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How to pack a messy house to move

How to pack a messy house to move

How to pack a messy house to move? It is a crucial question. Moving and Packing a house to move efficiently could be tiring and stressful. If you are packing a messy house, packing could be even more overwhelming. An unorganized house would add so much extra work to do while packing. 

On the other hand, packing a messy home in an organized way would be challenging. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for a smooth move. Try to organize the tasks in a systematic way to avoid any trouble.

When you are packing a messy house on your own, it won’t be a pleasant experience. There will be so many obstacles that you will face. Moreover, packing on your own could lead you to a state where you wouldn’t know where and how to start. So, prepare everything beforehand. Organize the packing process. This will reduce the stress of organizing a messy house.

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Prepare A Plan

planning for packing messy house

Proper planning is equal to doing half of your tasks. It would be best if you never started packing randomly. It will mess up the entire process. Moreover, unorganized packing would be very time-consuming and lead to extra tasks. You will end up with more boxes occupying the moving truck space unnecessarily. It will be a daunting task. So, always prepare a proper packing strategy.

Make a plan for packing your house. Don’t put random stuff in the box. Plan everything, such as where to start, what packing supplies are needed, and how to pack. You may not be able to follow your plan 100%. But this will give you a clear idea about your course of action. So, don’t be stressed out if you can’t follow the plan by the book. Stay calm and stay organized in your planning.

Planning will help you be more efficient, especially when packing a messy home. Here are some of the basic concepts of planning your packing process –

  • Prepare a financial plan for your packing purpose. You must buy packing materials and some everyday stuff to pack a house. A budget would help you to limit your expenses. Packing a messy house could be costly as there is so much to organize.
  • Fix the dates of your packing-related activities. You should measure the approximate time to pack all your stuff.
  • Prepare a list of packing supplies. When you pack a house on your own, listing the packing items would help a lot. If you put random items on the boxes without planning, you will run out of packing materials.
  • Prepare a priority list. Separate the essential items from the least important items.
  • List down the potential movers in case you want to get professional help.

Prepare a simple yet effective plan. First, summarize the whole packing process. This will guide you through every step. Be clear about what you are dealing with and how to handle it.

‌Schedule Everything To Pack A Messy House

Another crucial factor in packing a messy house is to schedule everything. When you have a time frame for every task, things will get into their place automatically. First, fix a date for moving. Then, prepare a schedule for packing your entire house. Packing entire household items is a lot of work.

Moreover, there will be daunting tasks if you have a messy house. So, make sure you have enough time to pack everything. Don’t wait until the last moment; keep some extra time to cross-check. This way, there will be fewer chances of missing out on anything.

Remember to book your moving van. First, confirm the moving date with the truck rental company. Then, you can either load the truck by yourself. Or, you can take help from a moving company to load and move your belongings.


While packing a messy house, you will find many unwanted items. There are many rarely-used items in a house. Moving them to your new home would create chaos. Getting rid of those items could be challenging. It’s better to declutter unnecessary items.

Sort out the items into separate boxes. Not all the items are useless. Instead of throwing out all the unwanted items, you can donate some of them.

Label separate boxes as sell, donate and throw items. There are household items that we rarely use but are in good shape. There is no point in throwing them away. Also, carrying them to your new place wouldn’t be worthwhile. The best solution is to sell them at a lower price.

Another option is to donate unused items to charity. Separate items that could be useful for others but you aren’t using anymore. For example, winter clothes and kids’ items.

Then, some worn-out items aren’t used anymore. A messy house contains a lot of unorganized and unnecessary items. Please put them in the garbage bags and dispose of them. Bringing those items to your new home and sorting them out would be stressful and chaotic.

The primary purpose is to downsize as many items as you can. It will save you time and effort.

Pack Tactically For Packing A Messy House

packing for messy house to move

How to pack a messy house? You need to pack a messy house strategically. Don’t wait for the moving day to finish your tasks. Moving day is hectic as you need to handle all the loading, moving, and unloading processes. An unorganized house usually contains lots of items. Follow proper tactics to pack such items. Not all of them need to be packed and moved to your new home. Here we will see how you could pack your messy house tactically in an organized way.

Prepare A Checklist

Prepare a checklist of tasks that you need to do. A checklist is the best solution for organizing a messy house. A checklist helps you to identify the tasks involved in packing a house. You won’t feel lost or clueless. Preparing a checklist for packing a messy house is an effective way of doing the tasks.

Home Inventory

One of the best tips to pack a messy house quickly is to do a home inventory. Home inventory helps you to know what you are dealing with. Packing every item that you have could waste your time. It will require extra effort and money. First, sort out the items you have. Then, separate them into different categories.

You could follow several steps to do a proper home inventory. First, go through your belongings to get a decent idea. Separate the important stuff from the least important stuff. It would be best if you started packing with the least essential items as they will be used rarely. Keep one box to gather all the items that are not being used anymore. Discard the items that are not in good shapes, like broken furniture, worn-out items, and clothes. Don’t indulge yourself in memory lane while sorting items for donating and discarding.

Collect The Packing Materials

You must collect all the packing supplies before packing your messy house. Once you have all the packing materials, the entire moving process will be smoother. Some of the essential packing supplies are-

  • Moving Boxes
  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing paper
  • Newspaper
  • Packing tape
  • Label
  • Other supplies such as scissors, markers, garbage bags, etc.

You can collect these packing supplies from stores. Professional movers also have such items. You can get these materials from them as well. Nowadays, people get these items online as well.

The most important packing supply is the boxes. Moving boxes are available in different sizes and shapes. It would be best if you got the boxes based on your need. You can also get them from grocery and clothing stores for free. These are suitable for lighter items. They will save you some money. A moving box helps in the organized packing of a messy house to move.

Pack One Room At A Time

The best packing strategy is to pack one room at a time. This way, you will be able to pack more efficiently. When dealing with a messy house, always remember to be organized in your packing. This will make your unpacking easier in your new house. Don’t pack randomly from here and there. It will increase your stress. There will be packed boxes with tons of unnecessary items making your life stressful.

Moreover, finding the items in the new house will be challenging. Pack the items for each room separately. For example, keep the kitchen items separated from the dining room stuff. Don’t mix up one room with another room.

Start Packing

The best way is to start early. Whenever the house move is scheduled, you should prepare yourself to pack. Early and organized packing will give you ample time to pack a messy house. Follow the essential moving tips to avoid any hassle. First, sort out the boxes. Use bigger boxes to pack heavy items; a small box will be appropriate for regular items. Use packing papers at the bottom of the box. Use bubble wrap or packing paper to wrap your household items. They will protect the items from any damage. Often there are broken items in the moving if not wrapped properly. So, make sure to use bubble wrap or packing paper.

Then, put the items into the box. Fill up the empty spaces with packing paper or newspaper. Some people use packing peanuts to protect the items from moving inside the box. After that, keep the box in a safe place for moving day.

Don’t forget to pack a bag with the basic items for the family members. This will be useful for the moving day. In addition, it will give you easy access to emergency items.

Label And Seal The Boxes

Another crucial part of packing a messy house is to label boxes. Put labels on every box. You can either use a sticker or marker to write down the details on each box. Write down in which room they belong. For example, label the boxes as kitchen utensils, drawing room, bedroom, or garage. Labeled boxes will help you to find and organize the packed items in your new home. This will make your life more convenient while moving.

After labeling the boxes, seal them properly. You can use packing tape to seal; It will protect the items from falling or breaking. Putting labels and sealing the boxes are extremely important when dealing with a messy house.


Packing a house to move into is challenging and complex. Therefore, it is even more overwhelming when dealing with a messy house to pack. People find it hard to pack a messy house on their own. Following specific tips and guidelines, you could make your packing experience better. It would be best if you focused on doing the job efficiently rather than on the house’s messy condition.



Q: How do you pack a messy house fast?

A: The fastest way to pack a messy house is to take a box and get everything inside the box. Once it is done, rearrange the stuff again.

Q: How do you move when you have too much stuff?


  • Start early
  • Pack carefully
  • Use a moving container
  • Hire storage


Q: What is the fastest way to pack a whole house?

A: The fastest way to pack a whole house is to hire a mover. They will make the process fast.