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How To Move A Mobile Home For Free

How To Move A Mobile Home For Free

Want to know how to move a mobile home for free? We’ve got you covered. There are a lot of things to remember before you move your mobile home. You need to do a lot of research about specific laws.

You can not move a mobile home for free, but you can save some money by availing of some free services like free parking and others. 

Make sure you have your paperwork in order. Also, you need to have friends in the mobile home community that can give you insider pro tips as well.

Mobile homes are incredible. They allow you to have the freedom to move wherever you want. These modern houses also offer a different perspective on how to live. This downsized, minimalistic living is increasingly popular nowadays.

Keep reading to know what laws you need to keep in mind. We’ve also given pointers on how you can save some cash and how you can move your mobile home for free!

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Laws About The Moving Process Of A Mobile Home

When moving mobile homes, there are several laws that you need to follow. The laws are different across the country. The first thing to look at is your new location for your mobile or manufactured home. Different mobile home parks are privy to different rules.

The type of mobile home you have may also require you to set up services that are different. For instance, a double-wide mobile home may need different moving companies than a single-wide mobile home. We’ve listed some of the laws you should be wary about.

Get Moving Permission To Move A Mobile Home For Free

You cannot move your mobile home impulsively. You will need a mobile home moving permit before you think about making a move. Many mobile homeowners think that they can move across to a different community to greener pastures whenever they feel like it! But sadly, that’s not true. Some times the authority give the permission to move a mobile home for free. 

The exact nature of the moving permit and the rules about it aren’t fixed. It depends on which state you are currently living in and where you are moving to.

You will need proof of documentation from your county treasurer. This document will state that there are no overdue taxes left on the property. Additionally, you will need a certificate that shows you are the property owner: or, in other words, a certificate of the property’s title.

Slow document acquisition may delay your moves. Acquiring permits is a big part of making sure your move to the new site goes stress-free. Contact your local permit office as soon as possible!


Many different laws pertain to your move when it comes to mobile homes. Look into how you can purchase liability coverage. You should also look into free move-ins and how you can do things like obtaining gas. There are many places with laws in place that waive move-in fees.

You will need to get a lot of paperwork ready for your mobile homes. If your property is over 15 years old, you may need additional paperwork. You should look into the rules of different states regarding mobile home moving.

Hiring An Insured Professional Moving Company

The sad thing about moving mobile homes is that you cannot DIY any part of it! You will be required to hire full-service movers. This is why it’s important to look into many different companies. You may be unable to find a mobile home moving company that’s right for you immediately.

Being accustomed to mobile home communities may be useful here. Mobile home community talk includes talking about their experience with professional movers. Good mobile home movers will help you get your mobile home safely to its new destination.

You need to do a lot of research before settling on a mover. Moving companies can provide a bunch of services for you. They can also give you a moving truck to help move all your belongings.

Read up on whether the mover you’re hiring is licensed. You can get many reliable movers at an affordable price.

Not all moving companies can provide the same service for the same price. Account for your moving expenses and your moving materials before your move.

Meeting HUD Code

The US Department of Housing and Urban Development has a bunch of standards that you will need to meet to move your home. Otherwise, you may not get moving permits.

You need to make sure your own mobile home meets these rules and regulations.

If your home was built before the HUD Code was codified, you might face some difficulties with moving your home.

How Can You Move A Mobile Home For Free?

The main thing to remember is that location is the most important thing if you want to move your mobile home for free.

You will need to keep your mobile home in a park. Before moving, you need to research your potential park options.

Many parks would love to have you and your mobile home there. As a result, many would offer to move your mobile home voluntarily, free of charge, for you.

Many mobile home parks would love to have you free of charge in their facility. You need to research carefully to land on a reliable place that wants modern houses.

how to move a mobile home for free

Hiring Professional Mobile Home Movers

You can look through the website of professional movers who move mobile homes. Note that moving a mobile home is different from all other sorts of moves. This is why it’s imperative to find the right mover for yourself.

You can look into the websites of movers. You can also talk to your friends and families who have lived in mobile homes. Make friends with individuals in the mobile home community. You can also look into online groups where people talk about their moving experiences.

As we have already talked about, make sure your movers are insured, licensed, and reliable. It’s also a bonus if they’re affordable as well.

Many movers will be affordable but not licensed. Never go for an unlicensed moving company in an attempt to save money.

Things You Must Do Before A Mobile Home Relocation

We may have covered some of this stuff before, but here’s a checklist of a few things you must remember before your move!

Get In Touch With A Mobile Home Moving Company

Don’t try to DIY your move. Moving mobile homes into mobile home parks is the job of your movers! So rely on them for all the help that you need. Most mobile home parks have friendly communities that will tell you about their moving experiences with different companies as well.

Make sure the company you have chosen to work with is licensed and reliable. The moving industry can be a bit tough to navigate. For a fee-free move-in, you will need to make sure you are in touch with the correct mover.

Look At Mobile Home Deals

There will be many fee-free move-ins that you can avail of. You may think there’s no such thing as a free service, but there are many movers who can move your home for free.

You should do plenty of research into mobile homes. It would help if you also looked into mobile housing lot groups, they often have their blogs, and they discuss managing communities and hiring the correct movers. So these websites often have really good deals.

Research The Right Location At A Reasonable Cost

Picking a strategic location is imperative for a good, stress-free move. Remember, you make your own rules when it comes to moving. You should look into different deals depending on if you have a single-wide mobile home or a double-wide mobile home.

Research On The Laws

As we have already mentioned, there is no substitute for research. You will need to research the laws of the mobile home park you’re moving to. But you also need to research the state you’re moving to.

Know The Mobile Home Park Rules

As a good community member, you should know all the rules of the new location you have moved to. Different mobile home parks have different community guidelines.

There are also specific rules about different kinds of mobile homes. These rules pertain to your home size, age, restrictions on motor vehicles, etc. Please be mindful of that!

Utility Connection

You may find it difficult to connect all your utilities. This is a big learning curve for most movers in the mobile home community.

The best bet is to hire mobile home movers. This is because they can set up services to help you with your utility.

Your mobile or manufactured home has different rules when it comes to utility connections. Hence, it’s normal not to be fully aware of all the intricacies of how it works. This is why a reliable moving company is your best bet.

Have Your Mobile Home Paperwork Ready

You cannot move your manufactured home if you don’t have adequate paperwork. We cannot stress this enough. It’s of utmost importance that you have all of your paperwork ready. Please get in touch with legal officers as soon as possible to have your permit.

What To Avoid When Moving Manufactured Homes

Vet The Mover Properly

Firstly, make sure you have gone through the proper channels to get the moving company. Look at their reviews. Look at their ratings. Make sure you have talked to other people who have used the same company.

Don’t Forget To Research

Research on rules, regulations, zoning laws, etc.

Obtain The Correct Permits

It’s easy to leave the paperwork at the last minute. It’s easy to overlook the paperwork before moving your mobile home. But don’t do that.

Connect Your Utilities

Make sure that your mover has appropriately connected the utilities in your mobile home. Double-triple-check this.

Relocating A Manufactured Home

We know all of this stuff related to moving your mobile home sounds very daunting. But you don’t need to stress too much about it. Hundreds and thousands of people are from mobile home communities. You can learn from them about how to move a mobile home for free.

This means so many of them have successfully moved! Here are a few easy steps to follow to get started on your moving process.

Get In Touch With The Building Commissioner Of The New Place

They will be able to fill you in on the rules of that particular place. Issues about zoning, age, or the size of your house, should be sorted out immediately. This step is the most crucial one.

If you can’t get the proper documentation from this step, you won’t be able to move on to the next steps.

Get Your Legal Documents

There are two main ones: title certificate and county treasurer certificate. These documents will prove that you own the property.

It will also prove that there are no more taxes left to be paid. Make sure you do this step. Without these documents, you won’t be able to move your mobile home.

Hire A Moving Company

We’ve already told you that DIY-ing moving mobile homes is not possible. Moving a mobile home and an apartment isn’t the same.

This is why you ought to hire mobile home movers. There are specific services you will need that are only applicable to manufactured homes.

Let Your Park Manager know

The mobile home park you’re living in right now is your current home. You need to let your current park manager know that you will be moving out. Look into the rental contract you have with the park.

If clauses say you need to give notice of moving out, look into how early you need to provide that notice. Research how you need to inform them. In many places, you need to give your notice 30 days in advance. However, this rule also varies depending on where you are living.

There are other things to consider as well. Your rental lot agreement should have clauses on your security deposit. You will also need to be informed of how much you’re getting back. There are also clear guidelines on how long the park can take before returning to you what you’re owed back. Make sure you read all of this information.

How Much Will The Moving Costs Be?

There are a lot of factors that will influence how much your move will cost you. Firstly, are you relocating your mobile home within 50 miles? A single-wide home’s average price can be between $5000-$10,000. The average price of a double-wide home can be higher than $13,000. If you want to buy a single-wide mobile home, you have to pay around $76000 and $170500 for a double-wide, according to the price list for 2021.

This includes the costs of getting your paperwork, costs of hiring movers, connecting utilities, etc. It may seem like a lot, but honestly, it’s much cheaper than buying a house, renting an apartment, or moving either of those two.

The size of your mobile home per square foot is an important consideration to make. Single-wide homes can be between 600-1200 square feet. Double-wide homes are usually between 2000-2500 square feet. Triple-wide homes can often be as big as 4500 square feet!

The size of your mobile home determines how much mobile home movers will charge you. It also determines how long it’ll take to move your home. Will you require several rentals? How many days will it take? All these considerations are fully dependent on the size of the mobile home.

Distance1 Bedroom2-3 Bedroom4-5 Bedroom
<50 Miles$580-$1,010$1755-$3085
250 Miles$1190-$2960$2960-$4500$4550-$5990
1000 Miles+$1420-$3035$3145-$5930$6300-$10000
2500 Miles+$1925-$4270$4235-$8500$9550-$14200

How To Save Money When Moving

If You Pack Everything Yourself

you can save quite a bit of money. Moving a mobile home can be quite pricey, depending on the size of the home. You can get packing services from movers, of course. But if you pack everything, that added cost won’t be an issue.

Downsize For A Cheaper Move

You won’t need to move everything when moving to a different location. You can choose to get rid of some clothes, some furniture, etc. Throw away these items. You can give them away to charity. You can also give them to friends and family.

Choose The Correct Time To Move

Usually, mobile home movers charge more for summer moves. Since people have a ton of vacation time during summer, they often opt for a summer move. This is why the movers hike their prices. If you’re moving, go for a spring or fall move to make it more affordable.

How To Prepare Your Mobile Home For The Move

Your moving home will be moved in parts. The mover you are hiring will break this down into different vehicles, depending on the size of your home. We have listed below how you can prepare your mobile home for the move you’re undertaking.

Disconnect All Your Utilities

This is crucial before moving your home. Your utilities cannot be connected. If you don’t know how to disconnect the utilities in your mobile home, you can ask for help. Moving companies often provide services that help individuals disconnect and reconnect their utilities.

You will need to notify your utility service provider that you won’t be needing the utilities anymore. Ideally, you should let them know 2 months in advance. If that’s not possible for you, you should at least let them know two weeks in advance. You will be subjected to a fine if you let them know with less than 2 weeks left for your move.

Remove Skirting

There is no connection between the land and the mobile home. There’s always an open space between the home and the ground. Skirting is what eliminates the space between your mobile home and the ground.

You can remove the skirting yourself if it’s not bolted to the ground. However, if it is, it’s best to let your mobile home movers do the job for you.

Look Into What Services You Need

Your movers may be unable to provide you with all the services you need. If you need additional help, make sure to enlist that help from your friends and family.

Pack Everything

Packing is an essential part of moving to a new place. You need to make sure that everything you own has been securely packed and is ready to go. Your mobile home movers can help you with packing as well.


The whole process of move a mobile home for free can seem very overwhelming when it comes to moving mobile homes. Relying on a professional mover can help ease the tension quite a bit. We hope you now have greater insight into how to move your mobile home! Happy moving.


Q: What is the oldest you can move a mobile home?

A: According to HUD, if your mobile home was made before 1976, it does not meet the safety laws.


Q: How do you move a mobile home in Texas?

A: You can move your mobile home to Texas if you have a Texas motor carrier registration or unified carrier registration. 


Q: What is the average life of a mobile home?

A: The average life expectancy of a mobile home is approximately 30-60 years.


Q: Can you permanently live in a mobile home?

A: Yes, you can, but you must pay the rent to the site owner where you want to live.

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