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Does PODS Ship Cars

Posted in December 12, 2022

Wondering if PODS can help you ship your cars? We’ve got you covered on that front. Keep reading to know more about PODS.

We’re going to cover what PODs are and how they can help you offer storage-specific services. If you want to know if PODS ships a vehicle, we’ve also got information on that. We also show you the best way to ship a car by PODS and have a few recommendations for you as well.

Does PODS Ship Cars

What Is A PODS Container?

The full form of PODS is Portable On Demand Storage. These are moving containers that work exactly as they sound. You can store pretty much anything inside a container and move them across state lines to your new home.

U Pack PODS are some of the most popular vehicle moving and storage companies. What sets PODS apart is that they are more affordable. They come in different sizes to meet your specific needs. These different sizes result in different price points.

Different PODS Container Sizes

PODS offers various containers of different sizes. These are small, medium, and large. The specific container size will depend on the house size that you have. They double as moving containers. They’re perfect for long-distance moves.

For instance, for large households, you’ll probably have a lot of furniture that’ll need moving. Therefore, you can also demand storage for storage purposes of your personal belongings. We have outlined the different sizes of containers you can avail of below.

Large Container

The largest PODS container you can find is 16ft. These secure portable containers are suitable for moving many household goods.

When moving to your new house, you will need to move all your stuff and your vehicles across state lines. Hence, this large container is built for optimum client satisfaction.

The measurements of this are 16x8x8. This is the industry standard. To put this in context, these same PODs would be like rental trucks that fit all your furniture.

All large storage units. The only difference is portable container models are more secure and don’t require multiple trips or many moving boxes.

The large container can fit up to 1200 square feet worth of space. Hence you can unload boxes from about 3-4 of your rooms.

This moving process can also help you move your business distance. One company can be used for various purposes. Moving trucks are usually more expensive!

Medium Container

There’s an increased demand for medium containers. They’re 12ft. These are used to transport goods from apartments. This is usually popular among young adults and college students. They’ve got unbeatable prices and are much cheaper than monthly rentals.

The measurement of the medium container is 12x8x8, or 689 cubic feet. This is one of the more secure portable container sizes. This container can hold up to 800 square feet of belongings. You can think of it as a 15ft rental truck of a moving company.

Smallest Container

The smallest available container measures 8x7x8ft. This offers 402 cubic feet of space for you. This container is also popular among college students or people who live in studio apartments.

This is also a great way to save money because it’s cheaper than the final price of moving services that involve moving furniture. Most companies charge higher to ship stuff. To put the size into perspective, imagine arriving in front of a walk-in closet. This is roughly the same size.

This is also similar to a 10ft or a 5x10ft storage unit.

Mix And Match PODS Containers

The good news is you can mix and match your containers. The companies that are offering monthly rentals of portable containers allow you to mix any sizes you want.

This is an appealing feature of their service. This also helps to save time because you can customize your move according to your needs.

Of course, the kind of container you need will depend on your specific situation. Many clients prefer to mix small and large containers. There’s no right and wrong here.

How Much Will Ship Cars By PODS Cost Me?

Does PODS Ship Cars

The cost of moving with PODS depends on the size of the container you’re using and where you’re moving. As we’ve covered, different container sizes depending on your storage requirements.

Are you moving between Texas City and Hawaii? Moving between Jersey City and Los Angeles will be a different cost.

Can You Help Me To Ship A Car By Recommending A Car Shipper?

When choosing a shipping company, it’s better to read reviews and ratings. You can ask your friends and family or search in the BBB for this. However, some shipping companies are below to help your research.


MoveCar is one of the most trusted car shipping services. They are licensed, have a friendly staff, and are extremely affordable as well.


Acertus is also an excellent pick. They can help you move your vehicle all across the country. The great thing is this service is not just restricted to the borders of the US. They can also deliver your vehicle to Canada and Puerto Rico as well!

Mr. Car Shipper

Mr. Car Shipper is a family-owned business. They are incredibly affordable. Additionally, you don’t even need a down payment when trying to move your vehicle! They have an incredibly low rate of damage- with less than 1% of damage reports over the years.

Benefits Of Using PODS Containers

Pricing PODS

Compared to the moving services that full-service moving companies provide, PODS are much cheaper. When you need auto transport services or look into vehicle transport or a specific auto shipping service, it’ll become evident that portable containers are much cheaper.

You also won’t need multiple trips. This is true if you use public transport to move your stuff. With portable containers, you can move at your own pace and get the service for much cheaper.


Your relocation company will provide you with a completely secure container. Often shipping stuff to a distance is a hassle. This is because household goods can get damaged easily.

Your professional relocation company will also ensure that your container is stable even in extreme conditions. PODS are waterproof containers.

They are also able to withstand heat, humidity, and extremely high winds. This makes them much more durable than other out of state shipping containers.


Your container is useful for your long-distance move because it can be picked up and dropped on the ground according to your convenience. This unique service was designed so that you could load the container once you were sure it was filled with all your items.

Can I Ship Cars Using PODS?

The sad news is you cannot ship cars across the country using PODS. For this, you need a vehicle shipping company, otherwise known as an auto transport company. To get your car shipped, you need to get in touch with an actual car shipper.

PODS isn’t built in a way that can transport motorized vehicles or classic cars. They aren’t meant to ship vehicles. Vehicle transport is a completely different ball game.

It’s not allowed to transport any sort of motorized vehicles or even lawnmowers using portable containers. You cannot transport vehicles. Car transport services and a vehicle shipping company are your best bets to help you ship your vehicle.

Some Tips To Ship Cars By PODS Easily

When moving across state lines, you usually ship all your furniture from one place to another. However, sometimes you need to transport your transport! You’ll need to ship your vehicle from one place to another due to many factors.

Firstly, you may not be driving your car to your new house. Under that circumstance, you’ll need to ship your car. Additionally, you may have more cars other than the one you’re driving. This means you’ll need to ship those additional cars that you have.

Not to mention, if your car isn’t large enough to store your furniture in it, you’ll need to drive a rental to your new home. Other factors go into deciding to ship your vehicle.

Try To Schedule As Early As Possible

We know it’s not always possible to schedule your auto transport on time. However, you should try to have a timeline for your move as early as possible.

This will help you have enough time to research a specific company that you’re eyeing for car shipping. At the very least, it’ll help you narrow down your choices.

Research Well

In terms of auto-transport, there are two things you can do. You can either get in touch with an auto-transport broker or an auto-transport carrier. There are pros and cons to both.

The broker will be an indirect way to ship your cars by PODS. Not to mention, there will be more fees added on top of your pricing. They don’t have a direct online quote tool to give you price estimates.

Carriers, on the other hand, will be able to give you better cost estimates. They are the ones who give you direct estimates. Brokers get their estimates from carriers, that’s why it’s double the effort!

Get In Touch With A Reliable Car Shipping Company

You need to schedule an appointment with your car shipper as soon as you know you’re making a move. Your car shipping professional company will have a lot of questions to ask you. Hence, you need to schedule a phone call with them.

You will need to give details of your car. The make, model, etc. You should also discuss prices, rates, and other important things with your company before settling a contract with them.

Choose The Correct Way Of Car Shipping

Your car shipper can offer multiple ways of car shipping. You need to choose the best way to ship your cars with PODS. Whether you need open-vehicle shipping or enclosed-vehicle shipping will depend on your circumstances and specific needs.

Finalize Your Contract

All legitimate car shippers will have a license, and specific cost estimates that they can give you. When getting an auto-transport contract from your shipping company, you should make sure a few things are listed explicitly.

Those include shipping quotes, delivery dates, insurance information, and cancellation policies. Another thing to look into is the claims procedure.

Speaking of, you should always check for insurance coverage when hiring a shipping company.

Clean Up Your Car

This is important mostly because it makes inspection easier. It’s best to move a car that has no finished empty bottles or cans or chips packets.

Disable Alarms

You need to ensure you have disabled your alarms before your move. In case the alarm rings during the transport, your car shipping companies have the authority to turn it off in any way that they can. You should also remove any customized accessories that you have added to your car.

Inspect Your Car

Auto transport usually doesn’t damage cars. However, it’s still best to inspect your vehicle before and after the move to make sure everything is alright. There are rare reports of damages to vehicles. For reliable companies, this is less than 1% a lot of the time.


PODS are an excellent way to move your stuff across state lines. However, they cannot directly move your vehicle. For transporting your vehicle, you would need vehicle shipping services!

PODS can provide you with a portable container that can carry all your stuff across state lines just for you. If you’re looking for a reliable PODS providing company, U Pack is a great place to start.

Even though PODS can’t ship your cars, you can get in touch with a reliable vehicle shipping company to help you move your car.

Happy moving! 



Q: Will a car fit in a pod?

A: A pod is not big enough to fit a car inside of it, as they are normally used to carry and store much smaller objects. Most storage pods and transportation pods are too small to fit a car inside. But there are other options where you can ship your cars by PODS.


Q: What should you not store in a pod?

A: According to you can not load hazardous materials like chemicals, liquid gas, waste items, lawnmowers, and illegal items.


Q: How are cars shipped in containers?

A: You can ship cars in PODS containers, which are large metal boxes used to transport goods by ship, truck, or train. The car is typically driven or towed onto a specialized car carrier, which is then loaded onto a container ship for transport. The car is secured in the container to prevent damage during transport. Shipping containers come in standard sizes such as 20ft and 40ft, and cars can be loaded one or multiple in one container depending on the size of the car and the size of the container.