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Moving To Hawaii Shipping Container

Moving To Hawaii Shipping Container

If you’re moving to Hawaii, you will need a shipping company to give you a shipping container. There are plenty of reasons to be shipping yourself to Hawaii. The island lifestyle is incredible. Even the mainland has beachy vibes, which is perfect for individuals seeking to escape the day-to-day mundaneness.

If you want to estimate costs, look no further. We can give you a breakdown of how much shipping personal items to Hawaii may cost. Not to mention we will also let you know what help you can expect from movers other than shipping.

Need a list of recommendations for companies who can ship your stuff? We’ve got you covered as well. If you are looking for shipping quotes as well, look no further. We’re going to let you know how to get free quotes instantly. After this, you won’t have to read more articles.

How To Move To Hawaii?

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For any move as such this, you will need to hire long-distance movers. These movers will help make your move a stress-free experience. Not to mention, moving to Hawaii is a bit different than other moves.

You cannot go there by car. You will have to take a sea route. Hence, you need to look into what paperwork the port will require. Hawaii life equates to port life a lot of the time. You will need to know about the specific kinds of paperwork.

The most important thing to remember is that moving to Hawaii will require you to hire shipping movers. These businesses will be in charge of making sure your furniture is safe. Keep reading to find out what the movers can help you with.

How Much Moving To Hawaii Shipping Container Will Cost Me?

If you’re moving to Hawaii from another state, that’s a long-distance move. As we have already covered, you would need to hire a moving company. Long-distance moving companies charge based on many different factors. The average cost of moving to a Hawaii shipping container is approximately $15500 if you hire a full service mover. Here is an approximate cost table based on weight and mileage. This cost table is just to help you.

Distance1 Bedroom2-3 Bedroom4-5 Bedroom
<50 Miles$580-$1,010$1755-$3085
250 Miles$1190-$2960$2960-$4500$4550-$5990
1000 Miles+$1420-$3035$3145-$5930$6300-$10000
2500 Miles+$1925-$4270$4235-$8500$9550-$14200

Factors That May Increase Your Moving Cost

When moving to Hawaii, there are a few factors that will determine how much your move will cost.

Weight And Mileage

The first thing to consider is mileage. Where are you moving from? If you are moving from across the Pacific Ocean, it will cost quite a bit. However, if you are moving from a state that’s already near Hawaii, your move to Hawaii will cost less.

If you already live near the West Coast, your mileage will be less compared to if you live far. Hence your move will cost lower. On the other hand, if you live on the East Coast, your move may cost more.

Another thing to consider is the weight of all your belongings. Moving companies charge based on the weight of your furniture too. Hence, how much stuff you have factored into what your total cost will be like.

How many of your household goods are you shipping inside the shipping container? Shipping household goods is quite imperative when moving near Long Beach. For your Hawaii move, the total weight of your shipping container matters. Shipping companies usually have a flat rate depending on the size of the container. Therefore, small shipments will naturally cost less.

Number Of Services

Another thing to remember is how many services you require while moving. Did you need full-service movers? If a moving company provides multiple services, they will cost more. If you need a port service as well, that adds up to your total cost.

We discussed earlier that movers could offer you a bunch of services when moving to your new address. If you need multiple services, your price will be higher. For example, your cost will be higher if you need to ship multiple containers.

There are price variations within similar types of services offered as well. For instance, a full-packing service will cost more than a partial-packing service. Even though they’re both under the packing services, there is a price variation between them.

Types Of Stuff

The last thing you would need to consider is the kind of belongings you are being shipped. The kind of materials you ship will determine prices as well. Moving bulky items will cost more. For instance, if you have a large pool table or a grand piano, that will cost you more.

If you need an entire container, that will hike up your prices as well. The size of your moving container also matters. Do you need a 20-foot-long container or a 40-foot-long container? The shipping company can better determine prices based on your container’s size. 

Another thing to look into is moving hazardous materials. Again, stuff that seems normal to you may be hazardous materials without you knowing it. For instance, if you are packing your car into the shipping container, your car contains fuel, etc.

This is potentially hazardous. As a result of this, special care will need to be taken care of your car. This will result in higher costs.

You may also need to deliver other things to your new home. Maybe you need to ship your plants. Maybe you have pets that you also need to ship to the mainland. It’s not just furniture. There are military moves as well. Hawaii has military bases, so you will need to look into that if you’re part of a military move.

Recommending Hawaii Moving Companies

Moving To Hawaii Shipping Container

We can recommend you the best shipping companies. There is a list of moving companies below that can also help you with shipping. This is not an exact list. We do have a thorough list up our sleeve as well. If you need that, consider filling out this form. This list below is meant to work as a way to fast-track your research.

Name Rating US DOT ICC MC Get Free Quote
American Van Lines 5 614506 294798 Get Free Moving Quote
Safeway Moving 5 2793934 932305 Get Free Moving Quote
North American Van Lines 5 3464872 107012 Get Free Moving Quote
Phoenix Van Lines 4.9 346472 1132206 Get Free Moving Quote
Allied Van Lines 4.8 076235 15735 Get Free Moving Quote


Additional Shipping Services When Moving To Hawaii Shipping Container

There are some additional shipping services when moving to a Hawaii shipping container. These services are:

Packing And Unpacking

When moving to a different state, packing efficiently is a necessity. You will have a bunch of belongings to move. However, you may not necessarily know how to pack all of them or how to store them properly in a container.

The movers can help make your life easier when it comes to this. They will arrive at your doorstep and examine all your belongings. They will realize what kind of ship your furniture should be in. The movers also have specific supplies so that your articles are packed smoothly.

You can either opt for a full service or a partial service. If you need help packing all your stuff, you should take a full-service move. If you can take care of some stuff on your own, go for the partial one! It will help save a bit of money as well. These are specific companies who will help give you door service and door delivery of all your stuff.

Loading And Unloading

It is very tough to load and unload your belongings. Furniture is often heavy. Many individuals injure themselves trying to load and unload their furniture onto their moving vehicles.

We could strongly recommend against this. Trying to load your furniture onto your container is not a one-person job. You should seek help from movers. Luckily, they can do the heavy lifting for you! This way, you won’t have the chance of accidentally hurting yourself.

Heavy Appliance Moving

Some of the most important things to store in a container are your heavy appliances. Unfortunately, it’s quite difficult to move them as well. Why? Because it’s hard to learn how to uninstall them. It’s very difficult to carry them. It’s also hard to know how to reinstall them.

This is why your movers can provide you with heavy appliance moving options as well. The best part is that they will not just have your appliances shipped. They will also uninstall, load, unload and reinstall them!

Moving A Single Piece Of Furniture

This is the most important thing to know about. Often you can’t fit everything in a single container. That’s completely understandable. So you may be asking yourself, what happens to all my furniture that cannot fit into one container? What happens if I want to move something separately?

The answer is moving a single piece of furniture into a separate container. It’s not that the container is just going to carry your stuff. It’s more like the container is loaded with different pieces of furniture that need special care from different clients.

This is beneficial because that container will only contain expensive or fragile furniture or be packed differently. This way, you know that your precious belongings are taken care of. You don’t have to worry about how you will ship your pool table or grand piano, or safe ever again!

Rental And Storage Solutions

If you live in an apartment, you may lack a garage. You may require a storage unit from your movers. The movers will put all your furniture into the storage unit. Think of that as a portable container as well.

If you were driving somewhere on land, they would drive the storage unit to your place. However, for moving to Hawaii, they will ship the storage unit to your place.

The process is slightly different. It requires a bit more paperwork. It requires a different payment. But the main point of it is getting your furniture shipped.

Shipping Company

Since you cannot drive your car to Hawaii, you will need shipping containers. Most individuals don’t have access to such containers. Hence, you need to get in touch with a mover who does.

How will the container move to Hawaii? Well, it will be done via freight forwarders and shipping companies working in tandem with each other.

Port Service

Since islands surround Hawaii, you will need specific help with navigating ports that are present there. Your movers can help you with that as well.

How Do I Get An Accurate Quote About My Prices?

There are multiple ways to get free estimates about your move. The first is getting in touch with the company that will give you the shipping containers.

Since they provide moving services, they will be able to tell you how much it would cost to reach your final destination.

They will ask you about the whole process and how many containers you need to be shipped. They will also talk about where they will deliver your goods and will talk about delivery times with you.

You can also look for online communities which talk about their Hawaii moving experience. They carry on a lot of discussions with regard to door service, port service, shipping, living on the mainland, the whole process, etc. They also discuss costs and how you can save money. You can look into quotes from those online communities too.

However, the most effective way to get quotes is to get instant online free quotes without obligations. If you are looking for such quotes, look no further. We are here to help you in this case. Feel free to fill in this form to get quotes about Hawaii movers right now!

How To Ship Household Goods To Hawaii

We have discussed previously that shipping container companies will help while moving your belongings to Hawaii. However, another term you need to know is freight forwarder. Freight forwarders are firms that will assist with your moving.

Shipping companies need firms that are specialized in cargo shipment. They need experts who know how to minimize transit time. These experts are called freight forwarders. Your freight forwarding company will organize the supply chain of your shipment and your shipping container.

There are different types of full-service movers who also offer these services. In addition, there are a couple of Hawaii moving options. For a mainland home, you can carry your household items in a big size container. Then, you can either take air or ocean freight transportation.

There is also inland transportation available, but since you’re going to be moving to an island, you can’t exactly hire a moving truck or a rental truck! Instead, your freight forwarder will guide you with regard to all the things you are packing. They ship stuff all year round.

What Is Hawaii Life Like?

The thing to note is that Hawaii is not one big island. There are multiple little islands in Hawaii. So your life will vary depending on which particular island you are moving to. We have highlighted some of the things you can expect from your life in Hawaii below.

Before that, we would like to cover some of the best parts of living in Hawaii.

The first is the food. Hawaiian islands have a variety of different types of food. You must’ve heard about tuna poke, which is one of the staples of Hawaiian cuisine. Once you arrive, you’ll quickly realize that food is a huge part of their culture.

Since Hawaii is a cluster of many different islands, you will always be close to the ocean and close to a port. This means there will never be a lack of outdoor activities for you. Want to chill by the port? You can do that. If you want to swim in the ocean all day, You’ve got it! Do you want to lie down in a hammock all day? You can do that too.

Whether you love beach sports, swimming, or just lying down in bed all day, Hawaii has options for you to do anything you want.

If you are the type to enjoy a quiet life, you have chosen the perfect place to live. There’s little traffic. It’s not congested or crowded in most places here. You can carry on with your day quietly.

Hawaiian life can give you the peace of the suburbs while simultaneously allowing you to engage in a bunch of different activities. The state also has 2 official languages: both English and Hawaiian. So you will have no trouble.

Hawaiian Islands And Island Life

Hawaii is made up of over 100 little islands called islets. These islets offer the perfect life if you are seeking to move away from the hustle-bustle and the city noise. You can also explore places like Hawaiian Volcanoes National Park and Kau Desert.

The more popular islands to move to are Maui, Oahu, Kauai, and Molokai. There are many different reasons to opt for island life. The food, the culture, the language, the endless exploration opportunities! There’s so much to do.


Hawaii is an incredibly beautiful place to move to. It’s unique in its lifestyle and the amenities it can provide for you. If you are looking for free moving quotes, consider filling in that form to get a no-strings-attached free quote.

Are you looking for reliable movers for moving and shipping all your stuff to Hawaii using a container to the mainland? Look no further. Our list of reliable movers can help make your move to Hawaii completely stress-free.

Happy moving!




Q: How do I get my furniture onto the mainland in Hawaii?

A: You will need to hire a shipping company.


Q: How do I get my car shipped to the mainland?

A: You can ship your car inside a container given to you by the movers!


Q: Can I move my pets inside the container?

A: Moving your pets is possible. You will have to ask your mover for more details.


Q: How much will my move cost?

A: Depends on the company, the size of the container, the moving distance, etc.

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