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Moving To Colorado Springs From Texas

Posted in December 12, 2022

Moving To Colorado Springs From Texas

Thinking of moving to Colorado Springs from Texas? We can certainly see the appeal of living there. From rocky mountains and hiking trails to a fantastic economy that’s booming, there are plenty of reasons to move to Colorado Springs.

There are plenty of pros if you live in Colorado. There are plenty of outdoor activities here. There are also a plethora of educational institutions. Not to mention, taxes are lower than the national average. Whether you want to take part in lots of outdoor activities or enjoy a quiet life, Colorado Springs has something to offer everyone.

In this article, we are going to take you through the reasons to make this move, the proper guide, and also the cost of living in Colorado. We will also cover some of the cons of moving to Colorado Springs. Additionally, we will cover why you should hire professional movers for this move. Stay tuned to see how you can get instant free quotes online!

How Much Will Moving To Colorado Springs Cost Me?

The average cost of moving to Colorado Springs from Texas depends on various factors. These different factors go into cost calculation. However, the table below shows the average moving cost.

Distance1 Bedroom2-3 Bedroom4-5 Bedroom
<50 Miles$580-$1,010$1755-$3085
250 Miles$1190-$2960$2960-$4500$4550-$5990
1000 Miles+$1420-$3035$3145-$5930$6300-$10000
2500 Miles+$1925-$4270$4235-$8500$9550-$14200

Some factors can increase your moving costs. These are:

Weight & Mileage

The cities you are moving between matter. For instance, moving between Austin and Denver would be different between Austin and Colorado Springs. Same way, moving from Denver to Houston will cost more money than from Dallas to Colorado Springs.

Professional movers charge based on mileage. This is why the differences in the distance between the cities matter. The larger the distance, the higher your total cost.

The cubic weight of your furniture is also a factor. If you have a lot of furniture, your move will cost more. This also relates to the size of your apartment. The larger your apartment is, the higher your cost will be.

If you’re moving from a one-bedroom apartment, your cost will be low. If you’re moving from a two-bedroom apartment, your price will be high.

Quantity Of Services

There are different types of movers. Full-service movers offer all services. If you need a full-service move, you need all the services the movers could provide. This is usually the most expensive kind of move.

Your cost will be lower if you don’t need all the services. If you need only one kind of service, your cost will be even lower than that. Don’t sacrifice the quality of your move because of this, though. It’s always best to budget for services beforehand. You should get all the services you could potentially need.

There are differences depending on the service you get. For instance, packing and loading services may cost differently. This also depends on who your mover is. Different movers have different flat rates.

Another thing to note is that there are differences within a particular service. For instance, full-packing services cost more than partial-packing ones. So you should note which specific service you need before your move to Colorado Springs.

Time Of Your Move

Summer is the most expensive time to move among the four seasons. You may not have known this. This isn’t exactly common knowledge. Companies increase their prices during the summer.

This is because the demand is the most during that time. Most people who move across the country have families. Therefore, it’s easier to move during summer break. Schools are off. Universities are also off.

There are also national holidays during the summer, like the Fourth of July. Therefore, summer is a popular time to move. Since the demand is so high, movers hike their prices. This is the most profitable thing for them to do.

If you want lower rates, you should move during the fall or the spring. Rates are comparatively lower during this time. Also, try not to move during festivals or national holidays. Winter moves are just a bit dangerous. Colorado Springs sees a bit of snow during the winter. Best to avoid slippery roads!

Inbound Vs Out-Bound Move

Inbound moves refer to the people who are moving into a state. In this case, people moving to Colorado (like yourself) are moving inbound. Outbound moves refer to people who are moving out of a state. In this case, people who are leaving Texas (like yourself) are outbound.

There is a bit of a calculation here when it comes to expenses. If the number of people moving into Colorado is more than the number of people moving out of Colorado, then your move will cost more.

Miscellaneous Factors

You should remember to tip your movers. It’s customary to tip about 15-20% depending on various factors. Please account for this in your budget! Additionally, the route you are taking may also factor in how much your move will cost.

Can You Recommend Some Affordable Moving Companies For Me?

When moving to a city like Colorado Springs, it’s important to have a reliable moving company. One thing to remember is that moving will sometimes come with a high cost. We also understand that budget is a fact.

It’s difficult to find a fine line between balancing cost and balancing reliability. The moving industry is quite difficult to navigate as well.

Moving To Colorado Springs From Texas

Many reliable movers are quite expensive. There will also be many companies that seem reliable but aren’t. It’s best to have a list of good movers off the bat to help fast-track your research.

We’ve compiled a list below to make your research easier. Please note that this list only consists of a few companies. This is not an exhaustive list by any means.

If you’re looking for an exhaustive list, we can provide that too! Please fill in this form to get access to our exclusive list of the best Colorado Springs moving companies.

Name Rating US DOT ICC MC Get Free Quote
American Van Lines 5 614506 294798 Get Free Moving Quote
Safeway Moving 5 2793934 932305 Get Free Moving Quote
North American Van Lines 5 3464872 107012 Get Free Moving Quote
Phoenix Van Lines 4.9 346472 1132206 Get Free Moving Quote
Allied Van Lines 4.8 076235 15735 Get Free Moving Quote

Long-Distance Moving Services For Your Move To Colorado Springs

One of the things you must remember before your move is that you will need a professional mover to help you. Moving from Texas to Colorado Springs is an interstate move. There will be plenty of things that you will need to do.

Starting from packing to storage, you will need a lot of services. This is why you should be hiring professional movers. They will make your move a breeze.

Packing Services

When moving your entire home to a different place, you need to pack everything. However, it’s hard to do that. Firstly, packing supplies are difficult to find. You may also not know which furniture to pack with which particular material. This is why you should opt for packing services.

Packing services are by far the most widely availed service. If you need movers to pack everything for you, you should get a full-packing service. In some circumstances, you will be able to pack some things by yourself. In this case, you should go for a partial-packing service.

Some movers will specifically give you packing supplies, and you can pack your belongings yourself. Other movers will only offer packing services exclusively.

Movers also offer unpacking services. This is incredibly useful because unpacking all your belongings is a lot more tedious than it sounds!

Heavy Lifting Services

Lifting all your furniture is difficult. It is also difficult to carry it across your home to your truck. This is why movers offer heavy lifting services. They will help you load and unload all your furniture from your house to your truck back to your new house!

Rental And Storage

If you live in a packed Texas city, there’s a high chance you have a small garage. Many spacious tall buildings don’t have garages! There are plenty of apartment complexes that lack storage space. If you’re in such a building, you might be in a pickle.

An additional thing to consider is that not many modern homes have big garages. This may not have been a problem for you before. But when moving, storage space is imperative. This is why storage services are so useful.

Movers will give you a storage unit in which you can keep all your belongings. Then, on the day of the move, they will drive the unit to your new home in Colorado Springs. This is a great option for you to solve your storage-related issues.

If you don’t have a car, movers also offer moving trucks. You can rent those trucks to get everything delivered to your doorstep.

Shipping Your Car

If you do have a car, but you’re not driving it to your new home, you need to ship it across state lines. Movers offer shipping services as well. Many provide moving containers for you to ship your car in.

Moving Heavy Appliances

If you’re looking to move your washing machine but don’t know how to, you need heavy appliance moving services. It’s difficult to know how to install and uninstall a washing machine. The same goes for other appliances like your dryer and dishwasher.

Movers can help to move your heavy appliances for you. They will also teach you how to install your appliances.

Moving A Single Piece Of Furniture

Many people have fragile items that require moving. For example, if you are moving a pool table to Colorado Springs, you will want to take special care of it.

This is why movers also offer you the option of moving a single piece of furniture. As a result, you won’t have to worry about your expensive or fragile items anymore!

Getting Your Driver’s License In Colorado Springs

Moving to Colorado Springs from Texas is an interstate move. For interstate moves, you need to get your license registered again with the DMV. The Texas DMV phone number is available publicly. Just like that, the Colorado DMV number is also available. You will need to get in touch with the DMV to get your vehicle registered.

You may also need some paperwork for this. You should do some research about the specific requirements. Not to mention, you may need to resit for your driving test! If not, you may need to take another vision test.


There are fantastic healthcare facilities in the city. There are three insurances you need to be worried about home, health, and car insurance. If you own a home, you should look at home insurance.

This isn’t mandated by the state. If you’ve lived in Texas, you know that getting insurance isn’t mandatory, but it is recommended.

When you move to Colorado Springs, it’s quite similar. You won’t be obliged to get home insurance. However, you should. Many real estate companies will recommend it. Some may even mandate it. This is because they want to make sure you can pay back your mortgage.

If you own a car, you should get car insurance to protect your car from damage. This is incredibly important. It’s the same with health insurance. It’s really easy to get health insurance in Colorado Springs.

Just go to the website that the government has for health insurance. You need to select Colorado as your state. The rest of the instructions will be there on the site.

How Do I Get Cost Estimates For Moving To Colorado Springs?

There are three efficient ways of getting cost estimates when moving from Texas to Colorado Springs. The easiest and most obvious way is to contact your Colorado movers directly.

Many such movers in Colorado City or Colorado Springs have their contact information out there. In addition, companies like North American Van Lines have all their information available publicly.

Another way is to get in touch with people who have moved. Do you know anyone who’s moved from Texas to Colorado? This may be a perfect opportunity for you to get in touch with them. Ask them about the company they hired and their experience.

There are also many online reviews you can look into. Unfortunately, you may find it a little difficult to get trustworthy reviews. It’s hard to know which specific reviewer to trust. This is because many tend to be bots! But after some sifting, you’ll surely be able to find some good ones.

To estimate the cost of moving, you can use our moving cost calculator. Just submit your information and get an estimate.

The most efficient way is to get instant quotes online. If you’re looking for such quotes, consider filling in our form. We can provide you with all the necessary information about Colorado life. Many places make you wait for a few hours for information.

However, if you fill in our form, you can get a no-obligation estimate for free right now! This will help you compare prices between movers. You can easily get a free quote right now!

Things To Remember Before A Long-Distance Move

Research To Find A Reliable Professional Moving Company

Research is imperative when it comes to hiring movers. When moving to Colorado Springs from Texas, you will need all the help you can get. Texas to Colorado is quite a popular choice for people.

As we have covered above, Colorado and Colorado Springs are known for a lot of different things. Hence it’s no surprise that many people want to move there. It’s quite an active city.

You need to look into the movers that are likely to be the best suited for you. There are plenty of ways to get estimates, as we covered previously.

However, before getting those estimates, you will need to research specific companies. Hence filling out this form to get a full list of movers would be beneficial for you.

One of the things to note other than your budget is that they have friendly customer service. See if they’re answering all your queries amicably.

You should also read online reviews of specific companies. This will help you get better accustomed to what you can expect from them.

Not to mention, ask friends and family who have made a move like this before. They will be able to help you. Is there anyone you know who has moved to Colorado Springs? Ask them for specific movers and moving tips.

Home Prices And The City’s Economy

One of the most important things to note is the economy of the place you’re moving to. Colorado Springs has an affordable housing market. This is true for Lone Star states as well.

Hence, you will need to research to find specific differences between the places. Colorado offers a more small-town feel compared to Texas cities.

If you are looking to rent, you need to note the specific rent prices in different neighborhoods.

Of course, this is privy to multiple factors. You need to consider the housing market of the neighborhood you are living in. Not to mention, the size of your apartment will also inflate the rent.

If you are buying a house, the cost calculation is very different. You need to look more into it. Get in touch with reliable real estate companies if you’re thinking of buying a house there.

You should also look into the city’s transport system. Look at the light rail, and read up on the train schedules.

Why Moving To Colorado Springs From Texas?


Property taxes and sales tax are a lot lower in Colorado Springs compared to Texas. You will have to pay about three times as much in Texas. The national average of taxes is a lot less in Colorado, and Colorado Springs is a lot less than that in other states.


If you have a family, you need to look into schooling. There are plenty of school districts in the city. Many neighborhoods here are known to harbor academic excellence. You’ll have easy access to a ton of good schools. If you’re looking for a great elementary school or good high school, you’ll need to do your research.

If you are a college student yourself, you should look into universities that are nearby. If you are a working professional, then you need to have a job before moving to Colorado Springs.

As we have already covered before, the job market is quite competitive. You are likely to get a lot of good job opportunities in this city.

Cost Of Living

There are some wonderful neighborhoods in Colorado. They are all quite affordable as well. There are a lot of affordable housing options in Colorado Springs. According to a world report, Flying Horse, Briargate, and Broadmoor were the most sought-after neighborhoods to live in.

The one thing to note is that some of the neighborhoods are more expensive. This is because, in recent times, the economy has grown. As a result of this, real estate prices have been more in demand. Hence, the prices have also gone up to accommodate the more competitive economy.

You will find a range of different housing options. Whether you are looking for a condo with an indoor pool or a large apartment complex near the farmers’ markets, there are plenty of options for you.

Outdoor Activities

There are plenty of outdoor activities to do. Whether you live in downtown Colorado Springs or Northern Colorado Springs, you will have plenty of things to do. You can take part in sports teams and go to different sporting events. It’s the Olympic City, after all! There are plenty of biking trails and hiking trails.

You will find a plethora of rocky mountains to scale when you’re in the city. You can scale Pikes Peak. Colorado residents enjoy a lot of opportunities when it comes to being one with nature.

Colorado Springs and Fort Collins are two very popular cities to move to for nature reserves and parks. Colorado Springs is also called the Olympic city. This is because it’s home to the United States Olympic & Paralympic Committee.

If you want to enroll in a country club, there are plenty of options there as well. You can also visit the Red Rocks Amphitheater if you are visiting Colorado.


There are plenty of festivals you can take part in, in Colorado Springs. There are art festivals, music festivals, and plenty of food festivals as well. You’ll also be surprised to find Mexican restaurants on every corner.

When it comes to recreational activities, Colorado Springs is the most active city in Centennial state. If you like old neighborhoods and fine architecture, you will love roaming around old Colorado City.

School District

Don’t forget about the Air Force Academy, that’s located in Colorado. It’s one of the best institutions that exist in the country.

There are also lots of fantastic colleges in the city. Starting from Colorado College to the University of Colorado, located in Colorado Springs.


Colorado is known to have milder weather than other cities in Colorado. The fresh snow will feel incredible here, but it won’t feel as heavy as the snow in Texas, for instance. The summers are also much milder than in Texas.

The Economy

The economy of Colorado Springs is also booming. There are plenty of job opportunities here, and you are likely to land a well-paying job quite early on in your career. This is a massive incentive for many citizens to move to this city. This coupled with the school district, Colorado College, and other great colleges, this city is quite an incredible place to live in.

Colorado Springs Airport

If you need to travel a lot for work, you will enjoy living close to a local airport. Yes, it’s different from having an international airport nearby. However, having a local airport is also quite useful!

Cons Of Moving To Colorado Springs From Texas

Colorado Springs has some problems that are quite common in cities that are growing. You will find it to be quite congested in certain neighborhoods. This means you will also face a lot of traffic. Although this is quite similar to Texas, and you should be used to the traffic, it’s still something to consider.

Colorado Springs can often also feel like a secluded city. It’s quite far from the Denver International Airport. It’s quite far from Denver as well. If you like the small-town vibes of the place, then that’s great. However, it’s important to note that the city is quite far from a lot of other places in the state.

Another thing to note is that the weather can be a bit unpredictable. This may lead to things like unexpected sunburns. Because of the weather, Colorado Springs is also privy to frequent wildfires. This is likely to incentivize people not to move there.

Denver VS Colorado Springs

Denver is the capital of the state of Colorado. It’s the most populous city and the most popular city. It’s a big city. Let’s make a comparison of the mile-high city and Colorado Springs.

There are many big cities in Colorado, but Denver is the largest in quite a while. We are going to give a small breakdown of what life is like in Denver vs. Colorado Springs.

Denver has more extreme temperatures than Colorado Springs. The summers in Denver can get unbearably hot. The same is not true for the latter. The winters are also much harsher. There is much more snow in Denver compared to Colorado Springs.

Denver is more packed. You will face more traffic jams in Denver. It doesn’t have the small-town feel that Colorado Springs does. If you’re into outdoor activities, you’ll prefer Colorado Springs more.

Many neighborhoods in Colorado Springs are designed with outdoor recreation in mind. As a result, you will find a lot of beautiful parks within your reach compared to other cities in the same state. If you like shopping, you’re also likely to run into eclectic shops.

Not to mention, Colorado Springs is better than Denver in terms of outdoor sports like horseback riding, mountain biking, or whitewater rafting. There are also a ton of dog parks around.

In general, Colorado life can’t be categorized like this. But Colorado Springs has mild weather. It boasts a cooler temperature. There’s less congestion. No matter which neighborhood you’re in, you’re likely to have a public park nearby!


There are lots of reasons for moving to Colorado Springs from Texas. To navigate the confusing moving industry, you should hire reliable movers.

If you are looking for professionals who can make your move easy, consider filling out our form. Additionally, you should also fill out the form if you’re looking for instant moving quotes online. We can help make your move very smooth!

Happy moving.


Q: How much does it cost to move to Colorado Springs from Texas?

A: About $900 to $7000.

Q: What are some of the best neighborhoods to move to in Colorado Springs?

A: Flying Horse, Briargate, & Broadmoor 

Q: Can you recommend some of the best professional movers for me?

A: North American Van Lines, Allied Van Lines, etc. 

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