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Cross Country Movers Austin

Posted in October 26, 2022

You must hire cross-country movers in Austin, Texas when moving across state lines. The moving company you are hiring is crucial in making your move a stress-free moving experience. When moving from the Central Texas Area, there are many things to consider.

An experienced team of professional movers can meet all your moving needs. Not to mention, a professional team is imperative for a seamless transition. The best moving companies will provide you with a plethora of moving services. Whether you are moving in or out of Austin, hiring moving companies based in Austin is a must.

If you are looking for affordable movers in Austin, Texas, we can help you with that. We can recommend long-distance moving companies who can make your move hassle-free. Keep reading for hacks to get a free quote.


Can You Recommend Some Of The Best Movers In Austin, Tx?


We can recommend reliable movers in Austin, Texas, who will do an excellent job in helping you. Moving to a new house and a new location is hard. A lot of times, many moving lessons are learned during the move. The moving industry can also be tricky. Finding reliable movers during interstate relocation can be a tough task.

If you are on a budget, things get tricker. Long-distance moving services can cost quite a lot. There are many expensive Austin cross-country movers. Finding a moving company that’s both affordable and reliable is tough.

We can help you with your interstate moves. We have compiled a small list of the top long-distance movers who can help with your long-distance move. Please note the list below is not exhaustive. This is simply a small list of moving companies. To get a free quote online, please consider filling in this form.


[company review table: [Allied Van Lines, Star 5, US DOT- 076235, ICC MC- 15735, Price- $$], [International Van Lines, Star- 4.9, US DOT- 2247789, ICC MC- 729978, Price- $$$], [ All My Sons Moving & Storage, Star- 4.6, US DOT- 1717663, ICC MC- 689990, Price- $$$], [US Direct Movers LLC, Star- 4.8, US DOT- 3174328, ICC MC- 121388, Price- $$], [ATX Movers, Star- 4.5, US DOT- 1938615, ICC MC- 1086275]]


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How Much Will Cross-Country Movers Cost Me?

Average Costs For Cross Country Movers, Austin

Local movers charge based on hours. This means the longer your move, the more your cost. However, the company you will hire will be a long-distance one. Long-distance movers charge based on the weight of furniture and mileage traveled. There are also additional costs that you have to factor in when moving in or out of Austin.


[Avg cost table]


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Things That Influences Moving Costs

Mileage And Weight Of Belongings 


The distance you are traveling matters during interstate moves. If you move from Austin to El Paso, your cost will differ. If you move from Austin to Houston, your cost will differ. The total number of miles traveled is important during a long-distance move.

The weight of belongings also matters. The more furniture you move, the higher your cost. This also means your apartment size factors into price determination. If you are moving from a one-bedroom apartment, your move will be less pricey. If you are moving from a three-bedroom apartment, your move will be more expensive.


Number And Type Of Services 

This is something that we have discussed previously. The total number of services you need will play a role in hiking up your price. There will also be a price variation between the services you opt for.

To explain this further, storage services may not cost as much as packing. However, there are cost differences there as well. Full packing costs more than partial packing. A full-service move, therefore, will be quite expensive. If you only need a storage service, your move won’t be as pricey. The more services you need, the higher your total cost.


The Specific Moving Company 

This one is interesting. Different Austin movers may charge different flat rates for the same things they offer. You must do thorough research before hiring a specific moving business. You should pick the one that is most strategic for you.

You will see price variations when you are pursuing their websites. Additionally, the specific benefits you get from a single service also vary. For example, some Austin movers may not provide you with storage units. Their storage solutions may promise other things. Some may not drive your storage unit to your new home. It all depends on which company you are hiring and how they choose to carry out their operations.


Moving Schedule

Did you know your price will be hired if you move during the summer? Moving during July is good for business. This is because most people opt for a summer move. Schools are closed for the summer holidays. Additionally, many people get off during holidays like the 4th of July. Hence, scheduling your move during a day when the entire country will not go to the office makes sense.

Your movers are aware of that. This is why Austin movers charge more when moving during the summer. This is because the demand is so much higher then. You should not opt for a summer move to cut back on costs. A winter or a fall move is much more strategic. Even a spring move makes more sense.

Not to mention, the specific route you are taking will also increase or decrease your total cost. Some routes are riskier. Some routes don’t contain resting places for your movers. Not to mention, some routes don’t even have gas stations! You must pick your routes carefully and see which will be the most strategic and affordable for you.


What Does The Moving Process Look Like

The moving process differs depending on whether your move is local or long-distance. Cross-country moves are usually long-distance, as they are usually more than 100 miles. However, it helps to know that the process is quite similar for both moves.


Local Movers 

Local moves are less than 100 miles in nature, so it’s often local if you are moving within the same state. However, this may also not be true. For example, sometimes you may be moving within the same state but between faraway cities. In that case, your move isn’t local anymore.

However, the process is quite similar. First, you need to hire a moving company. Then, you need to look at the benefits they can give to you. You also need to preemptively weigh out your furniture and measure your apartment size so that you know exactly what to tell the movers after you’ve hired them. If your move is a local one, consider hiring Austin movers by the hour.


Long-Distance Movers 

Long-distance Austin movers are pretty similar to local movers. The difference is that these Austin-based movers provide more services. From packing to storage to heavy appliances moving, there are a plethora of heavenly moving services that you will get from your Austin movers.

The process is still the same. Your research should begin early. You should look into specific Austin delivery companies. You should also research the neighborhood you are moving to. This will help you understand the community better.

Additionally, you need to research the differences in living conditions. Suppose you are moving to Austin and researching Austin-specific laws. This is true for insurance, gun laws, etc. If you own a vehicle, look into car insurance. Health and home insurance are also imperative to look into.

Austin has a vibrant community as well. Southern hospitality is quite prevalent here. If you are moving out of Austin, you should also look into the community aspect. Finding out the rules of the specific state you are moving to is of utmost importance. If you move within Texas, the state laws will be similar. However, even within Texas, there are variations in the way city folks live their lives. Hence, living in Austin is vastly different than living in Dallas.


Advantages Of Hiring Long-Distance Movers In Austin, Texas

The biggest advantage of hiring a moving company is that you can avail useful services.

Packing Services 

Packing services are of two types: full and partial. When relocating, you must move all your furniture to your new home. The moving team can help you with that. If you need help with packing all your belongings, you will need a full packing service. You’ll need a partial packing service if you need help packing a few of your belongings. Movers will also bring their specialized packing supplies.

Heavy Lifting Services 

When moving to nearby cities, we often overlook this particular problem. Many individuals tell us they can move all their belongings. However, loading and unloading furniture is difficult. Hence, you should opt for a heavy-lifting service. The movers will load and unload your table on your moving day.


Rental And Storage Solutions 

Is your vehicle too small? Wondering, “where will I fit all my belongings?” No worries. You can hire a truck from Austin moving companies! Many individuals don’t have a large truck. Additionally, even if you did, one truck isn’t enough to fit all your furniture. You should opt for rental services.

The moving company will load all your furniture onto their truck. Then, they will drive it to your new home. This is a heavenly moving service. Many individuals don’t have storage space either. You can opt for hiring a storage unit as well. This is one of the most effective storage solutions you can opt for.

You can store your furniture there. The company will drive the unit to your house on your moving day. Something to keep in mind for your next move!


Heavy Appliance Moving Services 

We often tend to overlook our heavy appliances. However, installing and uninstalling them is quite difficult. It’s hard to do that on your own. Movers offer heavy appliance moving services as well. They will uninstall your heavy appliances. This includes your washing machine, dishwasher, dryer, etc.

The company will move your heavy appliances across town. They will also reinstall them. The best part? They will teach you how to do it yourself as well. When moving from Austin again, you won’t have to worry about your heavy appliances.


Moving A Single Piece Of Furniture To Your New Home 

Some individuals own expensive furniture. Other times, there are fragile belongings. There is a risk of those breaking or shattering when moving. If you have a fragile glass vase, you must be very worried. The same is true if you own a giant pool table or a grand piano. These furniture pieces need special care during a long-distance move.

You don’t need to fret. Austin movers have another heavenly moving solution for you. You can move a single piece of furniture during your long-distance move. This means you can just move that one pool table. Or your grand piano. The movers are cool with moving anything.


Things To Consider Before Confirming Professional Movers


The first thing to consider is how much your moving companies will cost. Additionally, not all local and long-distance movers offer the services you need. There are better movers for packing, for instance. At the same time, other moving companies are reliable for heavy lifting.


Type Of Service Required 

You will need to outline which specific moving services you need. This will help you decide which Austin moving company you should look for. This is easy for a local move. But things get trickier when for long-distance moves.


Online Reviews And Community Posting 

You should always look at reviews before committing to a long-distance mover. Cross-country moves are complicated. You need to ensure your household goods are safely packed. You also need to make sure your team handles everything related to storage and packing supplies. Most movers have reviews on their websites. You can also directly call your mover up for queries.

A myriad of individuals has gone through local moves in their lifetime. Before their next move, they usually engage in community posting on social media. In addition, you can join online groups that talk about specific movers and their services. This can help you get a better idea about the local movers and long-distance movers in your area.

This moving business can often be unpredictable. Therefore, you must ensure that your moving company has friendly customer service.


Compare Quotes

Get multiple free quotes from the movers. When movers call, you negotiate with them and remember the previous company’s quote. In the end, choose the mover that is suited for you best.

So, Fill out the form within 2 minutes and get instant free quotes. Our professional interstate movers will call you, and you will get to compare & choose your desirable mover.


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How To Get A Moving Quote When Relocating 

During your long-distance move, you will need to gauge price estimates. This is a tricky business. The best way to get estimates is to directly call your moving company. Their numbers are often listed on their websites. You can additionally check for quotes on other online platforms.

The easiest way, though, is to just get a free quote online. If you are in the business of getting a free quote, consider getting it from us. We have a network of the best moving companies in the country. If you avail of a quote from us, you can get access to the best deals in town. This is going to help make your move as smooth as possible.



Moving can be a tedious chore sometimes. This is true regardless of whether your move is long-distance or local. However, long-distance relocation is made easy with the help of cross-country movers in Austin, Texas. A myriad of the best long-distance movers can help with your interstate move. Moving in and out of Austin can be difficult otherwise. Additionally, to get instant free quotes, fill in the form! We hope your move goes as stress-free as possible! Happy moving.  




Q: How much does cross-country moving cost?

A: An average cross-country moving cost is around $1500 – $13000. But the actual cost of your moving depends on various things.


Q: When should I start packing for a cross-country move?

A: You should start packing at least 3 or 4 weeks before the moving day.

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