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Shipping Stuff To Hawaii : Things We Need To Know

Shipping Stuff To Hawaii

Shipping stuff to Hawaii requires lots of attention. First, you need to prepare yourself before shipping. A proper plan makes your move faster and better. You need to do your research on the way to ship to Hawaii. You need to collect information such as how much it costs to move to Hawaii, shipping freight options available, etc.

Hawaii is a beautiful state in the Pacific Ocean in the Western United States. This paradise of the Pacific is popularly known as the Aloha state. Hawaii has a unique tropical climate that attracts people. The beautiful scenery, warm tropical weather, and gorgeous beaches attract tourists. Hawaii has opportunities and potential. You can choose to live in Hawaii if you are a nature lover.

This article will discuss shipping stuff to Hawaii and what you need to consider before shipping.


‌Things You Need To Know Before Shipping To Hawaii

Moving stuff is a complicated process. Shipping is an excellent option for moving your belongings or property. This is one of the most common ways to move your stuff to Hawaii. If you prepare yourself prior, this complicated job will be much easier. So, try to collect as much information as you can. It will ensure a smooth transition. Here are some of the things you need to consider while shipping to Hawaii –

Do Your Research

The first thing you need to do is to do your research. You must go through all the details about shipping to Hawaii. It would be best if you explored the facts about Hawaii first. To have smooth shipping, you need to study Hawaii. If you move to Hawaii, research the living cost, job market, and the economy of the state. 

There are lots of issues involved in shipping. You can investigate the cheapest way to ship or a moving company that can do the job for you. You can get some primary ideas about the cost. Also, research the timing and options available to ship stuff to Hawaii. This will save you time and money.

Pricing Estimation 

Another primary concern is pricing. Shipping to Hawaii is not an easy job. The process is quite complicated. So, the cost to ship stuff to Hawaii is high. But this is the cheapest way to move things compared to other options. 

Shipping cost varies depending on how much stuff you want to ship. It also depends on several other factors. So, it’s better to get price quotes from several shipping companies. Then, you can compare the price to get a cost-effective shipment. Shipping to Hawaii is expensive. Getting a better idea will help you to minimize the cost. You can find the cheapest way to ship to Hawaii.

Moving Options 

There are many shipping options available. But not all of them will be appropriate for you. So you need to go through all the options. Compare the opportunities to get a clear concept. You can carry your stuff while moving. This is possible if you have limited capability to ship. 

Freight shipping is a common and popular option. You can hire a shipping container if you have lots of stuff to move. You can share a shipping container if you want. That may save some money. Though for many people, it may not be a safe option. Some people prefer to mail their stuff through USPS, UPS, AND FedEx. So, explore your options thoroughly. Then select the best option available to you.

‌Cost Of Shipping To Hawaii

The cost of shipping varies based on several factors. It is influenced by your stuff’s type, weight, size, and fragility. It depends on how much stuff you want to ship. Some of the factors influencing shipping rates are discussed below-

The Type Of Stuff You Are Shipping

Expense plays a vital role in shipping stuff to a place like Hawaii. People ship various types of property. The kind of stuff you are shipping significantly influences the cost. People ship household goods a lot. Shipping furniture is also very common. Shipping hazardous materials have a particular shipment procedure and pricing. So, the shipping cost to Hawaii depends on the type of stuff you are shipping.

Weight Of The Stuff

Your shipping cost will depend on the weight of your stuff. If you are moving heavy stuff, then it will cost you more. People ship various types of heavy materials. Such as shipping furniture, child car seats, and other household goods. You can also ship your vehicles. So, the shipping cost will largely depend on the weight of your stuff.


Distance also influences the shipping cost. You may need to spend some extra money if the distance is long. When you are shipping long-distance, full-service moving companies are a good option. Full-service movers take all the responsibilities for shipping your things to Hawaii. You can select whether you want the complete package or a specific service. They usually count the distance while setting the price. It also considers the shipping distance if you rely on a shipping company.


Shipping fragile items are very challenging. It requires extra attention. You need to ship fragile items separately. Put a sticker mentioning fragile on the box. Also, notify the shipping company about this. They may charge you extra money depending on the vulnerability of the item.

‌Reasons To Ship To Hawaii

There are many ways to move stuff to Hawaii. You can mail your stuff through the United States Postal Service (USPS), United Parcel Service (UPS), and FedEx. Airline Cargo Services are also available. You can also carry it by yourself if you have lightweight stuff to move. Finally, there are moving container companies like PODS and UPack. Shipping stuff to Hawaii is the most preferable among all these ways.

Most people prefer to ship stuff to Hawaii. Here are some of the reasons for this-


Moving through the air takes less time than shipping. But shipping is more flexible. You can transfer larger packages through the ocean. Also, you can choose options based on your requirements. So, flexibility makes your task simple. You can choose your package based on the weight and size of your stuff. In shipping, some of the companies offer no weight limit. So, you can move your entire household.

Reasonable Pricing

Shipping to Hawaii is cheaper than other options. There are different types of pricing available in shipping based on the size of your stuff or the package you are availing of. Most people choose to ship for reasonable pricing. 

Large Scale Shipment

One of the benefits of shipping to Hawaii is that you can ship all your belongings. However, they have a weight limit. But you can dispatch more products in shipping compared to any other options. You can ship your entire household. Shipping household goods is very convenient. You can rent an entire shipping container to ship on a large scale.

‌How To Ship Stuff In Hawaii

There are different ways to ship items in Hawaii. You can choose the option suitable for you. For example, you can select from freight shipping, shipping container, or shipping carrier, or you can carry stuff with you.

Ocean Freight Shipping

Ocean freight is a popular shipping option for many people. Shipping stuff to Hawaii is not an easy job. Hawaii is comparatively a challenging destination. When you move stuff to Hawaii, you need to consider many issues. Ocean freight shipping is the best solution in this matter. You can shift bulky items. This is affordable and fast compared to other freight shipping. This is a commonly available option as well.

Some companies provide full-service shipping facilities like packing, loading, unloading, and delivery. You can hire them to get it all done. However, if you can’t choose your ocean freight company wisely, you could face a lot of hassle. There are several companies offering ocean freight services. You need to select the best and most suitable one for you.

Your stuff would be shipped in a container. The container size would depend on the cubic feet volume of your things on international moves. If you are shipping less than a container load, you can share the container with other people. This way, you can save money as well. However, this process may create some hazards. This is known as LCL ( Less than Container load).

You can also hire the entire container for yourself in ocean freight. This way, you can use the total utility of the container. This is known as FCL ( Full container load). If you want to move from the mainland to Hawaii, FCL is your best solution. You can ship household goods, furniture, and heavy appliances.

There are several options for ocean freight. Available options in ocean freight shipping are-

Door To Door

If you choose a door-to-door service, the company picks the stuff from your home to the new address. This is a bit expensive compared to other options. Companies offer higher prices as they will provide full-service facilities. You can relax during this procedure. The company will take all the hassle.

Shipping stuff to Hawaii

Door To Port

The company will pick up your stuff from your home in this ocean freight. Then they will deliver the things to the port near your destination. But first, you need to pick up the stuff from the port. This will be more cost-effective than door-to-door service. But, it would be best if you took the hassle of moving the things from the port to your new address.

Port To Port 

It is a cost-effective option. Here, you need to deliver the items to the port. First, the company picks items from the port and provides them to the destination port. Then, you have to collect your stuff from the port. Many people tend to prefer this option for a low cost. But you need to take the hassle.

Freight Forwarders

Ocean freight Companies often work with full-service moving companies. They are known as freight Forwarders. Freight forwarders work with a variety of customers. Many moving companies work as freight forwarders. A freight forwarder works with various people. The freight forwarder offers a discounted rate. So, most people use freight forwarders rather than direct service from ocean shipping companies. The moving company may offer.

Moreover, you can share your container with a freight forwarder. They shift vast amounts of stuff. The freight will arrange a shared container if you don’t require a whole container. This is the cheapest way to save money. Usually, in this type of transit, freight forwarders charge the customer based on weight. 

Shipping Container

A shipping container is another popular option for shipping household goods to Hawaii. Shipping containers are less expensive. They have multiple container sizes available. You can choose the container size based on your need. Container moving companies move stuff from the mainland to Hawaii. PODS and UPack are well-recognized container moving services. If you use a shipping container, you must pack everything yourself. 

Container moving Companies usually provide door-to-door service. However, some companies offer port-to-port or door-to-port services. Most people prefer containers for large-scale movement. And door-to-door facilities give them extra benefits. 

Container moving companies provide an empty container to your home. You will get 2/3 days to load the container. Then the container moving company would transfer the container to the port and ship it to the Hawaii port. They will deliver the container to your destination from the arrival port. Again, you will get 2/3 days to unload your stuff. 

The transit time is 2/3 weeks. The transit time depends on the company you select. You can do loading and unloading at your speed. That’s why people are more interested in container shipping. 

Packing a shipping container is a strategic task. First, you need to load the heavy materials. Then, put the less heavy items on top of the heavy materials. Pack everything tightly and correctly. Label the boxes carefully so that you can find the stuff easily. Put everything closely. Empty spaces can cause damage. Make sure to avoid packing hazardous materials. You can use moving boxes to pack the items. It will make the job easier. 

Shipping Carrier

Shipping carrier provides a great way to ship stuff. People choose carriers like USPS to move their stuff faster than other carriers. USPS ( United States Postal Service) is a government-owned organization. There are different shipping carriers, such as UPS and FedEx. Shipping carriers can usually deliver more minor items. So, they have delivery times faster than other freight.

You must wait for the container to have full loads in container transport. But the shipping carrier doesn’t require that. So, you can transfer your important documents through the shipping carrier. FedEx also makes international moves. So, you can use shipping carriers if you want to move your stuff internationally.

Private carriers cost more than others. They charge higher but provide a better quality service. USPS also offers excellent service. You can avail of the service that suits your needs.

‌Car Shipping

Shipping a car is entirely different from shipping household goods. Taking your car when you move to Hawaii would make island life easier. It would be best if you made a separate arrangement for your vehicle. First, you must make a reservation to ship a car to Hawaii. Next, you need to drop off your car at the port. Then the freight company would ship to Hawaii. You can either pick up the car from the port. If you want, the company may deliver it to your desired destination. Some companies pick up the car from your home. Then they ship it and deliver it to your doorstep.

To ship your car to Hawaii would cost you a good amount of money. But it is better than buying a new car. It is also a great option compared to other options. Also, you need to consider the timing. It takes a few weeks to ship a car.

You need to prepare your car before shipping. The shipping company will require the details of your car. You need to clean and empty your car. You can ship your car through a shipping container. Shipping containers are appropriate for shipping heavy items like a car. You can also ship your car in the garage space of the ship.

‌Pet Shipping 

People have unique feelings for their pets. They can’t enjoy the beauty of Hawaii without their pet. So, many people prefer bringing their pets with them. But Hawaii has strict laws about bringing animals and plants. Hawaiian islands are home to different animals and plants. Foreign species could affect them. So, they maintain strict regulations on bringing plants and animals. It would be best if you prepared a plan for your pet. 

It’s better if you discuss with your freight company about bringing animals. You need to follow specific procedures for getting your pets to Hawaii. But you need to follow the law. Hawaii has made the law more strict during this pandemic to avoid damaging the wild and plant life.

‌Delivery Time Required When Shipping Stuff To Hawaii

You need to consider the time carefully when you move to Hawaii. The delivery time will depend on several factors, such as distance, company, and the household items you are moving. If you have an emergency, you can avail yourself of emergency services. Most of the companies offer urgent delivery options. Here in this discussion, we will discuss some of the factors influencing the time required to deliver the stuff-


The delivery times depend on the distance. If you are shipping from a distant place, it will take an extended period. Distance plays a vital role in delivery time. The longer the distance, the more time would be required to deliver. Delivery times will depend on whether you want it to deliver on the east or west coast. If you are moving stuff from the neighboring island, then it will take less time.

Company You Select

Based on the company, the shipment time would vary a lot. Some companies deliver within a 

reasonable time. Some other companies take a good amount of time to ship. Fright moving is comparatively slower than other moving options. But if you have enough time, shipping is the cheapest way to ship your stuff.

Types Of Stuff You Are Moving

People ship all types of items to Hawaii. You can ship heavy materials like household goods. You can shop online and get the products shipped. The time required to ship will depend on the stuff you are shipping to Hawaii.


Shipping Stuff To Hawaii
Shipping Stuff To Hawaii

Often people need to ship stuff urgently. In case of emergency, you can carry your things with you. But you can not carry much in this way. It’s better to use shipping carriers like UPS and USPS. USPS offers USPS priority mail option available for faster shipping. Also, you can ship more items than you can carry yourself. The cost of shipping would be a little bit higher for emergency shipments.


Hawaii is a beautiful place with a long beach and unique and attractive culture. This paradise of the Pacific attracts many people to move to Hawaii. There are many ways to move things to Hawaii. You need to find the best way to ship your property to Hawaii. You need to go through all the relevant information. This will help you to make the right decision.



Q: What is the cheapest way to ship to Hawaii?

A: Shipping stuff to Hawaii by couriers is the cheapest way. There are many courier companies available nationwide. You can choose the cheapest one from them.

Q: How much does it cost to ship belongings to Hawaii?

A: The average cost to ship stuff to Hawaii is about $1000-$15000 if you hire a full-service mover. If you rent a container, it will cost you about $3000. You can ship your stuff to Hawaii by air mail. That will cost you nearly $2000. All the costs depend on several factors. 

Q: How do I ship my stuff to Hawaii?

A: You can hire a full-service mover or ship your stuff by various courier companies. Hiring a full-service mover will cost you more than shipping by a courier. 

Q: What items can’t be shipped to Hawaii?


  • Any kind of spray like a bug spray, strain removal spray, etc.
  • Any kind of seeds or plants.
  • Ammunition for your guns.
  • Briquettes.
  • Scuba tanks.
  • Spare guns etc.