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How To Pack Mattress For Moving

How To Pack Mattress For Moving

Wondering how to pack your mattress for moving? We’ve got you covered. Mattresses are a big investment, even if they don’t feel like it. Your box spring mattress or foam mattress is a quintessential part of having sweet dreams.

When changing your house, make sure you don’t overlook your precious mattress. If the mattress is ruined during the move, it can ruin your sleep for months to come! Having said that, you don’t need to move all the mattresses you own. You need to move the best one; the one that gives you the best night’s sleep.

In this write-up, we’re going to be going through how you can pack your mattress for moving. We’ve also provided some extra tips for your move so that your mattress isn’t damaged!


Mattress Bag

If you’ve bought mattresses, you must know what a mattress bag is. It’s usually a plastic, waterproof bag that you can put your mattress inside. Yep, those plastic covers are mattress bags! These mattress bags will ensure your mattress isn’t exposed to direct sunlight. They will also keep your mattress clean and prevent it from having contact with unnecessary moisture.

Many individuals find it helpful to pack a mattress inside 2 mattress bags when moving. It offers extra protection for your mattress. This is important to protect your mattress because your singular bag can rip during long journeys. Hence, sometimes it’s more useful to have more than one bag.


You must wrap your mattress properly to secure it on your moving day. To make sure to protect it, you must use tape. The moving tape will ensure your mattress is protected throughout the entire time it’s in the moving van.


Many individuals have been known to stab a foam mattress instead of the mattress bag when using box cutters. This can damage your memory foam mattress, or most mattresses for that matter. This is why keeping scissors with you is the safest bet. This way, you can make sure you’re only tearing through the mattress cover and nothing else.

Ratchet Straps

Regardless of whether you have new, high-quality mattresses or one really old mattress, you will see that packing tape and ratchet straps come in handy when moving a mattress. When moving your mattress during a long-distance move or for long-term storage, you must make sure you’ve secured it with something. This is why ratchet straps and duct tape come in handy.

Hand Truck

If you have more than one person to help you out, you can move regular mattresses quite easily. You can easily enlist the help of a strong family member. However, it’s always useful to have a loading ramp and a furniture dolly at hand when you’re moving your mattress to your new home.

You can easily rent a dolly to make sure you can move your mattress and other heavy belongings.


The three dimensions of your mattress are its length, width, and depth. The length is the longest size of the mattress. The width is its shorter size. Depth refers to the thickness of the mattresses. To know the actual dimensions of your mattress, you need to measure all of these with a measuring tape.


When you’re moving, you will need to load a mattress somewhere for a long period. There are many options available for you. You will have to be careful when loading a mattress. This is because the mattress needs to be there for an extended period.

We have discussed a few possible options below. You can store a mattress in any of these places during your move.

Moving Truck

If you’ve hired moving companies for your move, then you have probably gotten this as an option. Professional movers offer plenty of moving services. One of the moving supplies is a moving truck.

If you’ve hired a rental or pickup truck, the movers may often help you load the furniture into your truck. However, sometimes you will need to opt for an extra service: heavy lifting services, for them to help you with your mattress.

Firstly, you will need to load the mattress sideways. Don’t put it upright. This is to ensure it has enough support from other things on its side. It’s best if this is done lengthwise. You should also use rope or other supporting moving supplies to secure the mattress in place. This will help make sure it’s not displaced during the move.

You can also load other bits of furniture onto the moving truck. When moving a mattress, it’s necessary to ensure it has support from multiple sides. Hence, you can load some things onto the truck as well. Avoid putting anything on top of the mattress.

Your Vehicle

If you have a private car or a large SUV. You may be able to pack a smaller-sized mattress inside that vehicle. It’s best not to take this gamble if you are not sure. A better way of ensuring that your mattress fits is to take out all the seats of the car. You should then measure the dimensions to ensure it fits with your mattress. When moving it inside the car, you need to take all the seats out.

Another way to move your mattress would be to strap it to the car’s roof. This is a risky option. Your mattress may be displaced easily. They are known to fall off even if there are ratchet straps attached to them, especially if the moving path is uneven. If you have no other option during the moving process, make sure to secure the mattress properly.

Make sure the roof of your car is flat. This will help keep your mattress flat and will stop it from damaging memory foam mattresses, and will keep your mattress upright.

Storage Unit

If you’re moving a large mattress or more than one mattress, you may consider putting your stuff in a climate-controlled storage unit. This is also a moving service that is provided by moving companies.

You need to ensure the mattress is flat. If you store it on your side for a few hours, mattresses can easily get damaged. Even if there’s a lot of cargo space inside the unit, you shouldn’t put anything on top of the mattress.


If you are hiring a moving company for your move, you can easily opt for a service to get a storage unit. This way, you can move your bed, bed pieces, bed frame, and also your entire mattress. Regardless, we have listed a few tips below that will help you store your mattress properly!

  1. You must make sure you have cleaned your mattress before the move. You should also clean it after you’ve reached your new home, before putting it on top of your bed again. The best way to clean a mattress is to vacuum it. Make sure you clean your mattress bag as well.
  2. You must use mattress bags. Even if you have a mattress cover, even if you have things to wrap your mattress with properly, use a mattress bag. On the truck bed, your mattress bag can be damaged. You should have a mattress bag for extra protection during the move.
  3. We have already discussed this, but it’s best that you don’t put your mattress on its side during the move. It’s best to make sure it lies flat. This can often damage the box springs. If the spring of your mattress is damaged, you won’t get a good night’s sleep on that mattress anymore!
  4. The corollary of this is: don’t put anything on top of your mattress. The integrity of your mattress will be ruined if you stack things on top of the mattress. Just put it flat down on the ground. 
  5. Protect your mattress from extreme temperatures. If you’ve used bubble wrap or a mattress bag for your mattress, it should already have an extra layer of protection. Excessive heat, cold, or moisture can damage your mattress quite heavily.


Wondering how to pack your mattress for moving in the best possible way? These eight steps are just for you to ensure that your packing skills are top-notch!

  • The first thing to remember is that you need to know the dimensions of your mattress. That’s why the first step always has to be to measure the mattress. You need to know if your mattress will fit into the truck bed! You need to know how much cargo space you’ll have.
  • Make a list of all the supplies you will need for moving your mattress. We have already listed some of the essentials in the section above this. Make sure your measuring tape, scissors, ratchet straps, etc, are all within arm’s length.
  • You will need plenty of space to pack your mattress while moving. This is why it’s often useful if your mattress is the last thing you’re packing. You can enlist help from moving professionals for this as well.
  • Speaking of a moving company: get as much help as possible. Call your friends and family members to help you with your packing. You should also get services if you don’t have a lot of helping hands by your side. 
  •  Mattresses are quite large and heavy. You may end up damaging your mattress if you’re moving it by yourself. Not to mention, you can also hurt yourself! Don’t try to move your mattress on your own! Always get some help with this task
  • You need to put your mattress in a durable mattress bag. You can easily find such bags in all shops. Just make sure you have one at hand during your move. 
  • Empty the moving path of the mattress. This will ensure you don’t bump into unnecessary things during the time you’ll be loading your mattress onto the vehicle.


You need to evaluate which mattress will be moving with you to your new address and which won’t be. The most obvious thing to do is take your mattress to your new home when you are moving. We don’t recommend pack and  moving every single mattress that you own. However, you should move to the one that gives you the best night’s sleep.

You can also place your mattress in a storage facility. There are multiple reasons to do this. Maybe you need to put your mattress away for a specific amount of time. Maybe you don’t have the adequate tools to move your mattress by yourself right now. There are many reasons why one might choose to do this.

You can, of course, also throw your mattress away or give it away to people. Plenty of people need a comfortable mattress. They can always use your mattress as a hand-me-down to get a good night’s sleep for themselves. If your mattress is too old and damaged, you may consider just throwing it away.

You can also sell your mattress. If there are ones that you don’t particularly like and won’t be needing for your move, why not just sell them to someone who needs them more than you do? This is an easy way to get rid of a hassle.

While we’re on that subject, as mentioned before, you can simply choose to give it away as well. You can also choose to just dump it, as mentioned above!


Moving your mattress is of utmost necessity if you are to be getting a restful night’s sleep. There are plenty of things to keep in check before moving a mattress. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies and information before wrapping it up.

We tried to give you some tips on how to pack mattress for moving. We hope this was useful for you, and good luck with moving! 


Q: Is it OK to fold a mattress in half?

A: You can fold or bend your mattress if it is made of memory foam or latex. If your mattress is made with innerspring or hybrid, then you cannot fold or bend it. The springs may get damaged if you do so.

Q: How do you fold a king-size mattress for moving?

A: Take a plastic mattress bag. Fold it in half and bind it with rope. Wrap it with plastic wrapping paper and put it in the bag. 

Q: How do you transport a queen-size mattress?

A: To move a queen size mattress at first, take all the packing materials like tape, plastic mattress bags, scissors, etc. Put your mattress in a plastic bag. Cover it with a hard paper box. Seal the sides with the help of tape. 

Q: Does folding a mattress ruin it?

A: If you have a mattress constructed with innerspring or hybrids, we recommend you do not fold or bend it. If you do so, the springs may damage, and your nice looking mattress will destroy.