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If you’re considering a move to Texas or Oklahoma, you’re in for a treat. Texas is a beautiful state with lots of prospects and opportunities. This diverse state attracts many people to move. Oklahoma is the neighboring state of Texas. Both cities are flourishing and creating new opportunities. Choosing between these two states is not an easy job. This article will discuss the pros and cons of moving to each state. To know them, continue reading why you should move to Oklahoma or Texas.

Things To Consider Before Move To Texas Or Oklahoma

Living Cost

It is better to research the living cost before you move to Oklahoma or Texas. Texas and Oklahoma both have affordable living costs. However, comparing these two, Oklahoma has a low cost of living.

You must compare the cost of living index between Oklahoma and Texas. The cost of living index is an index that compares the living cost of 2 different cities. It helps people to understand which place has a better and cheaper living. The cost of living compares the overall cost of transportation, utilities, education, health, property, taxes, and insurance. There are some other index factors as well.

While comparing Oklahoma and Texas, you must research the cost of living index. For example, Oklahoma has a cost of living of approximately 85. In comparison, the cost of living in Texas is almost 94. This indicates that Oklahoma has moderate living expenses compared to Texas. This is one of the main reasons people prefer Oklahoma. People consider Oklahoma a low-cost and affordable state.


When move to Oklahoma or Texas, you must know the taxes and their rate. Texas is an income-tax-free state. You don’t need to pay any state income tax. Texas is one of the few states that impose no personal income taxes. But you need to pay federal income taxes each year. There are other taxes like sales taxes and property taxes. It has a state sales tax of 6.75%. Local sales tax could be as much as 2%. So the maximum total sales tax would be 8.75%. Property taxes are a bit higher in Texas. However, property tax depends on the area you choose. It may vary based on the location. Some of the prominent areas have higher taxes. In contrast, other areas have a moderate tax rate. Most people prefer Texas as they don’t need to pay personal income taxes.

Oklahoma, on the other hand, is not a tax-free income state. This is the main difference between Oklahoma and Texas. The state income tax depends on the level of income. Therefore, a higher-income person needs to pay higher taxes. The income taxes start from .5% and go up to 5%.

Should I Move To Oklahoma Or Texas;

Property tax is quite higher in Texas. This lone star state doesn’t have state property taxes. The tax on a property depends on each of the counties. In some places, property tax is above the national average. The national average for property tax is around 1.07%. But in Oklahoma, the approximate tax rate on a property is 1.69%. Texas property tax is one of the highest in the U.S.

Oklahoma has one of the lowest taxes on property. The Oklahoma state revenue department sets state sales and income tax. But the Sooner State property tax is set by the local county office. They will evaluate the value of your property.


Texas has a booming economy. This Lone Star State is the 10th largest economy in the world. Texas has a strong economy. It is a business-friendly state with no income tax. It offers many unique business opportunities to people. Living in Texas would allow you to enjoy a tax-free business environment. Many renowned organizations choose Texas to have a great business.

Oklahoma City has a productive economy. Previously Oklahoma’s economy was largely dependent on agriculture and minerals such as petroleum. But the productive economy of this Sooner State is turning its focus on industrial development. Oklahoma City is also trying to attract tourist attention. Compared to Texas, the economy of Oklahoma is still growing. Whereas Texas already has a strong economy.


Texas has many public schools, and they provide a great service. They also have colleges and universities. Despite having a good quantity of educational institutions, Texas ranks low in education. They are trying to improve their quality by offering various options.

Oklahoma also has some good educational institutions. But Oklahoma ranks almost the same as Texas in education.

Career opportunities

As Texas’s economy is flourishing, its job market is also growing quickly. Texas is the home of many large-scale organizations. Moreover, this is popularly known for its diversity. Texas offers thousands of new job opportunities every year. Jobs like physicians, business analysts, and IT have high demand. Among the cities in Texas, Dallas offers the best lifestyle. Therefore, it also has a fast-growing job market. 

Compared to Texas, Oklahoma is still growing up. They have a productive economy. Jobs in Oklahoma largely depend on the mineral industry, such as petroleum and gas. There are huge career opportunities in these fields. Other job opportunities are also expanding.


Texas has a hot and humid summer. Winter is mostly mid to cold in Texas. Winter days are short, dry, and mild cold. Summer heat can go high. Texans can enjoy beautiful sunny days. They can go hiking, biking, and swimming. They can go to the park and enjoy picnics. Texans can get the benefits of sunshine. But Texas weather can get worse. Sometimes the heat could be brutal. In addition, there are climate hazards like hurricanes. So, you need to be aware of the weather.

Oklahoma City has extreme weather. Summer is intense, and winter is cold. It has humid and windy weather. Oklahoma is tornado-prone. You can enjoy the four seasons in Oklahoma City. One can experience a mix of every season in a single day living in Oklahoma. This Sooner State has mixed weather, which attracts people.

Real Estate

Real estate has higher prices in Texas compared to many other states. The housing costs may vary depending on the city you want to stay in. According to the index, the housing costs in Texas are 84.3. This is below the national average. The national average is 100. The median home value in Texas is approximately $3,50000. But this doesn’t include tax for your house. When you add the taxes, the cost would be a bit higher. Home prices are higher in the big cities compared to rural areas and small towns. Cities like Dallas and Austin have higher home prices. On the other hand, San Antonio and Houston have low housing costs. You can hire a real estate agent to get a good deal. 

Oklahoma has an affordable housing cost. The real estate is extremely low. Oklahoma is the 4th cheapest place in America. The housing cost is 54 according to the living cost. This is quite lower than the national average. The median home value is $1,46,600. Median price indicates the median price from lowest to highest. The median home cost is lower in Oklahoma because it has flat land. Flat land is cheaper and easily available. So, the housing is more affordable than in Texas.


Texas is a fast-growing state with prospects and opportunities. With the growing economy, Texas is attracting many people to move there. But the transportation in Texas is a bit costly. According to the living cost index, transportation expenses in Texas are 103.3. This is above the national average. The national average is 100.

Moreover, traffic in big cities is hectic during rush hour. Big cities such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin have huge traffic. Therefore, you need to consider the time and distance before starting Somewhere.

Living in Oklahoma offers good transportation services. The transportation cost in Oklahoma is 95.5, which is below the national average. This transportation cost accumulates the average gas prices, maintenance cost, insurance, and transit fare. Vehicle cost or registration cost isn’t included here. Oklahoma City has limited public transportation services at a low cost.

Major Cities

Texas has major metropolitan areas such as Dallas, Houston, and Austin. Austin is the state capital of Texas. If you prefer city life, then Texas is the place for you. However, Texas does have some nice small towns. They are also a great place to move to in Texas. Moreover, small towns have lower taxes on property. 

Oklahoma State, on the other hand, doesn’t have major metropolitan areas. If you enjoy the dazzling city life, Oklahoma may not be suitable. Some mid-sized cities in Oklahoma, such as Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Oklahoma City is the largest city in Oklahoma, and Tulsa is the second largest city. Oklahoma City is the state capital of Oklahoma. Many people prefer the lifestyle of mid-sized cities. Oklahoma has the traditional style of a small town. The retries prefer Oklahoma. Grand Lake is a great option for retired people to have a peaceful environment.

Natural Beauty And Recreation

Texas is a beautiful state. The natural beauty is mesmerizing. Texas is popular with some of the largest cities in America. But Texas also has beautiful mountains, forests, canyons, and gorgeous beaches. Texas has many things to offer. You can enjoy the sunshine as this lone star state is bright and sunny. You can go for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and rafting. Texas has a rich and diverse history; you can explore historical places.

Oklahoma offers very less scope for outdoor activities. However, there are beautiful places that people can enjoy. Oklahoma has very little diversity compared to Texas. It has a dull landscape. But there are other recreational sources. Most people in Oklahoma are fond of football. Football is a big deal in Oklahoma. People in Oklahoma are very attracted to college football. They would shut everything down to enjoy the big matches.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of  Living In Oklahoma

To decide whether Oklahoma is better than Texas, we need to research the benefits and drawbacks of living in Oklahoma.

Benefits Of Living In Oklahoma

Moderate Living Expenses

The best thing about living in Oklahoma is that it has a moderate living cost. People who want to live an affordable life can move to Oklahoma. The living expense in Oklahoma is below the national average.

Low-Cost Real Estate

Another important benefit of living in Oklahoma is affordable housing. Oklahoma has a huge amount of flat land. This makes the housing expense cheap and within hand reach.

Amazing Mid-Sized Cities

Oklahoma attracts people with attractive mid-sized cities. However, some people don’t like the chaos of big cities. For those people, Oklahoma is a good choice.

Drawbacks Of Living In Oklahoma

Here are the Drawbacks of living in Oklahoma

Extreme Weather

One of the drawbacks of Oklahoma is the extreme weather. Oklahoma is dominant in all seasons. Summer could be extremely hot with humidity. Winter is cold, windy, and dry. Moreover, Oklahoma is a tornado-prone state.

Lack Of Major Cities

Oklahoma has no access to major cities. Instead, it has some medium-sized cities and small towns. But if you are used to city life, Oklahoma is not a good option.

Poor Infrastructure

Oklahoma has a productive economy. But it needs to grow more. Oklahoma has a poor infrastructure facility. It is still upgrading.


Obesity is one of the major problems in Oklahoma. Oklahoma has limited outdoor activities. So, the Obesity rate is high both in kids and adults.

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Living In Texas

Benefits Of Living In Texas

Here are some of the benefits of living in Texas-

No State Income Tax

The main difference between Texas and Oklahoma is the income tax. In Texas, you don’t need to pay any personal income taxes. This is the prime reason people choose Texas.

Strong Infrastructure

With its fast-growing economy, Texas has a strong infrastructure. In addition, many large corporations are moving to Texas. So, the infrastructure is developing rapidly.

Easy Access To Major Cities

Texas has some of the largest cities. So, Texans have easy access to the major cities.

Business-Friendly Environment

Texas ranked higher in the business environment. It is one of the most business-friendly states. As a result, Texas supports the prospects and challenges of business.

Booming Economy

The economy in Texas is thriving. Experts recognize it as one of the fast-growing economies in America.

Sunny Weather

Texas is a sunshine state. Texas is the best option for you if you prefer sunny weather. Texans enjoy the bright sunny weather.


Texas is well known as one of the most diverse states. People from different backgrounds and cultures are attracted to Texas. As a result, there are lots of demographic changes going on.

Drawbacks Of  Living In Texas

Here are some of the Drawbacks of living in Texas-

High Crime Rates

The crime rates are higher in certain areas of Texas. But not all cities have the same scenario.

Higher Rate Of Housing

Texas has higher housing prices compared to Oklahoma. However, it is still below the national average. Though it may vary depending on the area you select.

Property Tax

Property tax is high in Texas. However, the tax varies based on the location. For example, Dallas has higher taxes compared to other cities.


Texas has some serious bug issues. There are various types of bugs here. This could be due to the weather.


Hurricanes are a very common climate risk in Texas. This state has experienced some serious hurricanes during the past years.


Texas and Oklahoma are two growing states. Both have their prospects, opportunities, and challenges. Depending on several factors, Oklahoma and Texas are the best places to move. First, you need to find out your priorities. Based on that you can decide where to move. Texas has big cities, a flourishing economy, beautiful scenery, and attractive career opportunities.

On the other hand, Oklahoma is an affordable state with reasonable house pricing. Both places have something to offer. They also have drawbacks. Texas has higher housing expenses. Oklahoma has less access to big cities. Both cities have higher crime rates in certain places. So, people can choose either state based on the above discussion.


Q: Should you move to Oklahoma or Texas?

A: Texas has a higher living cost than in Oklahoma. Oklahoma provides some other benefits that is cheaper than in Texas. So compare the two state and decide which state should you move, Oklahoma or Texas.

Q: Is Oklahoma a good place to move to?

A: Oklahoma has a lower living expense and it has a great economy. If you move to Oklahoma, you will keep yourself safe from everything.

Q: Is it good to live in Oklahoma?

A: Yes! If you have decided to live in Oklahoma, you are on the right track. Oklahoma has a different lifestyle and it will give you a huge opportunity.

Q: Is Texas cheaper for living?

A: Compared to Oklahoma, Texas has relatively higher living expenses. 

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