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Orlando to Texas distance

Orlando to Texas distance

The distance between Orlando to Texas is 1309 miles. Orlando is a city in central Florida. Orlando to Texas distance is quite long. If you want to travel from Orlando to Texas, you must get an idea about the driving distance and flight distance. You must do your research on distance, time, and cost. Various websites can offer you this information. Both driving and flying are popular options to travel from Orlando to Texas. You must check the local time, take a map and check out the route before driving or flying.

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Orlando to Texas distance

Travel options available


You can drive from Orlando to Texas. Driving is a good option. But it takes quite a good amount of time. You can plan for a road trip from Orlando to Texas. Since this would be a long drive, you take a stop. You can take a break midway. There are different cities in the midway. You should decide before you start driving where you want to take a break. You can stay overnight at a hotel. Then start the journey the next day again. 

You must calculate the estimated time. It will give you a clear idea. And you will be able to plan your driving accordingly. Check the local weather forecast to avoid climate hazards. Make sure you have enough gas or oil in your car so that you won’t face any difficulties in the middle of the road. Take your driving license and car documents with you. Driving will allow you to enjoy a road trip. You can drive on a direct road from Orlando to Texas.


You can fly from Orlando to Texas. This is the quickest way. You can get some cheapest flying options. Lots of airlines offer flights from Orlando to Texas. But not all of them have a direct flight. Also, some of the airlines may not be appropriate for your purpose. You can search online and research those airlines before flying. You can compare the cost, time, and route of these airlines. This will help you to choose the right airline. There are some websites available that provide this information. You just need to input the name of your departure airport and destination. These websites would give you detailed information on available airlines.


Orlando to Texas doesn’t have any direct bus route. But you can travel through Dallas or Houston. The travel time would be more than 24 hours.


There is no direct train from Orlando to Texas. But you can take a train from Orlando to Houston. It would take you almost 2/3 days.

Distance between Orlando and Texas

Driving Distance

The total driving distance between Orlando to Texas is 1309 miles. This is the straight line distance. You can also measure it as 2107 kilometers. Non-stop driving will take almost 19 hours driving time from Orlando to Texas. This is a long drive. It is impossible to drive these long hours nonstop. So, you should plan a road trip instead. You can take a break from driving while enjoying the road trip. Enjoy the beautiful places on your way and taste food from different restaurants. You can take a travel map on your trip. A map will help you to select the route and location to stop.

You would start your driving from Orlando. If you drive 4/5 hours without stopping, then you will reach Tallahassee city. From there, a 3-hour drive will lead to Pensacola. Then 2 hours to reach Biloxi. You can stay overnight at Pensacola or Biloxi. Then from there, almost 3 hours to Baton Rouge and 3.5 hours to Shreveport city. After taking a break there, you can drive to Dallas for almost 3/4 hours. You can stay overnight there. It takes 4 hours to reach Dallas from Texas. Make sure to check the time difference between these cities. Also, check out for hotels to stay in. Different web pages will give you detailed ideas about the hotels.

Flight Distance

The flight distance between Orlando to Texas is 982 miles which means 1580 kilometers. This flight distance is the total straight-line flight distance to travel. Flying is one of the most preferred options to travel from Orlando to Texas. This saves you time and money as well. The straight-line flight distance is less than the driving distance. The shortest distance is known ‘as the crow flies. ‘ This is the straight line distance. 

You can fly from Orlando International Airport to Texas. Texas has many airports available. You need to select the airport closest to your destination. The actual flight time is approximately 2.30 hours. Your time may vary depending on the weather. Your flight time calculation will be based on straight line distance. This is known as the ‘as the crow flies. You can search for how many hours your flight takes. When you are calculating the total travel time, you need to add the flight time, the time required to reach the airport, security check-in, check-out, waiting time, and time to reach your destination from the airport.

The cheapest flight will cost you less than $100 up to $600. The fastest airlines charge an average of $150. But if you want to fly first class, it may cost you $700-$800.

Distance Calculator

Different websites calculate the distance from Orlando to Texas. The distance calculator measures the road distance and flight distance. They also calculate the travel time. You need to put the name of the cities. Then the automation system will calculate the distance. For example, you want to know the distance between Orlando, Florida to Dallas, Texas. You need to mention the name of those cities. This system estimates the distance based on the longitude and latitude of the location. People usually measure the distance between cities before moving from one place to another. You can calculate the distance between the airport and the city or city to city. It will help you to compare the moving options. Such as whether it is better to drive or fly to your desired destination. You can also get an approximate idea about frequent flier miles.

Frequent flier miles is a facility offered by many airlines. In this program, the airlines offer reward points to their customers based on the miles they travel. The customers can utilize the points later. So, based on the distance calculation, you can count your frequent flier miles.

Some websites offer a more detailed answer to your query. So you can measure the distance between Orlando to Texas. You simply check the distance using zip codes. This will give you more accurate information. For a better understanding, get a free quote for a long-distance move.


There are many ways to travel from Orlando to Texas. In this Article, we tried to show you the Orlando to Texas distance and way to travel. I hope this will help you in your travels. 


Q: How far is Texas from Orlando by plane?

A: The flight distance between Orlando to Texas is 982 miles which means 1580 kilometers. 

Q: How many hours is it from Texas to Orlando?

A: It will take approximately 19 hr to move from Texas to Orlando if you travel in a car. If you travel by plane, it will take nearly 3 hr from Texas to Orlando. 

Q: How long is Texas from Florida by car?

A: Texas from Florida is about 1370 miles long.

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