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The lone star state is now a popular destination to move to. Texas attracts people with its versatile lifestyle, flourishing economy, and beautiful sceneries. Moving is a chaotic job with a lot of things to do. Often people got messed up during their movement. Therefore, it’s better to plan your move to avoid the hassle. So, preparing a checklist before moving is a great option to deal with this situation. This article will highlight the moving to Texas checklist to help you get a head start.

moving to Texas checklist

Why To Move Texas

Texas is popularly known as the lone star state. This state is called the lone star state as a remark of its freedom from Mexico. Many people are now moving to Texas. Texas is a blooming state with lots of opportunities and scopes. Texas life and the Texas economy attract thousands of people throughout the year to move there. People want to establish residency in Texas to get a better life with a prospective career. Here are some of the reasons people want to move to Texas:

Employment Opportunities

Many people are now moving to Texas to get better career opportunities. Texas offers many jobs in various sectors, such as technology, health care, educational institutions, and many other promising jobs. Texas cities have a growing economy offering thousands of employment opportunities. Job growth is one of the prime reasons people are now moving to Texas. Many organizations in Texas offer salaries above the national average.

Living Cost

Living cost in Texas is quite reasonable compared to California and New York. All the basic needs are affordable such as groceries within your cost boundary. Also, a higher salary makes the living standard higher. So, people tend to move to Texas nowadays. The average living cost in Texas is lower than the national average. Texas is considered one of the most affordable states in the U.S.

Beautiful Weather

Texas has beautiful warm weather. Warmer weather in Texas is an excellent option if you prefer hot weather. Summer in Texas is humid, dry, and hot. Winter is mild and not so cold. However, the occasional cold front can be experienced by Texas residents. But, mostly, Texas is a warm state with beautiful weather.


Another reason people choose to move to Texas is the diversity. Texas has a rich culture with diversified options for all types of people. People from all types of cultures and regions are available in Texas. Texas has something to offer to everyone.

Major Cities

Texas has some of the top cities in the U.S., such as Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, Texas City, and El Paso. All these cities have their attractiveness and quality. Texas city is located near the shoreline of the Gulf Coast. It is also known for petroleum refining and manufacturing. San Antonio is one of the most visited cities in Texas, with tremendous entertainment options.

Austin is the capital of Texas state. It is known as the live music capital, offering great music to music lovers. Round Rock is a city near Austin that offers a variety of outdoor family fun activities. Dallas is the cultural and business hub in North Texas. Houston is a growing city with so many opportunities. This city is popularly known as the space city. These popular cities make people interested in moving to Texas.

Reasonable Real Estate Cost

The real estate cost is affordable in Texas. There is enough free land in Texas, making Texas’s home value more than other states. Also, the lower tax rates make the real estate cost reasonable. This lone star state has enough house-building supplies available. All these things make real estate in Texas within hand reach.

State Income Tax

Texas is very popular among people who hate paying taxes. You don’t need to pay any income tax imposed by the state. It’s an income-tax-free state. However, you must pay other taxes like state sales and property taxes. But the amount is comparatively lower than in other states. Lower taxes Texas has a tax-friendly environment. So, these lower taxes in Texas has a great appeal to many people to move there.

Great Educational Opportunity

Texas has great schools with good educational facilities. There are some good schools, both private and public. The scope for higher education is also great in Texas. There are some well-known universities in this state. In addition, major cities have outstanding educational opportunities.

Outdoor Activities

Texas offers a rich culture with a variety of outdoor activities. Outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and camping attract people to live in Texas. It offers various types of outdoor activities all year round. You can enjoy the natural beauty of this amazing state by roaming around different cities or sitting in a park. You can also enjoy the Texas hill country view.

Recreational Options

There are Texas museums, aquariums, zoos, and theaters to entertain the residents. There are also historical landmarks like Alamo here. Houston’s space center attracts many people throughout the year. You can have plenty of family fun options available to you. Your family members can enjoy various events and festivals all around the year. A variety of restaurants are available, offering multi-cultural cuisine. So, your family members have a lot of recreational activities available to them.

Moving Checklist To Move To Texas

Moving requires a lot of your time, money, and energy. There are numerous tasks to do before and during moving. So it becomes very stressful and tough. You must prepare a Texas checklist before moving to Texas to avoid the hassle.

Do Your Research

A new state offers new life and new challenges. Before moving to Texas, do proper research about your new destination. Try to collect as much information as possible about the new neighborhood. Having a friendly neighborhood makes your move more comfortable. Texas residents are friendly, and knowing your neighbor will help you blend in with the new city. Also,  research the basic facilities, such as the distance of grocery stores from your new address. If you are moving to Texas, research on it and make your checklist.

Collect information about the availability of public transportation. There are some cities where traffic is extreme. Do research regarding the time and date of your move. For your Texas move, try to avoid busy schedules. Also, all the cities in Texas organize various events and festivals. Investigate the moving day properly to avoid these events. Moving during these festivals and events will be extremely chaotic and Stressful. So, invest your time in research before moving to Texas.

Prepare A Budget

You need to prepare a budget for your move. Moving costs are pretty high nowadays. So, you need to have a proper money plan for your move to Texas. Moving involves expenses like renting a moving truck, buying packing materials, and renting storage if needed. On the other hand, you can hire a professional moving company to do all these moving jobs for you. Either way, you need to prepare a budget. That way, you will be able to track your expenses.

Prepare For The Weather

Texas has beautiful warm weather and mild cold. But summer in Texas could be really hot, humid, and dry. So, if you are planning to move during summer, you must be extra careful and prepare yourself. As summer is very heated, take enough water with you while moving. Moreover, Texas experiences some major hurricanes each year. Therefore, you should avoid hurricane season. So, check the local weather regularly before moving and plan your move accordingly.

Giving Notice To Landlord

Another point on your checklist is notifying your present landlord about your move to Texas. If you currently live in a rented space, you must give your landlord prior notice. In addition, you must inform the house owner about your move. Again, go through the contact paper to avoid any type of obligation.

Contact With A Moving Company

You can move your belongings by yourself. But moving all the stuff could be tiring and difficult. Taking professional help can make your moving easier. Moving companies provide professional help to move your belongings from your current place to the new destination. There are a good number of moving options available to move your stuff to Texas. However, it is important to find the most suitable one for you. So, you need to research the moving companies before moving to Texas. You can make a checklist for movers also when moving to Texas.

moving to Texas checklist

Sometimes the mover takes full responsibility for your moving, such as packing, unpacking, loading, unloading, and storing. Some of them have insurance facilities as well. On the other hand, the moving company takes all your moving hassle and stress, and they do the job more professionally. So, your job is to find the perfect mover for yourself.

Contact With The Insurance Company

You should contact your insurance company to change your address and update your information. You must show your insurance coverage if you want to register your car or update your driver’s license. So, checking your insurance company before moving to Texas is better. In addition, you need to keep your medical records together in case you need them.

Checking Texas Taxes

Texas is a tax-friendly state. There is no need to pay state income tax in Texas. Other taxes like state sales tax and property taxes are also reasonable. But you need to be careful about Texas taxes. Even though real estate is affordable in Texas, property taxes could be high in some places. Also, in some places, they add some extra percentage on sales tax. So, make sure to do your homework on taxes before moving to Texas.

Check Education Facility

If you have a school or university-going member in your family, you need to check on the educational facilities in Texas. Texas offers great schools. You can have great options available to you. You should study to find the best schooling facilities in your neighborhood. When moving to Texas, keep education issue in your checklist. 

Car Registration

Your car must be registered in Texas if you want to move to Texas. In addition, you need to inspect your car’s safety to register it. The Texas Department of Motor Vehicles is responsible for vehicle registration, and The Department of Public Safety is responsible for vehicle inspection. New Texas residents must complete vehicle safety inspection and vehicle registration within 30 days of moving.

DPS inspects whether your car is fit for driving. You can find vehicle inspection stations near you. In addition, there are some licensed service stations, mechanic shops, and oil change shops where you can inspect your car. It’s not a difficult process to schedule your safety check appointment. You need to bring your insurance card. Then to get your vehicle registrations and license plates, you must visit the local county tax-assessor collector office. Next, you need to provide your insurance card, proof of inspection, and proof of your vehicle ownership. For example, your vehicle ownership could be your car registration from the previous state you were staying in. Then you need to sign up for eReminder to get a notification of your registration.

Change Driving License

The Department of Public Safety issues the Texas driver’s license. Texas driver’s licenses are valid for up to eight years. Make an appointment to get your driver’s license. You need to change your driver’s license within 90 days of your move to Texas. Also can drive to Texas with your previous valid driver’s license from another state and then change it within 90 days.

You must gather all the necessary documents to apply, such as an insurance card, proof of citizenship, Texas residency, identity, and social security number. In addition, to obtain a Texas driver’s license as a new resident, you need to surrender your previous driver’s license. After collecting the documents, you must complete the driver’s license application. Then make an appointment with the driver’s license office with all the documents.

If you have a valid driver’s license from your previous state, you don’t need to go through the other process of getting a license. First, you must submit your driver’s license application and other documents. Then, you have to visit the DPS with all the documents. After that, you must wait in the queue to submit your application. Some DPS give you the facility to check in online, so you don’t have to wait long hours. You can simply check the queue and present yourself during your turn.

Texas Id

DPS issues Texas ID or Texas license for up to 6 years when Texas residents apply. You must present your proof of citizenship, residency, and social security number to apply for a Texas license. This Texas license could work as your identity certificate. You don’t need to have both a driver’s license and an id. Your driver’s license could work as your id.

Voter Registration

When moving to Texas, you need to do your voter registration. First, you must collect the voter registration application from the county election office. You can collect the application directly from the county office or apply online at least 30 days before the upcoming election.

You can also register your vote when renewing your driver’s license. In addition, you can register your vote through the DPS when renewing your address or driver’s license. When you move to Texas from another state, it is important to register your vote there. If you forget, you can do it online when applying for your Texas driver’s license. In this way, you will be able to vote in the Texas election.

Cancel Current Address Utilities

One of the important jobs you need to do is to cancel all the utilities of your current address while moving to Texas. Before moving, you have to clear all your electricity and other utility bills. Make sure to cancel utilities such as gas, electricity, water, waste, or garbage collection on time.

Texas has a Deregulated electricity market, meaning they have multiple options for an electricity provider. First, you can select your electricity provider. Then, you can choose the most suitable provider that fits your and your family’s requirements. Usually, there are service interruptions during the move. But if you contact your desired service provider, they will provide you with your first bill at the end of the month without any service interruptions.

Change Your Address

Change of address must include to the checklist if you are moving to Texas. You have to change your current address and do the registration of your new address. You can update your address by updating the address in your new driver’s license and Id. Also can change it through the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). You need to provide your new address during your next tax return after moving to Texas.

Sell Unnecessary Things

Moving is already stressful. Moreover, if you are moving long distances, then it will be more difficult. To make your move easier, you should sell unnecessary items. Some items are less important in the household or too heavy to move to a new place. Moving them would cost you more than buying them. You should sell those items before moving, making moving much smoother and easier. So, identify the unnecessary items and list them before moving to Texas. Selling these items will save a lot of your energy and effort.


A checklist makes your move smoother and more organized. When you prepare a checklist, you prepare yourself for moving. Moving to Texas becomes much easier with a proper checklist. You should do your research and invest your precious time in preparing a perfect checklist. This will eventually save you time and effort.



Q: What do I need when moving to Texas?

A: There are a few things you need when moving to Texas. Below is a moving to Texas checklist you can follow:

  • Prepare A Budget
  • Prepare For The Weather
  • Giving Notice To Landlord
  • Contact With A Moving Company
  • Contact With The Insurance Company
  • Checking Texas Taxes
  • Check Education Facility
  • Car Registration
  • Change Driving License
  • Texas Id
  • Cancel Current Address Utilities
  • Change Your Address

Q: What should I know before moving to Texas?

A: You should know about Texas’s weather, job market, living costs, educational opportunities, etc before moving to Texas.

Q: Is it worth moving to Texas?

A: Texas has the best things compared to other states. It has a lower living cost, better job market and a better lifestyle. So, it is worth moving to Texas.

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