purpose. So, before selecting the moving company, go through the details to know its features, benefits, and drawbacks.

Montway Auto Transport

Montway Auto-shipping is specialized in shipping automobiles. They only offer automobile transport services. That’s why they can focus on auto transport only. They are considered one of the best vehicle moving companies. Montway Auto Transport has good customer reviews. They offer excellent door-to-door moving services. This transporter has both domestic and international moving options. They have special discounts for veterans. They also offer free insurance for vehicle moving for their customers. In addition, they have a competitive shipping quote that is available online.

Montway Auto moving doesn’t have any online tracking system. This is a huge drawback even though they have great customer satisfaction. Nowadays, most of the top-ranking moving companies have a real-time tracking system. Customers look for this feature as they can track the position of their car. 

uShip Car Marketplace

uShip Car Marketplace is an experienced vehicle moving carrier. They have been shipping the vehicle across the country for many years. They have a good rating on BBB. uShip ships all types of items. One of their strong points is they have strong networking. They are connected with many independent transporters. So, in case of any emergency, they can move your vehicle in a scheduled shipment. This carrier has price control features. Moreover, you can have access to the driver’s profile.

But the main problem is that they don’t refund the deposit in case of cancellation. They don’t provide any guaranteed price quotes as well.

Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa Auto Transport is one of the well-recognized automobile transporters. They have good customer reviews, and rates high on Google and BBB accredited. Sherpa auto transport only offer domestic vehicles. They have a price lock system. You will pay the quoted price. You don’t need to pay any hidden charges. They offer great customer service. Sherpa Auto Transport has gained popularity quickly due to its great customer dealing capacity. This company also offers a firm cancellation policy. Most customers find this convenient. In addition, they offer a free car wash service.

Sherpa Auto Transport company is comparatively new in the market. Therefore, they need to gain more experience in auto transportation. Also, they don’t ship cars internationally.

Easy Auto Ship

Easy Auto Ship is well known for offering money-saving services. They are an affordable option for shipping your car to other state. You can give the driver cash on delivery. In addition, they provide a door-to-door car delivery service. One of their best features is that they will give you a free rental car if your car delivery takes longer than scheduled. Only a few companies offer this free rental car facility. Moreover, They will give you a free car wash if your car arrives dirty.

Easy Auto Ship also doesn’t have an online vehicle tracking system. 

Steps To Ship Your Car

Vehicle moving needs to follow a few steps. First, when transporting your car to Hawaii, for example, you must prepare yourself. It is better to be organized to have a smooth experience.

Prepare Your Vehicle For The Move

Shipping household goods to another state is hectic and chaotic. Shipping your car to other state  is also lot more stressful. You may feel overwhelmed with the whole shipping process. It takes a lot of preparation and effort to move your vehicle to other states without any damage. You need to prepare your car before starting the process. It will reduce your hassle a lot. 

Some people believe that handing the car keys to the moving company is the only task. But there is a lot to do. The vehicle moving company will also provide you with a manual with regulations and procedures. You need to follow the instructions to have a better shipping experience.

There are a few things you can do to prepare your vehicle. 

Clear Away Your Belongings

It is better to remove your essentials from the car before shipping. Make sure to clear all the valuables and important documents to protect them from theft and damage. If you leave them in the car, they can be lost during the move. Moreover, the insurance policy of vehicle moving companies doesn’t cover the personal property inside a car. Insurance coverage is only for the damage to your vehicle while transporting. Items inside the car may get easily damaged while loading and unloading the car. So, remove all the items from your car to prepare them for shipping.

Get A Routine Service 

You should professionally inspect your car before shipping to another state. Get a routine checkup of your car to ensure safe movement. When you finish the routine checkup, take pictures of any scratches or dents. This will work as proof if anything happens during the move. Accidents may happen. Sometimes while loading-unloading or transporting, the car gets scratches or dents. Taking pictures will prove if it is new damage to claim the insurance coverage. This kind of incident especially happens while using an open vehicle transport. That’s why people use enclosed auto moving for shipping a classic car.

Empty Gas Tank

Emptying your gas tank is the most common tip while shipping cars. But that doesn’t mean you have to literally empty the full tank. You need to have a minimum amount of gas in your car tank. Any extra amount of gas would increase the weight of the car. Also, the risk is involved if you load-unload a car with full fuel.

Check The Battery And Tires

Check the battery and tires before car transport. Your vehicle must be in good condition during car shipment. You should check the battery and tires to avoid any unpleasant situation. Also, it takes time to get to know a new place after relocating to another state. If your auto transporter delivers a flat tire car or an unfit car, you will have a hard time repairing them. Car transporters usually don’t bother about these issues while providing a vehicle moving service.

Check Out All The Documents 

Different states have their own rules and regulations regarding auto transport. So, make sure you have all the car documents updated. Put all your documents together after checking them. This way, you could get the documents ready as soon as you move to the new state. Don’t leave any of your documents in the car during car transport.

Get A Quote

When you want to move your vehicle to another state, getting the right quote is extremely important. Car shipping quotes are available on various websites. Almost all moving companies provide free quotes for car shipping to another state on their websites. You can easily get a quote online from the website of an auto moving company. This is the easiest way to get a quote. You need to provide certain information to know the actual quote, such as the pickup and drop-off point, carrier type, and probable shipping date.

You must follow a few steps to get a correct vehicle moving quote. Getting the right quote is crucial as you must prepare your plan and budget accordingly:

Just give some basic information. You must input your pickup and drop-off zip code and desired pickup and delivery date.

You need to give information about your car. Mention the model of the car, brand, and making year.

You need to notify the vehicle moving company in case of non-functioning cars or modified vehicles.

The website will then calculate the total cost and give you a price quote based on the information provided in the form.

Some auto moving companies visit your home directly to inspect the car if you contact them. Then, they will give you a final price directly after discussing the details. Many people prefer this system of getting quotes as there will be less chance of hidden charges.


After confirming everything, the vehicle moving company will pick up the car from your address. They usually notify the customer 24-48 hours earlier before picking up. Next, you need to schedule a pickup date with the transporter. To avoid delays, picking up your car on the due date is important.


The next step is shipping your car to the destination. Some companies now offer features to track your car. For example, you can see the position of your car while shipping. It may take a few days to move your vehicle if you are shipping cross-country.


The final step is delivering you to the final destination. But, before signing up to receive the delivery, make sure your car is in good condition. It is important to check your car before the delivery truck leaves. If there is any car issue, contact the vehicle moving company. Also, you need to make an insurance claim for the carrier’s insurance if any damage happens to your car during the shipping. That’s why you should check the insurance coverage before hiring a transporter.

Car shipping Costs

The cost of shipping a car from one state to another may vary depending on several factors. You need to consider those factors while preparing a budget for moving your vehicle. There are many cheap vehicle moving options available in the market. You need to find a less costly way with better quality services. The factors that will influence the cost of shipping a car are as follows-


Most companies consider distance as a crucial factor in setting shipping rates. If you are moving your car long distances, it would cost you more. The longer the distance, the more it would cost. Also, shipping to major city areas could be slightly more expensive. Most vehicle moving companies offer discounts on long distances. The vehicle moving cost would also be influenced by the route you select. Difficult routes with bad weather conditions, populated areas, and huge traffic add extra costs.


Time plays a significant role in the moving cost. You will get some extra benefits if you book your moving appointment in advance. Also, flexible moving times allow you to save money. Moving companies often offer special discounts on flexible moving dates. 

The cost also depends largely on the timing of the year. For example, if you are moving during the peak season or holiday season, then it will cost you more. However, many prefer that time of the year as they have enough time to pack and move. That’s why moving a car during the holidays is expensive.

Vehicle Model And Condition

People may wonder why vehicle models and conditions would impact moving costs. Movers want to know your car details to understand the space required to accommodate the vehicle. When people move their vehicles that aren’t working, it includes many extra tasks. So, always provide the movers with the details of your vehicle. Such as the model, mode, and exact specifications of your car. This way, it will be easier to handle them.

Moving Method 

You can select from a variety of methods to move your vehicle. Vehicle moving method impacts the shipping price of car to another state. A professional driver would charge less than an auto moving company. But an auto shipper is more reliable. Moving companies provide shipping services as well. You can check with your local movers to move your vehicle at a reasonable price. But if you have a luxury and classic vehicle, it is better to do little research before hiring any carrier company.

Pickup And Delivery Services

Door-to-door shipping service would be more expensive than other options available. However, door-to-door service is convenient and relaxing. The vehicle moving company will pick up the car from your current address. Then they will deliver it to your new address. This will increase the cost, but you won’t have to worry about pick up or drop off.

Carrier Type 

You can choose either enclosed auto-moving services or open auto-moving services. Open-moving vehicles cost less than enclosed transport. However, transporting a luxury or classic vehicle is expensive. The enclosed shipping is a great option for a luxury or classic vehicle. They would cost 50% more than open auto transport. But they are safer than any other vehicle moving services.

Time Required To Move Your Car

The time required for vehicle moving depends on several factors, such as distance, weather, and area. You can contact the auto moving company to know the details about the timeline. For example, vehicle moving may take 2/3 days to 2/3 weeks.

Even if you prepare everything beforehand, there could be delays. You should keep several variables in mind while preparing an auto transport schedule. One of the first variables that could impact the timeline of vehicle moving services is the weather. Weather is a big challenging factor. Hostile weather would delay the auto moving company to another state. Therefore, you should always check the weather forecast before shipping the car.

Some states have festivals and events at different times of the year. As a result, there were road closures during that time. So, check before vehicle shipping to avoid such a situation. This may delay the auto-moving process. Also, some states have huge traffic. So, it’s better to avoid those routes for auto transport. Even if you need to take longer routes, it is better to avoid traffic areas as there could be long congestion.

Remote areas have difficult routes. Therefore, it is tough to vehicle transport in those areas. So, you need to find a vehicle moving company that transports vehicles to remote and difficult areas. You must prepare by considering all the factors that may affect the time required to transport a car. You should discuss these with the vehicle moving company.


Shipping a car to another state is not as difficult as it seems if you can organize everything. You must find the right vehicle moving company to get professional shipping experience. Go through every detail before shipping. Make a proper plan and follow the instructions provided by the transporters. A professional moving company would make the task easier for you. They have experience and expert knowledge in moving cars.


Q: What is the cheapest company to ship your car to?

A: The cheapest companies to ship your car are 

  • Montway Auto Transport
  • uShip Car Marketplace
  • Sherpa Auto Transport
  • Easy Auto Ship

Q: How much does it cost to ship a car across the US?

A: Shipping companies charge $3 per mile for a distance of 200 miles. 

Q: How do I ship a car from one state to another in the US?

A: You can ship a car in various ways. You can hire a mover, or drive by yourself. Also, you can ship by train or even by air.