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Reasons and Preparations for Moving from Texas to Kansas

Many individuals and families decide to relocate from Texas to Kansas for various reasons, ranging from employment opportunities to a change in lifestyle. The allure of a lower cost of living, combined with unique job prospects in industries predominant in Kansas, such as agriculture and aerospace, draws new residents annually. As people consider this significant life change, the initial steps involve a great deal of planning to ensure a smooth transition. This planning phase is crucial as it sets the groundwork for everything that follows.


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Key Reasons for Moving

Employment Opportunities

Kansas offers diverse job opportunities, particularly in agriculture and aerospace. The state is known for its significant contributions to the agricultural sector and is home to several major aerospace companies.


Agricultural Sector

Kansas is a leading state in the production of wheat, sorghum, and beef, providing numerous job opportunities in farming, food processing, and agribusiness.


Aerospace Industry

Kansas hosts major aerospace manufacturers, including Spirit AeroSystems and Textron Aviation, offering a range of jobs from engineering to manufacturing.


Lower Cost of Living

Kansas boasts a lower cost of living compared to Texas. Housing, utilities, and groceries tend to be more affordable, allowing for a better quality of life.


Cost of Living Comparison Texas Kansas
Housing Higher Lower
Utilities Higher Lower
Groceries Higher Lower
Transportation Higher Lower

Source: US Census, Zillow Research


Lifestyle Change

Kansas offers a slower pace of life compared to the bustling urban centers of Texas. This can be appealing to those seeking a more relaxed environment.


Community and Culture

Kansas is known for its friendly communities and a strong sense of local culture. Festivals, community events, and local traditions provide a welcoming atmosphere for new residents.


Educational Opportunities

Kansas offers quality educational institutions, from elementary schools to universities. The state places a strong emphasis on education, ensuring a range of options for families with children.


Essential Preparations for Moving

Understanding the Weather

Kansas experiences four distinct seasons, unlike the predominantly warm climate of Texas. Winters can be cold, with snowfall common in many areas, while summers are hot and humid.


Climate Data

Season Texas Average Temp (°F) Kansas Average Temp (°F)
Winter 50°F 28°F
Summer 85°F 79°F

Source: National Weather Service


Planning the Move

Timing the Move

Choosing the right time to move can make a significant difference. Spring and fall are often ideal due to milder weather conditions.


Scouting Neighborhoods

Before packing a single box, it’s advisable to thoroughly research and organize the various aspects of the move. This might involve visiting Kansas to scout potential neighborhoods or arranging virtual tours of homes and schools.


Organizing Logistics

Logistics are crucial for a smooth move. This includes hiring reputable moving services, planning the route, and ensuring that all family members are prepared for the new environment.


Packing and Transportation

Packing Tips

  • Label Boxes: Clearly label boxes with their contents and destination room.
  • Declutter: Use the move as an opportunity to declutter and donate items you no longer need.
  • Essentials Box: Pack an essentials box with items you’ll need immediately upon arrival.



Consider the distance and cost when choosing a moving company. Reputable companies can be found through the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA).



What are the main industries in Kansas?

Kansas is known for its agriculture and aerospace industries, providing numerous job opportunities in these fields.


How does the cost of living in Kansas compare to Texas?

Kansas generally has a lower cost of living compared to Texas, particularly in housing, utilities, and groceries.


What should I know about Kansas weather?

Kansas experiences four distinct seasons, with cold winters and hot, humid summers. Be prepared for more varied weather than in Texas.


How can I find reputable moving companies?

Look for moving companies registered with the FMCSA and members of the AMSA. Check reviews and ratings for reliability.

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